City of Palo Alto: A look at 2013's year in review
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City of Palo Alto: A look at 2013's year in review



A look at the trends, highlights, finances, communication, awards, and planning for the City of Palo Alto in 2013.

A look at the trends, highlights, finances, communication, awards, and planning for the City of Palo Alto in 2013.



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  • National Citizen Survey: Is a collaborative effort between the National Research Center (NRC) and ICMA. The National Citizen Survey is a comparative resident opinion survey of approximately 500 jurisdictions about residents opinions of their community quality of life, service delivery, civic participation and unique issues of local interest. Note margin of error is ±5%. Some findings highlighted here. The Auditor’s Office will release the full report in January as an attachment to Service Efforts and Accomplishments Report. Residents continue to experience a good quality of life in the City of Palo Alto and believe the City is a good place to live. 94% rating overall quality of life in the City of Palo Alto as “excellent” or “good.” Almost all reported they plan on staying in the City of Palo Alto for the next five years. Some highlights…*Survey conducted in August 2013
  • When compared among other benchmarked cities, Palo Alto rated “much above other cities among 36 criteria. Slide demonstrates the criteria rating much above other cities receiving 90% or more favorability ratings. “Much above” if difference between the jurisdiction rating and the benchmark is more than twice the margin of error.
  • Residents consistently give the City of Palo Alto the highest evaluations for overall quality of services to their own local government as compared to other government levels.Palo Alto rated 84% in 2013 and much above the benchmark when compared to the federal, state and County levels.
  • Development CenterThe City received approximately 4040 building applications in 2013. This is approximately 9% more than the previous year.  Over the last year, our average number of days to respond to the first plan check and issue a building permit is approximately 24 days.  In 2007 it took the City approximately 102 days to issue a building permit. That is a 76% improvement. In 2013 the building inspection team conducted 24,548 inspections.  This is an increase of 25% from the previous year of 18,000.  Even with the increase we are able to accommodate next day inspections for 99% of our request.Since the beginning of the 2013 we have made steady improvement on the speed of our building permit issuance for Photovoltaic. In 2012 the average number of days to issue a permit was 82 days.  As of November it takes on average one day.  That is an 820% improvement in one year.Since the beginning of the year we have committed to expediting the Electric Vehicle permitting process.  In the beginning of the year it took on average 33 days to issue a permit.  Today it takes one.  This is a 330% improvement in less than one year.  HSR and Caltrain Modernization – In January, Caltrain formally began their Electrification EIR process with the issuance of a Notice of Preparation.In September, legislation supported by Palo Alto, SB 557, was signed into law and formally designates that $600 million from the California High Speed Rail Authority project be used on Caltrain electrification and that any expansion of the Blended System beyond a two-track system must be approved by nine regional agencies.In October, Caltrain began the installation of their Communication Based Overlay Signal System (known as CBOSS) which will provide the corridor with state-of-the-art technology to help eliminate train-to-train collisions and over-speed events.In November, Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny ruled that the California High Speed Rail Authority had not adequately satisfied all of the provisions of Prop 1A and that they must bring those deficiencies into compliance before construction using state bond money can begin.Housing Element - Certification of the 2007-2014 Housing Element. Palo Alto will have the polices and zoning mechanisms in place to meet State housing requirements and housing within the City. Identified a housing sites inventory of 2,894 units which exceeds the City's regional housing need allocation of 2,860 units.Cal Avenue Transit Hub Streetscape Design - Completion of design phase of project. Construction scheduled for early 2014.
  • Post Office – Put in bid for downtown post office. City asked to submit a BAFO. While the process ahs been slower than anticipated we believe the process within the USPS is moving forward and a buyer will be selected in early 2014. Parking Exemptions Eliminated - Several longstanding parking exemptions for commercial projects were eliminated from the Municipal Code for projects in the Downtown and Cal Ave areas. These exemptions were law for decades, but were no longer needed to encourage economic investment in these commercial areas.Downtown CAP Study - Released RFP, selected Dyett & Bhatia as lead consultant and began work on Phase 1 of the Downtown Development Cap. The Downtown Development Cap will include data gathering, projections analysis, significant community engagement and the first holistic analysis of planning, transportation and development policies in 25 years.Residential Permit Parking Emerges -   This year, the City implemented an overnight parking ban in Crescent Park and began consideration of a Residential Permit Parking Framework that would establish a process for neighborhoods wishing to institute residential permit parking controls.  Consideration of the issues involved will continue this month with a Council discussion on January 13th.
