Introductory bioinformatics workshop flyer


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Introductory bioinformatics workshop flyer

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Introductory bioinformatics workshop flyer

  1. 1. INTRODUCTORYBIOINFORMATICS WORKSHOP PERDANA UNIVERSITY Session 1 Basic Perdana University, 9 - 14 July 2012 The Introductory Bioinformatics Workshop 2012, co-organised with the Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI), supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Innovation (MOSTI) and endorsed by the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network (APBioNet), is part of the Bioinformatics Education and Research Initiative of Future of Bioinformatics: Challenges Perdana University. and Opportunities (KEYNOTE) Basics of Structural Biology and The post-genomic era heralds much awaited great discoveries Structural Databases in the field of science and medical research. Assoc. Prof. Tan Tin Wee, National University of Singapore Newer and faster high-throughput technologies are driving the exponential growth of biological data. The key to the new discoveries lies in the methods and tools Biological Databases and available to mine and interrogate the data, providing Bioinformatics Tools biologists with better insights. Asst. Prof. Mohammad Asif Khan, In this six-day workshop, we cover essential bioinformatics Perdana University topics, such as biological databases and bioinformatics tools, sequence comparison, biological pattern / profile search and 3D structure visualisation and modelling, with hands-on practicals on the theories and concepts covered. This will empower the participants with the foundation Fundamentals of Sequence Comparisons necessary to manage and mine the wealth of available Assoc. Prof. Martti Tammi, biological data to address complex research problems. Prince Songkla University, Thailand Participants interested in developing the skills further, can sign-up for the advanced Session 2, to be held in October 2012, where they will tackle a research problem of interest to them. Benefits: Biological Patterns and Profiles Learning outcomes from attending the workshop include Principles of Molecular Evolution and understanding what is bioinformatics and appreciating its Phylogenetics pivotal role in interdisciplinary research, covering basic Professor in Practice Greg Tucker-Kellogg, National University of Singapore underlying bioinformatics concepts and theories on biological databases, bio software, sequence comparison, biological pattern search and 3D structural analysis, and provide hands-on practical exercise to demonstrate their applications. Target Audience: 45 limited seats on a first come, first Early Bird Registration by 15 JUNE 2012 served basis The workshop is specifically designed for all individuals with both basic molecular biology and IT skills; this includes Category Early Bird Rate Normal Rate (i) students in life sciences (diploma, undergraduate (RM) (RM) or postgraduate), Students 1,500 2,000 (ii) scientists interested in bioinformatics, and Academics 2,500 3,000 (iii) industry partners and IT professionals supporting biologists. Corporate 3,000 3,500 DISCLAIMER: The organiser reserves the right to make such alterations to the programmes as circumstances dictate and Students with outstanding academic record, currently studying in public or private universities will not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes made to the speakers’ information. The based in Malaysia, can apply for partial / full waiver of the registration fee by emailing their views and opinions expressed by the speakers at this workshop are not necessarily the views and opinions justification for the waiver and CV to of the organiser.Organised by: Co-organised by: Supported by: Endorsed by: For more information on Bioinformatics Workshop: Website: http// • Email: PERDANA UNIVERSITY Phone Number: +603-8941 8646 • Fax Number: +603-8941 7661