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Childhood Obesity
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Childhood Obesity


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Short presentation about the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Short presentation about the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

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  • 1. SD Business Connectors Marie Aquino USC Keck School of Medicine Physician Assistant Wife, Mom Entrepreneur
  • 2. The Trump Network and YOU
    • I’m not here to sell you.
    • I don’t care if you like Trump or not.
    • Let’s talk about what matters!
  • 3. Our Children
    • In the U.S., the % of overweight children 6-11 y.o. has doubled in the past 25 yrs.
    • % of overweight teenagers have tripled.
    • 1 out of 3 children (30 million kids) is too heavy.
    • Obesity affects all racial and ethnic groups, and all socioeconomic levels.
  • 4. Obesity Epidemic
    • This crisis facing our kids mirrors the epidemic of overweight and obesity in adults, except the stakes are much higher.
    • The consequences are greater because they will be carrying more weight for much longer.
    • This is occurring during the critical stages of childhood growth & development.
  • 5. Childhood Obesity
    • Pediatricians now regularly diagnose obesity-related conditions in children that used to strike ONLY middle-aged & elderly adults:
      • High Blood Pressure
      • High Cholesterol
      • Fatty Liver
      • Sleep Apnea
    • Just 15 years ago, we virtually NEVER saw a child with Type II Diabetes.
    • Now, Type II Diabetes, previously called Adult-Onset Diabetes, affects children as young as 8 years old.
  • 6. Childhood Obesity-Emotional & Social Functioning
    • 5 th & 6 th grade students were shown drawings of children with various physical conditions
      • 1 obese, 1 in a wheelchair, 1 with crutches, and so on…
    • Whom they would like to have as a friend? They picked the obese child last.
    • Other research shows that obesity in children impairs a person’s quality of life as severely as having cancer.
  • 7. What happens when they get older?
    • Studies show that when overweight adolescents reach adulthood:
      • Less likely to have finished school
      • Less likely to be married
      • More likely to be living in poverty
    • Children w/Type II Diabetes face:
      • Heart attack
      • Kidney failure
      • Amputation
      • Other life-threatening complications before they turn 30!
  • 8. Life Expectancy
    • Overweight adolescent girls have a 3-fold increased risk of dying by middle age compared to lean girls (even after taking into account other lifestyle factors that could affect Smoking)
    • Study done with University of Chicago concluded that life expectancy may decline in the United States by up to 5 years in the next few decades, roughly equal to the impact of ALL cancers combined, as a direct result of the childhood obesity epidemic.
  • 9. Personal Responsibility or Social Responsibility?
    • Some argue it’s unfair to blame fast food & fake food industry.
    • They say it comes down to personal responsibility: parents are free to choose healthier foods and to teach their children. That’s what the food industry wants us to believe.
    • How can we when we live in a toxic environment, overwhelmed by forces beyond our control?
  • 10. Food Industry
    • Put profits over pounds
    • Corporate wealth over our children’s well-being.
    • Food companies pay advertising executives top salaries to convince children to consume highest-calorie, lowest-quality products imaginable!
    • Studies clearly show, kids are more apt to nap their parents for foods they see advertised on TV and less likely to eat unadvertised foods…
    • When have you seen an ad for broccoli, zucchini or cauliflower?
  • 11. Food Industry
    • Ok, turn off the TV..but these foods are EVERYWHERE!
      • Convenience stores
      • Supermarkets
      • Highway rest stops
      • Playgrounds, vending machines
      • Friend’s homes
      • SCHOOLS!!
    • It’s so easy, so convenient, so normal to choose fake food. Besides, they taste pretty good!
  • 12. Fake Food Industry
    • Biologically, humans are born with an innate preference
      • sugar, fat, and salt, nutrients necessary for infant growth. (breastmilk)
    • Food manufacturers exploit our survival mechanisms by deliberately making their products extra-sweet, extra-fatty, extra-salty, adding artificial flavor enhancers to make us crave them even more.
    • Food companies incessantly advertise these products to children during a stage of life when they are highly susceptible to manipulation!
    • The result: taste preferences become arrested in an “infantilized” state of development.
      • Chemically manipulated flavor becomes the norm.
      • Eventually, an apple doesn’t taste sweet, vegetables are totally inedible.
  • 13. Supersized Fake Foods
    • Our children are hooked on calorie-dense, nutrient-poor fake foods. Plus, it’s supersized!
    • Loose the ability to regulate food intake.
    • Research shows that young children tend to eat the same amount at a meal REGARDLESS of whether they’re given in smaller or larger portions
    • “ Satiety” cues tell them when they are full.
    • Older kids lose these cues or their ability to recognize and respond to these cues.
  • 14. Convenience Foods
    • Modern life makes us so vulnerable to the influences of advertising-we’ve stopped cooking!
    • Our generation eats away from home more often than any other in human history.
    • In the past, most food that children consumed was prepared by people who knew and loved them.
    • Now, we have delegated this fundamental responsibility to strangers who’s primary consideration is profit, not our health.
  • 15. End the Food Fight
    • Overwhelmed?
    • You may have begun to pack your child’s lunch instead of relying on cafeteria food.
    • You may have convinced other parents to join you in offering wholesome snacks during play dates.
    • You may have encouraged your child to be more physically active.
    • Fun physical activities replace TV viewing.
    • Fake food no longer fills your pantry. It’s stocked with wholesome foods.
    • Dinners are planned and prepared on a schedule.
  • 16. Ending the Food Fight
    • But let’s not stop here.
    • Having made peace at home, your family can join together with other families.
    • You can reach out into the community to help clean up the toxic environment.
  • 17. Ending the Food Fight
    • Working with your schools and communicating with elected officials to bring about sensible policy changes to reduce childhood obesity.
      • Vending machines filled with nourishing foods
    • Fast food restaurants as we know them today, close for lack of business, replaced by restaurants serving nutritious meals.
    • Ultimately, we all benefit.
  • 18. The Trump Network and YOU
    • With The Trump Network and YOU we can end Childhood Obesity.
    • Learn what The Trump Network has in store for America.
    • The Trump Network will be a huge success story in America and those who recognize it early will thrive.