  • Jay Paul Project – In December 2013, the Jay Paul Company withdrew its application to construct an office project and public safety building at 395 Page Mill Road under Planned Community (PC) zoning. The PC zoning designation would have allowed the construction to exceed standards in exchange for the public benefit to the City of a new police station.In the coming year, the City Council will focus on reforming the Planned Community (PC) process and engaging in an expanded public dialogue on issues related to the Comprehensive Plan. 27 University Avenue Office Towers - The City has initiated a process for development of alternative land use plans for the site to consider an ambitious public/private partnership . Staff will report back to Council in early 2013.Future of City - On December 2, 2013, the Council had a discussion about initiating a community conversation regarding the future of our city, including the update of the Comprehensive Plan, a reform of the “PC” zoning process, parking and traffic strategies, and more.  Separately, the Council has also initiated an exploration of the community’s core values.  These discussions will continue in 2014, with intensive work on parking and traffic solutions like Transportation Demand Management (TDM), and with discussion of a game plan to complete the Comprehensive Plan update and the program-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which will assess cumulative impacts, mitigation, and alternatives for the future.Comprehensive Plan: The Planning & Transportation Commission made significant progress in completing the final draft of the updated Comprehensive Plan. This final draft will be the basis for public engagement and Council review in 2014.
  • Infrastructure Finance Measure Planning – Significant work of Infrastructure Committee over past year to evaluate finance mechanisms to fund infrastructure back log, Committee held eight meetings, conducted two public opinion surveys.Mitchell Park Library & Community Center - Construction of the 3-building Mitchell Park Library and Community Center is now 97% complete and it is anticipated that Building A (the main library building) will be open for staff in early 2014 and open to the public in Spring 2014.  The estimated opening has changed during the year due to delays caused by the contractor and their subcontractors.  Even though delayed, during 2013 staff managing the project were dedicated to insuring that the buildings are of the highest quality and achieve certification environmentally friendly building, minimizing energy and water consumption.  Should the contractor fail to perform the City is poised to find the contractor in default and hire a new contractor to finish the buildings.  Mitchell Park Library and Community Center is the most complex new construction that the City has endeavored and will become the City’s largest Library, and provide a major Community Center, not only for South Palo Alto, but for the entire City.Main Library Renovation - After breaking ground in June 2013, the Main Library Expansion and Renovation Project is proceeding on-time and on-budget. Construction management is being provided by NOVA Partners, Inc. which is the same firm that managed the adjacent Art Center renovation that reopened in 2012. By December 2013, the concrete foundation and walls of the new Main Library addition will have been poured, and the new roof of the existing structure has been installed The library is expected to reopen in December 2014. The Main Library project is the last of the three library projects funded by 2008's Measure N ballot initiative Street Maintenance Program - The City has continued to make significant progress toward its goal of having a citywide average Pavement Condition Index, or PCI, of 85 or better, representing excellent street conditions. In FY 2014, the annual budget was further increased to $5.1 million and the timeframe for meeting the citywide goal was moved up from 2021 to 2019. When this goal was first considered in 2010, the annual budget was $1.8 million and the city's PCI was 73. In 2013, 41 lane-miles of streets were resurfaced (out of a total of 473 lane miles city-wide) improving the average PCI to an expected year end score of 78. On a related note, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission recently published its 2012 Bay Area Pavement Condition Report. Only 8 of the 37 total Santa Clara and San Mateo County jurisdictions had a higher three year average PCI than Palo Alto. Staff has also stepped up its efforts to inform the community about the progress that is being made with this investment of funds. Additional resurfacing work scheduled for 2014 will continue to improve Palo Alto's PCI score. 
