The Positive Reward of Faithfulness
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The Positive Reward of Faithfulness



Simple reminder of the law of sowing and reaping.

Simple reminder of the law of sowing and reaping.
Positive faithfulness brings positive faithfulness.



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The Positive Reward of Faithfulness The Positive Reward of Faithfulness Presentation Transcript

  • Proberbs 14:14 A faithless one will surely be repaidA loyal and faithful one will surely receive reward
  •  The letter to the Galatians clearly tells us that faithfulness is an aspect of the influence of the Holy Spirit.. All through proverbs we are encouraged to use our speech and actions to faithfulness even when others are unfaithful. To support friendship, family, and leadership with faithful and prudent talk brings positive reward. We have the opportunity to speak life on behalf of others.
  •  Really, it feels good to build others up. Proverbs is full of good words about faithful messengers and those that bring good news. All of us stand on the shoulders of others. It is reciprocal. What we sow we reap.
  •  Ever heard someone pulling down another person through negative speech and responded, “Wait a minute, that’s my friend.” Ever been in a group needing to make a selection and chimed in, “I know a great person for that assignment.” Even been thinking about your blessings and wrote a note to a friend about how much they have meant to you? Ever been asked to say something bad about a family member and walked away?
  •  It takes courage and forthrightness to continue to support family, friends and leaders. It takes loyalty and goodness to stay faithful and full of right action. Stay on the straight path. Avoid the side tracks and side conversations. Look straight ahead. Don’t be constantly looking for new opportunities when what you have is a good thing. Remember those who have encouraged you and fed you. Defend and protect them against side intrusions.
  •  A life of faithfulness is a life of blessing. Our society is built on dissension and discord. Be different. Get up in the morning counting the blessings others have brought to you. Say “thank you” many times a day. Look for opportunities. Dig out any roots of bitterness or disappointments and speak blessing over those that have been unfaithful to you.
  •  Father, I give blessing over the life of my friend. Be a guide of sure faithfulness to them. Ensure a safe and direct path for them. Engage their heart to be faithful to all relationships. Pull them into good relationships that advance goodness and kindness and gentleness and self-control and faithfulness. Bring them into friendships that are full of faithfulness and show them leaders to follow that honor and reward goodness and loyalty.
  •  Eme