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  • 1. English and You The new recruit’s guide to surviving in the US Army
  • 2. Welcome to the Army
    • New way of life
      • Army life vs. civilian life
    • New location
      • Understanding South Carolina
    • New friends
      • Soldiers, drill sergeants, camaraderie
    • New language
  • 3. English and native speakers
    • Not experienced with dealing with nonnative speakers
    • Assumption that everyone is a native speaker
    • People may try to take advantage of nonnative speakers
    • Miscommunication/communication gaps
  • 4. Consequences
    • Frustration with the language
    • Feelings of isolation from the Army
    • Homesickness and regret
    • Negative feelings about the Army and its soldiers
      • How does this affect the mission?
  • 5. How to overcome!
    • Buddy up with a native speaker
    • Take your English lessons seriously
    • Don’t just rely on what you learn in class; study independently!
    • Ask questions when you don’t understand
    • Try to learn one new word or expression a day
    • Don’t be afraid to talk to native speakers
  • 6. Sample expressions
    • Brown-nosing
    • Jump down someone’s throat
    • Dead man walking
    • Bite the bullet
    • Between a rock and a hard place
  • 7. To recap
    • The Army is a new way of life with many challenges and many opportunities
    • Language barriers may seem formidable at first, but they can be overcome through experience
    • The responsibility for progressing lies with you!
  • 8. Victory starts here! HOOAH!