  • Sidewalks and School Routes - The annual budget for sidewalk improvements was increased by $1 million beginning in FY 2013. In 2013, the annual contracts for sidewalk work replaced 98,000 square feet of sidewalk compared to 51,000 for the previous year. In 2013, staff surveyed sidewalks that are designated as Safe Routes to School and used a separate contract to repair damaged areas. This work was in addition to the usual district by district sidewalk programs. Channing/Lincoln Storm Drain - Completed the second (of four) phases of storm drain infrastructure improvements along Channing and Lincoln Avenues. In this phase of the project, new storm drains were installed along Channing Ave. between Heather Ln. and Newell Rd. and along Lincoln Ave. from Channing Ave. to Middlefield Rd. The work on Channing Avenue was coordinated with resurfacing of the street. The project is one of seven storm drain infrastructure improvement projects funded by a Storm Drainage Fee increase approved by property owners in 2005.Venture Park Renovation - The Ventura Park Renovation Project focused on the installation of  new playground equipment, resurfacing of the existing asphalt basketball courts and a new irrigation system for the turf athletic field.  Accessibility was increased in the playground by the addition of rubberized play surfacing and the installation of accessible play equipment.  The irrigation system replacement reduced the amount of water and maintenance required to maintain the field.  Briones Park Restroom - A new restroom was installed at Briones Park. Work began in May and the restroom was opened in October. Restroom facilities at City parks makes the park more enjoyable for all users, addresses public health and accessibility concerns and allows for community events to be scheduled at the park.
  • Byxbee Park - In 2013, the City working with Open Space staff collobarated to construct a little over one mile of a shared-use maintenance road/public trail on the newly opened sections of Byxbee Park.Emergency Supply Wells Upgraded -  A significant part of the project to upgrade the City's entire emergency water supply system is complete. Five existing wells in Palo Alto have been rehabilitated to maximize their operating capacity and water quality. The new El Camino Reservoir well is expected to be substantially complete by the end of January, 2014.  Opening of Household Hazardous Waste Facility - The grand opening of the City’s newly renovated Household Hazardous Waste program was held on September 19, 2013.  Because of the improvements the City has been able to provide more drop off dates making it more convenient for residents, great efficiency by being able to consolidate materials, and by offering to residents good household products for personal use.  The new hours are the 1st Friday (3p-5p) of every month and every Saturday (9a-11a). So far, for the first three months of opening we have seen over a 25% increase in participation.  We are very excited about these improvements and hope the station makes for a more convenient and efficient way for residents to recycle or dispose of their HHW.Bonde Weir Fish Passage Project: This project removed a bank-to-bank concrete sill in San Francisquito Creek, known as the Bonde Weir, that acted as a barrier to roughly 40 miles of fish habitat and replace it with a re-graded and "roughened" channel during the summer of 2013. This channel type uses engineered streambed materials to maintain and improve stability over a wide range of stream flows while providing vastly improved conditions for fish migration and movement. In particular, the project is intended to benefit steelhead trout (Oncorhynchusmykiss), as the San Francisquito Creek watershed provides habitat for this species
  • Fiber- to-the-Premise – Renewed evaluation of the feasibility of building out a citywide Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) Network in Palo Alto and developing a complementery Wireless network plan. Dark Fiber Network Build Out to Palo Alto Unified School District also virtually complete. Most school sites have been connected and all 18 are targeted to be completely connected to the network by February 2014. CogswellPlaza Free WiFi Implementation - InstalledfreeWi-Fi in a Cogswell Plaza park in downtown Palo Alto to provide additional constituent WiFi services and increased public experience with WiFi. The plaza also received a much needed renovation which included new pathways, seating areas, landscaping, and lighting.Palo Alto Mobile App 311 - Implemented a mobile/smartphone 311 application to provide Palo Alto residents, businesses, and visitors access to a set of local government-provided services, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 685 City requests from the public have been submitted since the launch of the mobile application in June, 2013.CitiCamp Palo Alto - CityCampPalo Alto was held as the city's formal National Day of Civic Hacking event. The day will bring together local government leaders and staff, local organizations, businesses, visitors, and community members and is focused on fun and civic innovation. The event included prototyping, a mini-maker faire, talks, discussions, music, and food.
