Capital networking group   increasing productivity
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Capital networking group increasing productivity






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  • If a diamond is a girl’s best friend, then engaged employee’s are a companies greatest asset How would you like to marriage to be judged on whether you were “motivated” on a particular day.
  • Ellen Langer at Harvard and Chixamiyha at Chicago – ‘withitness”

Capital networking group   increasing productivity Capital networking group increasing productivity Presentation Transcript

  • Increasing your Human Capital ROI by Paul L. Marciano, Ph.D. Capital Networking Group Princeton, NJ December 30, 2010 Whiteboard, LLC Maximizing Human Capital
  • en·tre·pre·neur A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
  • What Do We Dream About? Employees who care as much about our business as we do
  • Motivation vs. Engagement
  • mo·ti·va·tion (mō'tə-vā'shən) n.
      • Motivation requires a desire to act, an ability to act, and having an objective (Ramlall, 2004)
    Latin ( movere ): a drive which directs behavior toward a desired outcome
    • Old French ( en + gage ): to pledge, as in marriage; commitment, loyalty, dedication
    en·gage·ment (ĕn-gāj'mənt) n.
  • Motivated vs. Engaged Employees Stable Unstable Big Picture Narrow Focus Organization Self
      • Long-term View
    Short-term View Committed Opportunistic
      • Internal Focus
    External Focus
    • Productivity & Performance (21% increase)
    • Profitability (+28 cents vs. -11 cents EPS)
    • Turnover (4x-9x)
    • Absenteeism (2x)
    • Employee Fraud
    • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
    • Quality Defects
    • Safety Compliance
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Physical & Psychological Well-Being
    Engagement Research
  • Levels of Engagement
  • Engagement Meter 1 2 3 4 5 Actively Disengaged Disengaged Opportunistic Engaged Actively Engaged
  • Engagement Behaviors 1 2 3 4 5 Creates the mess Walks past mess without thought Hopes not to see it, will clean-up if personal benefit Cleans-up what he/she sees Helps clean-up, fix & prevent
  • What creates an engaged workforce?
  • RESPECT Model
  • Respect the Organization Organization
  • Respect the Supervisor Organization Supervisor
  • Respect Team Members Organization Supervisor Team
  • Respect the Work Organization Supervisor Team Work
  • Feel Respected Organization Supervisor Team Work Individual
  • RESPECT Drivers Leader & Organizational Culture
    • R ecognition
    • E mpowerment
    • S upportive feedback
    • P artnering
    • E xpectations
    • C onsideration
    • T rust
    RESPECT Drivers
  • What can you do to bring RESPECT to your organization?
  • WHITEBOARD, LLC Maximizing Human Capital through Targeted Behavioral Solutions Paul L. Marciano, Ph.D. 908.268.7272 [email_address]