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Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
Finding Money In The Ether2
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Finding Money In The Ether2


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Final slide show for Clinton Global Initiative 2010

Final slide show for Clinton Global Initiative 2010

Published in: Business
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  • Sources: Convio 2009 NP Marketing Benchmark Induex study; Balackbaud; Giving USA. Email is used increasingly more by boomers and less by millenials; boomers give larger gifts; millenials will increse the number of gifts; as generations change, the mix will change High costs of text-giving will give way to inexpensive aps
  • . See : http:// /best/fundraising for best practices
  • Tips: http:// =226
  • Notes: Face book Causes
  • Sources: Techcrunch
  • Transcript

    • 1. Finding money in the ether Facts and strategies for social entrepreneurs Online and mobile fundraising Prepared for the CGIU, April, 2010 Draft 3/14/10
    • 2. Assessing the ether
      • Email results: online gifts up by 3% in Q4, 2008; total 2008 increase of 14%; 30% of total giving
      • Mobile results: too soon for data, but mobile’s first yr was better than online’s first yr fund raising ; Haiti, SPCA, others rasise millions by SMS
      • The trends: SMS will grow rapidly; direct mail will continue to slide; email will remain level until a generation change
      • What to expect: costs will come down, small gifts will go up
    • 3. Email fund raising
      • Target your ask to a specific audience 
      • Make your fundraising goal simple and meaningful.
      • Give people a way to track their contributions.
      • Develop a Voice. 
      • Make It Pretty, but Not Too Pretty.
      • Time it right. - earlier in the week is better,
      • Track everything
      • Include actual hyperlinks, not embedded links.
      • Develop an email and online content calendar
    • 4. Websites: the donate button
      • Donate button on every page
      • Home page: video, donor photos
      • Photos of donations in action
      • Photos of donors in action
      • Links to directly to a donate page
      • Limited copy on donate page
      • Streamline the donate form
    • 5. Social media
      • Orgs that use social media raise 40% more $
      • But little money raised on social media sites
      • Keeps cause in front of donors
      • Coordinate with other fund raising channels
      • .Create a virtual hub– a FB page or fan page
      • Match the platform's demographics to yours.
      • Help the network expand your audience.
      • Pay attention: update daily
      • Post rich content. Photos, videos links
      • Use widgets and badges, contests, karma points.
    • 6. Raising money with video online
      • Visitors expect video
      • Use video to tell your story of how the money is used and how donors enjoy giving
      • Use video to create viral recognition – post on your site, Youtube, blogs, Facebook
      • The two-step ask – user generated video for extra money
    • 7. Online event sales , online auctions
      • Online auction: low cost, high profit
      • Great way to energize volunteers
      • Theme offerings to mission
      • Think ahead for fulfillment –who records winners and ships products
      • Use networks to promote widely – FB, email, Twitter are key
    • 8. Viral fundraising
      • Plan a strategy- how to promote
      • Video works best – Youtube is the place to start
      • Coordinate FB, Twitter, website, email blast, google groups – all networks to recommend and download
      • Check out the surf dog
    • 9. Mobile giving
      • Status: from Katrina to Haiti: $40 million raised in weeks
      • Text giving: Set up fee + $500- $1500 month, some other costs
      • Promoting text giving- the key to success – TV, Twitter, events
      • What to expect – depends on promotion
    • 10. Nuts and bolts
      • Credit cards, Paypal and bank fees
      • Email vendors
      • Online fund raising systems
      • Professional vs. in-house video
      • Using Social networks
      • Widgets and badges
      • FB Causes and games
      • FB Causes, Charity Dynamics, Causeworld, TwitCause, Shopkick, Foursquare, Gowalla
    • 11. Resources
      • FB Causes
      • Care2
      • Good2Give
      • Convio
      • Others
    • 12. Mobile activism
      • Behind the lines in Burma
      • Crowd-sourcing volunteers – does it work
      • Aps: what they can do and how to do them
    • 13. Mobile Resources
      • www. mobile
      • TechSoup, TechSoup Global
      • N2 – remixing the web for social change
    • 14. Putting it all together
      • Where does online or mobile fit in your fund raising
      • Where does mobile fit
      • Your strategy: are you a pioneer, entrepreneur development director