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E learning haaga-helia.en
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E learning haaga-helia.en

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  • 1. eLearning at HAAGA-HELIAPäivi RajaorkoProject Manager, eLearningEducational Support Services
  • 2. Definitions of eLearning(by Ministry of Education of Finland) Study entities offered for students via informationtechnology eLearning studies can contain supervising, guidance orexams that are not virtual Education based on supervised eLearning (100% virtual) Education based on self study packages Education based on contact diverse learning (blended learning)26.11.2012
  • 4. 26.11.2012eLearning environments of HAAGA-HELILA Moodle (1.9.9 ->2.3 or 2.4 since 1.4.2013) Connect Pro Kyvyt.fi Second Life Blog In addition some teachers use various social mediaenvironments which are not centrally supported e.g.wikis, facebook, twitter Tenttis – e-exams
  • 5. Organisation of eLearning acvities at HAAGA-HELIA eLearning quidance group makes the main decisions concerningeLearning Meetings 4 times/academic year Participation from all campuses (1-3 person/campus, representation ofdifferent training programmes) plus library and study services The Vice President is the Chairperson , eLearning co-ordinator preparesissues to the meetings with the chairperson and makes the memos ofthe meeting eLearning co-ordinator co-ordinates the implementation of thedecisions (with different co-workers/implementation groupsdepending on the issue) eLearning quidance group make the follow-up of the activities26.11.2012
  • 6. Organisation of eLearning support 1 full-time co-ordinator for eLearning 1 eLearning support person in each five campuses, 4-5persons in Pasila campus (resource of 100 hours givenper year per person) Technical support given by IT-services3.11.2009626.11.2012
  • 7. Development of common eLearning courses 27 common eLearning courses developed (83,5 cr) 18 common eLearning courses (3 cr/course) for alltraining programmes Commonly in use Copyright agreement made with the developers26.11.2012
  • 8. Resources for development of eLearning courses 30 hours common development resource/person/1credit for teachers developing new 100% virtualcourses (e.g. for 3 credit course the resource is 90hours) Centrally budgeted money for development of commoneLearning courses26.11.2012
  • 9. Training teachers in eLearning skills Moodle and Connect Pro, -courses organized regularly Other platforms according to the needs Workshops how to use social media inteaching/learning Presentation of good practices in eLearning HAAGA-HELIA outside training paid from the budget ofeach training programme eLearning info pages in HH intranet26.11.2012
  • 10. HAAGA-HELIA Quality assurance system Process descriptions made for all main eLearning processes, seehttp://www.haaga-helia.fi/en/haaga-helia/quality ->processdescriptions According to the quality system feedback is also collected centrallyfrom eLearning courses26.11.2012
  • 11. HAAGA-HELIA and Finnish Online University ofApplied Sciences (FOUAS), see http://www.amk.fi/en/index.html HAAGA-HELIA actively participates in the network of FOUAS eLearning co-ordinator is the contact person of HAAGA-HELIA inthe network In the year 2012 HAAGA-HELIA offered 68 virtual course for the students of otherUniversities of Applied Sciences 204 applications where made by HAAGA-HELIA students for virtualcourses organised by other universities of applied sciens 149 applications where made by students of other universities ofapplied sciences for the virtual courses of HAAGA-HELIA Within the network it is agreed that 50-150 euros is charged from theuniversity per person per 1 ECTS, HAAGA-HELIA charges 75euros/student outside/1 ECTS course26.11.2012
  • 12. Use of Second Life in HAAGA-HELIA Virtual lectures and seminars (also internationally) E.g. tourism studies, language studies, business studies,marketing Different meetings (incl. Student meetings) Marketing of HAAGA-HELIA (e.g. application period, opendoors) Role playing Modelling of real life e.g. Library, Winecellar, Holiday Center Study quidance Projects e.g. InnoCatering, UbiOffice4.9.20091226.11.2012
  • 13. 26.11.2012