Design thinking prototype & testing


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Design thinking prototype & testing

  1. 1. Design Thinking- Prototype & Test Designed By:- Pallavi Bhandari
  2. 2. Problem Statement A sincere, ambitious, smart working guy holding a MBA degree from a reputed B-School needs a way to learnt to be employable because to get a better job opportunities students must understand & remember what is taught to them in school.
  3. 3. Idea 1- for prototyping To change teaching approach to practical approach rather than theoretical. Environment at work place is practical, if students are use to practical approach of learning then it will help them to get better job opportunities and growth.
  4. 4. What and How of Prototype What is being Tested? How will a student react if approach of teaching is changed to practical from Theoretical , results are considered as evaluation of the subject? How is being tested? Giving a list of questions to a student after teaching him through practical approach & asked them to respond based on their experience.
  5. 5. Prototyping and Testing Who? A student from a municipal school & his teacher. Description:- A student from a municipal school with moderate intelligence level & his teacher( to get feedback). Brief given:- Student of standard 2nd was taken to a Zoo, there he saw many animals & birds. Later he was asked to answer questions regarding characteristics of different animals.
  6. 6. Prototype  What is the color of a parrot?  How many legs does a lion have?  Name the animal with a long neck? Etc.
  7. 7. Observations What Worked? - He felt nice. - Was interesting. - Learning with fun. - He remember what was shown. What could be improved? -To get an alternative inside school premises. Questions - Will this be effective for students with all intelligence level. Ideas
  8. 8. Idea 2- for prototyping To change classroom environment to friendly and attractive. If environment is attractive and friendly, it generates interest to learn also it lower down the stress level.
  9. 9. What and How of Prototype What is being Tested? How will a student react classroom environment is changed to a colourful & an informal place, results are considered as evaluation of the subject? How is being tested? Changing classroom environment & then measuring their interest level with the help of their teachers.
  10. 10. Prototyping and Testing Who? A teacher of primary school. Description:- A primary school teacher from a municipal school where students are from middle class families. Brief description of How:- Environment of classroom was changed to a colourful & attractive place by putting some colourful pictures & redesigning the seating arrangement. Based on this feedback from teachers was gathered regarding response of students towards this change.
  11. 11. Prototype  What was the difference in learning.  Speed of learning.  Difference in grasping power of students.
  12. 12. Observations What Worked? - Better than the formal environment. - Interest level of students was high. - Learning with fun. What could be improved? Questions - Can this be done with a formal way? Ideas -It can be more effective id dress code policy for primary school is removed.