  • Open GIS Implementation - Designed, developed, and deployed a new platform to post GIS data for community use. The site includes detailed public data via map and list views to increase transparency of City information - such as public tree data, paving and utility projects data and land use data.ChildrensTheatre On-line Ticketing System Implementation - Working with SeatAdvisor, the Children's Theatre has launched a new online ticketing program, providing community members with easy, 24-hour access to ticket purchases. Ticket sales for the 2013-2014 Season reflect that audiences are responding very positively to the online sales option: 5,130 tickets (69% or 3,533 online). Online sales have yielded nearly 700 new email addresses which Children’s Theatre has added to its customer database. These customers receive weekly e-blasts, keeping them informed of current theatre events. In 2013, the Children's Theatre's theatre, music and dance programs served more than 6,100 students ages 3 to adult, a more than 50% increase over the previous year.Smart Grid, Advanced Meters and Monitoring  - Palo Alto is investigating new “Smart Grid” technology, which refers to hardware and software that allow advanced meters to send immediate, “real time” utilities usage data to both customers and the utility.  This usage information then can be used to achieve benefits including energy and money savings as well as improved operating efficiency.  In 2013, Smart Grid-related projects included the CustomerConnect pilot program which has engaged 300 residential customers and set them up with advanced meters so they can monitor their usage and make adjustments to lower it.  LED Street Light Conversion – To date we completed approximately half of the City’s LED streetlight conversions (3255).  It is anticipated that by summer 2014, all 5,560 HPS streetlights will have been changed out (85%). The remaining fixtures (15%) are decorative-style that require special treatment to be upgraded and doing so will be a fourth phase of the project. LED streetlights use 40% less electricity than previous high-pressure sodium lights and have 30% lower maintenance costs.
  • Carbon Neutral Portfolio - March 2013--Council approved Plan to achieve a 100% carbon-neutral electric supply effective calendar year 2013. Palo Alto is one of few entities in nation who have accomplished this. Solar ProgramsPalo Alto Green - The City's move to use only carbon neutral electricity reduced the impact for customers of opting for the Palo Alto Green electric program and that program was suspended forresidents. The new PAGreen Gas program will give residents a means of further reducing the carbon footprint of their utilities usage.Palo Alto CLEAN – Adjusted innovative program to establish purchase contracts between local electric generators and the Electric Utility. Commercial rooftop solar is an example of local generation. Price paid per kilowatt hour (kwh) raised in late 2012 to make program more attractive. Proposal to Council January 2014 to extend 2 MW goal and offer purchase at 16.5 cents/kwh. 2014 outreach focus will be on educating building owners and evaluating potential for City facilities.Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Developed new policy to require Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure in new Single Family Homes. This city approves approximately 100 new homes per year.Expanded Disposable Bag Ordinance to include all retail and food service establishments - Beginning November 1, 2013, retail establishments are no longer allowed to distribute single-use plastic checkout bags and must charge a minimum of ten cents for reusable or paper bags.Two Cart Collection Pilot Program Update - Initiated Pilot Program in April 2013 eliminating the black garbage cart in the Green Meadow neighborhood. This pilot has residents place their bagged garbage in with the recyclables in the blue cart and has them place their bagged food scraps in with the yard trimmings in the green cart.  The garbage and the food scraps are separated out at the materials recovery facility.  The pilot data shows a 70% participation rate and that the City has been successful in diverting about 1,000 pounds of food scraps from the landfill per week.  The pilot has shown that the separate collection of garbage can be eliminated, using only two trucks to collect the waste.  At the end of March, 2014 we will have one year of data and Staff will fully analyze the results at that time . Public Art Expansion – Expanded "percent for art" policy to include new residential projects of five units or more, as well as commercial projects that are upward of 10,000 square feet and cost at least $200,000 to build. Developers have to set aside 1 percent of a project's estimated construction costs for public art. Cubberley ???Homeless Services - Worked with the County of Santa Clara to secure funding for permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals coupled with support by the City of Palo Alto for intensive case management services. 20 homeless individuals will receive permanent supportive housing coupled with intensive case management.Smoking in Parks - On August 12, 2013, the City Council approved a ban on smoking in all public parks, including the City golf course. The ordinance went into effect on October 9, 2013. Since that time, staff has posted no smoking signage in city parks, removed ash trays, posted information regarding the smoking ban on the city’s website, and social media.AEDs - Purchased 52 units, 12 deployed in patrol vehicles, the remaining are installed or scheduled to be installed in City facilities. Several hundred City staff trained on use. Rainbow Flag - The City raised the rainbow flag at King Plaza to show the city's overwhelming support for same-sex marriage recognizing that 76 percent of voters in the city rejected state Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman.Special Events including - Twilight Summer Concert Series, 3rd annual Bridal Faire, Airport Day, “Style” fashion exhibit and sale, Great Glass Pumpkin Patch, Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony, United Nations Association Film Festival, Quakeville, Bike to Work Day, Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival, Summer Festival and Chili Cook-off, Palo Alto World Music Day, Annual Moonlight Run and Walk, City Camp Palo Alto/ Nat’l Day of Civic Hacking, Aurora Art Installation/ Celebration at King Plaza, 50th Anniversary of MLK’s “I have a Dream” celebration, California Avenue Halloween Trick-or-Treat event.
