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20101013 fashion industry_social_media_sociallink_bak_update 20101013 fashion industry_social_media_sociallink_bak_update Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media
  • The Benefits of Social Media Marketing
  • Why?
  • via Samsung Economic Research Institute Report. 2010.07
  • via Samsung Economic Research Institute Report. 2010.07
  • via Samsung Economic Research Institute Report. 2010.07
  • via Samsung Economic Research Institute Report. 2010.07
  • via Samsung Economic Research Institute Report. 2010.07
  • via Twitter Co-Founder Inforum - Mashable. 2010.10
  • via TNS Discoveringlife.com - Mashable. 2010.10
  • The Current state of Social Media & Network
  • 170,000,000+ Twitter has registered users / Global (2010. 10) 1,667,700+ Twitter has Korean user / oikolab 2006 2008 2010
  • 535,000,000+ Facebook has registered users / Global (2010. 10) 1,585,000+ Facebook has Korean user / Facebook 2006 2008 2010
  • User 3,100,000+ Worldwide (2010. 10), Monthly 500,000+
  • Local Location base / Check-in Boom!
  • Social Media, Engagement & Relation
  • Asians trust social media more than traditional media Jan 2009, Asia’s Top Digital Brands TNS/Media Magazine
  • % of people who search before they purchase Search before purchase Feb 2005 – DoubleClick!
  • Keep Going
  • Strategic Approach to Social Media & Word of Mouth - Ogilvy 360
  • Levick Strategic Communication (http://www.levick.com/resources/topics/issues/jet_blue.php) It was a case of how an industry’s chronic problem suddenly became a front-page crisis. On Wednesday, February 14, 2007, a winter storm crippled commercial air flights through the United States, but it was JetBlue that bore the brunt of an operational meltdown that had passengers stranded on runways for up to 10-hour stretches. The Valentine's Day massacre of passenger rights saw employees and passengers berating each other and perilously near violence as the myriad horror stories piled up throughout the Eastern United States. Other airlines were also canceling flights and infuriating its customers, but JetBlue – the airline standard for good customer relations – became a victim of its own success and the poster child for the industry’s disarray. On February 20, David G. Neeleman, JetBlue’s founder and CEO, unfurled a $30 million dollar passenger bill of rights that includes: • Customers will be compensated based on the length of the delays, ranging from $25 to full ticket. “Delays” include airplanes unable to taxi to the gate within 30 minutes and flight departures held up for three hours or longer. • If JetBlue cancels a flight within 12 hours of its departure, customers can ask for a full refund or a voucher. • Passengers receive vouchers if flight delays are the airline's fault. via Jetblue Youtube Channel • JetBlue will deplane passengers if an aircraft is delayed on the ground for five hours.
  • Global Fashion Brand, Best Practice Point 4th ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  • Catch a Choo’s Campagin Roughly 4,000 people participated in the chase, which was picked up by the mainstream and online media alike. Sneaker sales subsequently increased by 33%, according to social media agency FreshNetworks, which designed the campaign. Vuitton Insider Foursquare badge to followers who checked in three times at its new London boutique. ✓
  • Social Media, Risk Management
  • Monitor > Cultivate > Prepare > Respond > Promote *Protection
  • Social Media, Future and To be
  • One More Things.
  • Experience
  • ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣
  • 1. Get Going 2. Get Prepared 3. Get Blogging 4. Get Tweeting 소셜미디어 5. Get Some Perspective 성공 불변의 법칙 10가지 6. Get Talking 7. Get Realistic 8. Get Active 9. Get Good at it 10. Get Motivated
  • via Edelman Digital Social Engagement Report. 2010.10
  • via @brandhoony
  • via @brandhoony
  • Your Social Media Communication Designer “Link your Message” ChungHyo Bak, Social Media Consultant (Senior Consultant) ronan.park@sociallink.kr pakseri@gmail.com twitter @pakseri79 me2day @parkavenue Facebook http://fb.me/ronanbak blog dayofblog.pe.kr