Boy with big dreams powerpoint


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Boy with big dreams powerpoint

  1. 1. Story written by Pamela Alleyne Art by John Rios
  2. 2. One warm summer day Bryce went to the boardwalkamusement park with his family.He rode all the rides once, twice and even three times.
  3. 3. While sitting on each of the rides, he looked over at the huge rollercoaster and decided that that would be his next ride.
  4. 4. He asked his mother to go with him, but she was too chicken to go and his dad said oh no!He finally turned to his brother andasked him. Luckily his brother said that he would go.
  5. 5. So the two of them stood in line andwhen it was their turn they sat in the front seat. The operator strapped them in. The ride started.
  6. 6. They could see their parents’ in the distance.The mother could not watch but the father waved them on.
  7. 7. Up they went. Down they went. Around they went. Even upside down. Then the ride came to a stop. The boys were so excited.That warm summer day was the day that Bryce fell in love with roller coasters.
  8. 8. That evening when he got homehe sat at the computer to search for different roller coasters fromamusement parks all around the country. He was obsessed with roller coasters.
  9. 9. One day his class went to thelibrary and he asked the librarian for a book on roller coasters. The librarian looked and looked buthe could find any books on roller coasters. Bryce was sad.
  10. 10. Later that night when he was home he started drawing picturesof…little roller coasters, big rollercoasters, roller coasters with one loop, with two loops, with three loops, even one where the people would have their feet dangling.
  11. 11. His room became over crowded with pictures of roller coasters he had drawn. His mother noticed that his rollercoasters drawings started to have more detail.She bought him an artist book and told him that he should carry it with him wherever he went.
  12. 12. And that he did. He carried that book to the kitchen table while he was eating breakfast so he could draw.He carried that book to the bus stop, so he could draw.He carried that book on the bus andwhile the kids misbehaved he would draw.
  13. 13. He carried that book outside and during recess when the kids played his favorite games he would draw.He even had that book with him and when he was supposed to be asleep in his bed he would draw… R-o-l-l-e-r C-o-a-s-t-e-r-s
  14. 14. Even as Bryce got older hecontinued to be obsessed with roller coasters. Bryce kept drawing and filling up many art books because had a dream and it was a big dream.
  15. 15. And the dream was…He wanted to design rollercoasters when he grew up. And that he did.