  • 1. Balanced FY 2014 Budget rebounding revenuestax revenues up 20.5% since 2009permit revenue up 43% since 2009$26 million expense reductions since 2010additional $2.2 million for infrastructure2. Infrastructure FundingWork of Infrastructure Committee over past year to evaluate finance mechanisms to fund infrastructure back log, Committee held eight meetings, conducted two public opinion surveys.US Post Office - City a finalist in second round of biddingConclude year with 8.9 million year end transfer to infrastructure reserve3. Stanford Development Agreement Funds Established a funding and allocation policy and plan$35m total for infrastructure/sustainability projects$4m for health and safety programs4. Structural Changes (may or may not want to include – making a point)Since 2009, Council and staff completed the negotiation of agreements with labor groups to eliminate more than $8.5 million in salary and benefit expense.$3.6 million annually in concessions from SEIU, Management, and Fire employeeCost of living freeze since Fiscal Year 2010 (three years) for Management and SEIU employees.Fire personnel wage freeze from Fiscal Year 2011 through FiscalYear 2014Implementing a 90/10 medical cost sharing plan for Management, SEIU, and FireEliminating the variable management compensation plan for the Management and Professional groupEliminating tuition reimbursement for SEIU and Fire personnelIncreasing employee contributions to pension plans for SEIU and FireNew two-tier retirement systems for Management, SEIU, and Fire personnelShifting the full cost of employee PERS contribution from the City to employees (seven to nine percent of salary)Implementing employees' payment 10 percent of medical costs including future retireesCreating second tiers to retirement plans resulting in less costReducing professional development expensesEliminating minimum staffing requirements and overtime costs in Fire servicesTerminating the Variable Management Compensation Plan Ending highest cost health care plan option for employeesCity has reduced its General Fund staffing by 108 positions or 16 percent of the GF workforce identified in the FY 2004 Adopted Budget.5. Long Range Forecast – Some highlights:10 year cumulative structural deficit in the General Fund $34.8 millionRevenue growth of 3.3% per year6. AAA RatingGO Bonds reaffirmed as AAA by Standard & Poorsin May 2013
  • Mitchell Park Library OpensInfrastructure Funding Plan (Ballot Measure Decision)Community Dialogue on Future of the CityComprehensive Plan Review advancesHousing Element adoptedTDM Program DevelopedRPP Designed & ApprovedParking Lots & ShuttlesGo Pass - The Go Pass program will offer Civic Center employees a transit pass in exchange for a long-term commitment to use Caltrain as a preferred commute mode.  Employees will have the option to return their downtown parking permit in exchange of the Go Pass. The Go Pass allows unlimited rides on Caltrain across all train zones, 7 days per week. Reopen Main Library, December 2014Palo Alto Airport transfer from the County to the City Consider adoption of the Urban Forest Master PlanParks & Recreation Master Plan - Identification and prioritization of park and recreational facility amenities and services for the next 30-yearsMunicipal Golf Course Reconfiguration
  • Mitchell Park Library OpensInfrastructure Funding Plan (Ballot Measure Decision)Community Dialogue on Future of the CityComprehensive Plan Review advancesHousing Element adoptedTDM Program DevelopedRPP Designed & ApprovedParking Lots & ShuttlesGo Pass - The Go Pass program will offer Civic Center employees a transit pass in exchange for a long-term commitment to use Caltrain as a preferred commute mode.  Employees will have the option to return their downtown parking permit in exchange of the Go Pass. The Go Pass allows unlimited rides on Caltrain across all train zones, 7 days per week. Reopen Main Library, December 2014Palo Alto Airport transfer from the County to the City Consider adoption of the Urban Forest Master PlanParks & Recreation Master Plan - Identification and prioritization of park and recreational facility amenities and services for the next 30-yearsMunicipal Golf Course Reconfiguration

