Diploma Proposal Draft 01


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Diploma Proposal Draft 01

  1. 1. DIPLOMA PROPOSAL Pallavi Manchi Visual Communication Design Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore Contact: pallavimanchi@gmail.com +91 98459 79 799
  2. 2. PROPOSAL 1: INTERACTIVE TOY DESIGN Design Brief This project intends to design toys/games/spaces for urban children to better learn about the environ- ment and materials around them. These aids intend to facilitate the substantial use of the children’s cre- ativity and imagination. Background: The idea arose in the course of a two month workshop with Finnish artist and interaction designer Anders Sandell. This lab involved researching play patterns of children from various socio-economic backgrounds. This research resulted in gaining certain insights and areas of enquiry. Some of these insights are: • Limitations in geographical spaces creates dependency on media and technology • Middle and Upper-middle class children in urban cities are highly exposed to popular media, which tends to result in a more passive engagement with their surroundings, leaving a lot of potential to one’s own imagination and creativity untapped. Need: From the research gathered, there is a clear need for sensitizing children in urban environments to: • A tactile and physically active mode of interaction and play. • Richer engagement with narrative/storytelling to facilitate imagination. I chose to propose this as a diploma project, as my previous experiences in this area has inspired ideas in me that I feel have potential that hasn’t been fully explored. I intend to use my skills as a visual commu- nication designer, to explore toys and play patterns in an urban Indian context to bring about higher levels of interaction, effective knowledge sharing and of course, serves the simple purpose of fun and pleasure. Pallavi Manchi | Diploma Proposal: Interactive Toy Design | Page 01/03
  3. 3. Research Questions • What are the influences of a given milieu on chil- dren’s learning and play patterns? • How can children better engage with the natural environment in the process of play? • How can we create toys/games that aid discovery and learning, creativity and imagination? (peda- gogy) Approach/Process Research and exploration: • Toys and the toy market in urban environments and their differences with that of a rural one. • Understanding learning and playing patterns of children hailing from different socio-economic groups in urban spaces. User participation through workshops: • Understanding the needs of the user and the related parties involved. • Facilitate the users in engaging with the process of conceptualization • User testing: usability and usefulness • Workshops with craft communities to explore the potential of the crafts in prototyping. Prototyping and Conceptualization: Ideating and prototyping toys/games/spaces that are affordable and suited to needs, and that involve the use of local art and craft communities and materials. Resources • Spaces: Educational institutions like Mallya Aditi International school and neighborhood children • Films and Books • People: Interaction designers, Storytellers, spe- cialists in the fields of teaching, environmental studies, the arts and crafts sector, etc. • Studio space and feedback from Anders Sandell & Michelle Cherian • Organizations like Sutradhar, AmritSagar Chari- table Trust etc. Pallavi Manchi | Diploma Proposal: Interactive Toy Design | Page 02/03
  4. 4. Learning Outcomes • To gain rich insights about my users and their needs • Gain a deeper understanding of the toy market, pedagogy, materials, narratives and methods of education. • To learn ways of effectively using different disci- plines of design to create a holistic solution. • To engage in workshops and to find methods to facilitate user groups. Pallavi Manchi | Diploma Proposal: Interactive Toy Design | Page 03/03