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  • 1. Introduction: Ashok Piramal Group will be implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the near future. A survey on employee interest will be undertaken to get an idea of the number of people interested in volunteering for CSR. ‘Employee volunteering’ in Business/Statutory Organizations is mainly to encourage and support their employees to carry out voluntary work for the underprivileged or the society as a whole, which is unpaid and done out of their own free will to bring a change for the good. Brief about the CSR programme: 1. Presentation to the employees to give them a feel of the entire CSR initiative taken by APG. 2. Circulation of survey 3. Analyzing the needs, requirements and expectations of the employees. 4. Matching the possible CSR activities with employee needs. 5. Implementation of CSR activities in the real sense. Objective of Survey : • To get an idea of how many people in the company are aware of the social issues, concerned of the existing social problems and have a willingness to make a change by involving themselves in CSR activities. • To find out the areas of interests of the employees and then to provide them an opportunity according to their needs and interests. We look forward to a positive response on part of the employees by giving their valuable time to fill this form and submit it. Ways in which you can volunteer:
  • 2. - By donating cash: It would either be donated to an NGO or a particular institute involved in some specific purpose like taking care of HIV affected people, street children, widows or orphanages etc. The frequency of donation can either be monthly or on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. - By donating in kind: You can donate in the form of books, old clothes, medicines, furniture etc. - By sparing time: You could spend your valuable time in teaching the underprivileged children, visit the orphanages, the old age homes, visit cancer/HIV patients in the hospitals. The frequency could range from once a week from your busy schedule to weekends or any time at your free will. - By sponsoring: 1. a child’s education 2. an individual’s one meal of 1 month or a year. ( plz put the correct wordings i.e. 1ce/month or any 1 whole month in a year, if u find this correct, put as it is else make changes) - An act for the environment: You could engage yourselves in activities like:- 1. tree plantation 2. anti pollution drives 3. take initiative to convey the message of saving paper, car pooling 4. cleanliness drives Areas in which you can volunteer are  Education  Computer Training  Teaching in Ashrams/ Orphanages / Street Children  Imparting Knowledge of basic disciplines in orphanages/municipal schools.  Make people or students aware of their rights. E.g. Right to information etc.
  • 3.  Health  Blood Donation  Organ Donation  Treating poor cancer and other patients  Household servant’s check-up  Environment  Tree plantation  Anti-pollution campaigns  Introduction of car pool system  Cleanliness drive at gardens, tourist places, historical places etc. Your role could include 1. Teaching street children 2. Teaching basic computer skills 3. Sharing your skills in the fields of sports, music, drama, arts and craft 4. Teaching good and basic disciplinary values 5. Volunteering for blood donation camps. 6. Visiting orphanages, cancer/HIV patients. This will include interacting with these patients, trying to know their hidden wishes and dreams that they wish to complete and understand &help them to overcome their grievances. 7. Volunteering for anti-pollution campaigns , tree plantations etc. 8. Donating cash for underprivileged children, poor patients, etc. How do we plan to implement this programme? APG would be typing up with different NGOs and social institutes that work for a social cause. The employees who wish to know the list of these NGOs to have a better idea for participation in CSR, can contact the people in charge of CSR in APG. Your suggestions or any knowledge regarding the same is most welcome. To conclude in short, we, ‘Ashok Piramal Group’ have come up with this initiative to encourage people to have a sense of belongingness, to do something for the society which could bring a change in the lives of a
  • 4. thousands of ‘those’, waiting for somebody to come& lighten up their hearts with a sense of fulfillment and happiness. We look forward to the participation of all the ‘energetic’ and ‘enthusiastic’ employees of our company who are ready to indulge themselves in this initiative of CSR and act wholeheartedly for the same. ‘HAVE A HOPE OF MAKING THIS COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN!!’