City of Palo Alto: A look at 2013's year in review City of Palo Alto: A look at 2013's year in review Presentation Transcript

  • Year in Review 2013
  • Prelude 2013 A Year of Polarity? The Price of Success $ 2
  • Revenue Trends FY 2010-2014 Since Great Recession Robust Economic Activity Emerges in Palo Alto  Hotel occupancy rates have risen to 85% in 2014 from 66% in 2010 demonstrating rising business activity and more trips to Palo Alto  Hotel revenues expected to increase by 76% or $5.2 million since 2010  Home sale values surged from $1.23 million in 2009 to $1.8 million in 2013, a 46 percent average increase for sellers 3
  • Revenue Trends: FY 2010-2014  Property transfer tax revenues increased at a blistering compound annual growth rate of 19% since FY 2010  While number of transactions have increased, the value of transactions has soared. Recent Class A office downtown as high as $900 to $1,100 per square foot  Assessed values for residential and commercial properties have risen by 16.4 percent since depths of Great Recession. Solid and enviable growth compared to other jurisdictions 
  • 5
  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times business, jobs, work neighborhoods, home 6
  • National Citizen Survey 2013 2013 Recommend Living in PA 89% Neighborhood 91% Place to Live 92% Quality of Services 84% Quality of Life 91% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Rated Excellent or Good 7
  • National Citizen Survey 2013 PALO ALTO % Employment opportunities Palo Alto as a place to work Drinking water Public schools Educational opportunities Positive impact of economy on household income Overall image or reputation of Palo Alto Ease of bicycle travel in Palo Alto Animal control Sewer services Availability of preventive health services City parks 99% 99% 98% 98% 97% 96% 95% 92% 91% 91% 91% 90% COMPARISON TO BENCHMARK MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE MUCH ABOVE 8
  • National Citizen Survey 2013 Services Provided by Local, State and Federal Gov’ts 33% State Gov't 41% 26% 37% Federal Gov't 50% 41% 2013 2012 47% Santa Clara County 2011 60% 45% 84% 88% 83% City of Palo Alto 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Rated Excellent or Good 9
  • Business & Work Highlights 2013 STANFORD SHOPPING CENTER Apple Store, Flemings Re-Location, The Container Store, American Girl, New Bloomingdales (under construction), General Shopping Center Updates (in-pipeline) DOWNTOWN Keen, Susan Graf, Ltd, Sam’s Chowder House 101 Lytton (Nearly Complete), 500 Hamilton and 240 Hamilton (approved) NEW HOTELS Epiphany 1st Quarter 2014, Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites Expected Summer 2014, others under development NEW/EXPANDING BUSINESSES New: The Corner Bakery, Keen, Gott’s Roadside Expanding: Tesla, HP, VMWare, Theranos, Survey Monkey, Apple Stores, Palantir 10
  • Neighborhood Highlights 2013                Crescent Park Overnight Parking restrictions Newell Bridge CPI Outreach & Notice Changes on Planning Projects Sidewalk & Street Maintenance Program Cubberley Community Center Residential Permit Parking Program Safe Routes to School Stanford Palo Alto Trails Plan Stalled Construction Regulation Ban on smoking in all Parks Most Capital Projects-Libraries, Bike Plan Urban Forest Master Plan Draft Know Your Neighbor Grant Program NextDoor 11
