Here’s 4 Steps To Help You Track Your Productivity


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Here’s 4 Steps To Help You Track Your Productivity

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  2. 2. Do you know what percentage of your work time is spent on income producing activitiesand what percentage of time is spent on interruptions, distractions, time on Facebook?Most people drastically overestimate how productive they are.In fact, some studies show that as much as half of employee time is spent on non-productive activities.So how can you improve your productivity?By tracking your hours and examining your daily schedule.Step # 1: Keep A Work Diary For One WeekFor one week keep a diary that tracks exactly when youre doing what at work.Make sure to write down when you start actually doing work as well as when you startdoing something else, like checking Facebook or going to the restroom.Youll be able to identify what your most common distractions are and that will go a longway towards helping you improve your efficiency.
  3. 3. Step # 3: Coming Up With Productivity PoliciesOnce you know whats preventing you from being productive the next step is to come upwith policies that keep you on track.Lets say that one major reason you arent being productive is because of interruptionsand distractions.Every 15 minutes or so someone comes by your desk and breaks your concentration andthat makes it hard for you to get anything done!You might combat this by instituting a "no interruptions" policy.Put a note on your door that says "No Interruptions" and ask people to text you if its anemergency.Your journal entries might look something like this:12:15 - Started Work12:31 - Bathroom
  4. 4. 12:36 - Started Work12:52 - Check EmailAnytime you do anything that isnt strictly productive write it down.Whenever someone interrupts you or asks you a question, write that down as well.Step # 2: Whats Your Productive Time?What percentage of your time is actually spent on productive activities? Whatpercentage isnt?Once you have your one week journal finished youll have an immense amount of dataat your fingertips.Alternatively, if you find that you spend 10 minutes every hour checking email youmight decide to only check it twice a day: once at the beginning of the day and once atthe end.
  5. 5. Identifying your biggest barriers to productivity is the first step to overcoming thosebarriers.Step # 4: Schedule Blocks Of Work TimeOne of the most effective ways to increase productivity is to schedule in blocks of worktime.This is time thats spent purely on work and nothing else.No distractions, no Facebook - just work.When you tracked your hours, you most likely realized how much time is spent ondistracting activities.These work time blocks are just the opposite: solid work time with zero distractions.If you follow these steps and improve your daily schedule you can easily improve yourproductivity by 30%, 50% or in some cases even 100%!
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