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Ep Experiment

  1. 1. The importance of scripts in CSCL EP Presentation by Satu Salmela and Laura Palmgren-Neuvonen
  2. 2. Background in a nutshell ... Forming a learning community is crucial for CSCL to start virtual discussions and knowledge construction gain deeper-level discussion and shared understanding => proper scripts are needed to enable an easier group forming!
  3. 3. ... Background in a nutshell In virtual learning environments, we must emphazise the importance of: task settings and instructions students' group forming communication via web-based technology information sources
  4. 4. Scripts are guidelines, rules and structured tools that assist learning = pedagogical infrastructure have technical, social and pedagogic components help in new learning situations guide/force students to follow certain phases towards the wanted results Problems: overscripting, careful planning needed, conflicts between external & internal scripts, technological problems
  5. 5. Research questions Group forming is seen as the critical phase in CSCL as the core of collaborative learning is to work as a group => we wanted to study: if group forming can be facilitated by properly designed scripts whether of not scripting can enhance collaboration when students are using online discussion tool in what extend collaboration scripts have effects A) on discourse processes B) on knowledge acquisition.
  6. 6. Hypothesis Process oriented hypothesis A1) Groups supported by the scripts show a lower amount of coordinative activites than the groups without scripts A2) Groups supported by the scripts have a higher quality of discourse than the groups without Outcome oriented hypothesis B1) Groups supported by the scripts find their collaborative outcome better than the groups without B2) Groups supported by the script show better outcome in the posttest than the groups without
  7. 7. Experimental design is performed in a timeline of one week for all groups by means of online discussions two test groups with scripts two control groups without takes place in virtual environment (Edmodo) with no physical contant between participants and tutors is observed and recorded with screen recording program (Camtasia Record)
  8. 8. Timetable Introductory explanations/ 45 min video conference Pretest / 10 min Introduction to Edmodo / 15 min Individual learning sequence/ 30 min guidelines (script/no script) for group forming Cooperative study sequence part I/ 2 days. group forming is performed and observed Cooperative study sequence part II/ 2 days collaborative group task Posttest, webbased inquiry/ 15-30 min Feedback sequence/10 min
  9. 9. Experimental variation Homogeneous groups (4) 2 test groups have scripts to support virtual group forming and problem solving process 2 control groups will go without scripts The learning task, timeline, participants' background and other conditions are the same for all groups
  10. 10. Dependent variables lower amount of coordinative activites deeper argumentative discourse better collaborative outcome better performing in posttest are to be measured by means of process analysis of the discourse data source is Edmodo discussions screen recording
  11. 11. Independent variable is the script for group forming external guidelines planned and carried out in the learning environment micro scripts for the interaction process macro-scripts to enable higher-level conditions in which collaborative activity is likely to appear
  12. 12. Open questions in our EP Too small sample of participants for a quantitative experiment Can virtual collaboration be regarded as a laboratory experiment? Have we understood the metodology of EP?
  13. 13. Reflection about the course in gene Difficulties to understand the articles which were quite complicated English Due to lack of a proper introductory lecture the method and how to design the experiment remained unclear The deadlines were clear but why nobody controlled the success of all groups - more scaffold would have helped? Wiki was not supporting a collaborative discussion - was Onlinr used?? we are not many still working, so more communal conversation would be good for peer support