  • Our City in the World 2013 International Business Visits Hosted 1. Enschede, Netherlands* 2. Mianyang, China 3. Azerbijan 4. Northern Ireland 5. Kazakstan 6. Taiwan 7. Palo, Philippines* 8. Oaxaca, Mexico* 9. Espoo, Finland/Aalto Univ. 10. South Africa/U of J-berg 11. Turkey 12. Seoul, South Korea 13. Russian Consulate 14. KITA 15. La Poste (French USPS) 16. Japan *Sister City Yangpu Youth Exchange 6 students travel to China for a meaningful and transformational experience Heidelberg Smart Cities Partnership Philippines Sister City Assisted in recovery from Taiphoon Haiyan. More events, fundraisers, and assistance planned International Business Visits Yangpu, Enschede, and Heidelberg 12
  • Council Priorities 2013 The Future of Downtown and California Avenue:     Infrastructure Strategy and Funding Technology and the Connected City Urban Design Transportation Parking Livability 13
  • The Future of Downtown and California Avenue: Urban Design, Transportation, Parking, Livability Housing Element Development Center HSR and Caltrain Modernization California Avenue Transit Hub Streetscape Design Completion TDM (less cars) 14
  • The Future of Downtown and California Avenue: Urban Design, Transportation, Parking, Livability Post Office Downtown CAP Study Parking Exemptions Eliminated Residential Permit Parking Emerges 15
  • The Future of Downtown and California Avenue: Urban Design, Transportation, Parking, Livability 27 University Office Towers Jay Paul Project Future of the City Comprehensive Plan 16
  • Infrastructure Strategy & Funding 2013 Infrastructure Finance Planning Mitchell Park Library & Community Center Street Maintenance Program Main Library Renovation 17
  • Infrastructure Strategy & Funding 2013 Channing/Lincoln Storm Drain Sidewalks and School Routes Briones Park Restroom Ventura Park Renovation 18
  • Infrastructure Strategy & Funding 2013 Emergency Supply Wells Byxbee Park Bonde Weir Fish Passage Project Opening of Household Hazardous Waste Facility 19
  • Technology and the Connected City 2013 Palo Alto Mobile App 311 Fiber-to-the-Premise & Wireless Cogswell Plaza Renovation & Free WiFi CityCamp Palo Alto 20
  • Technology and the Connected City 2013 Open GIS Implementation Smart Grid Children’s Theatre Online Ticketing System LED Streetlights PAPD “Twitterific” 21
  • Recognition and Awards 2013 Climate Change Beacon Award Statewide leadership award toward solving climate change, League of CA Cities Innovation Thomas H. Muehlenbeck Award for Excellence for Innovation in Local Gov’t, Alliance for Innovation Livability Financial OpenBudget  Recognized for innovation for OpenBudget and cuttingedge web-based data visualization, CSMFO & GFOA.  Award for producing excellent year-end financials GFOA Most Livable City in America Ranked #1 most livable city in America, Technolog y #1 Digital City  2013 Digital Cities for population >75,000, Center for Digital Gov’t  Honored for Open Government and Civic Hacking Champions of Change, White House 24
  • Looking Forward 2014  Mitchell Park Library Opens  Infrastructure Funding Plan (Ballot Measure Decision)  Cubberley  Community Dialogue on Future of the City  Comprehensive Plan Review Advances  New Housing Element Adopted  TDM Program Developed  RPP Designed & Approved  PC Zone Reform 25
  • Looking Forward 2014  Parking Lots & Shuttles Bike Plan Capital Improvements  CA Avenue Streetscape Construction  SF Creek JPA Project  Main Library Reopens (year-end)  Airport Transfer  Urban Forest Master Plan Adopted  Parks & Recreation Master Plan 26
  • Quality of Life. . . in Balance 2013 National Citizen Survey Palo Alto as a Place to Live 92% Quality of Life: Neighborhoods 91% Palo Alto as a Place to Work 99% Employment Opportunities 99% Educational Opportunities 97% 27