Picking the right art studio for your wine


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Make your special occasions exciting and unforgettable by holding a wine and paint party. Whether it’s wedding, birthday, reunion, or a simple get-together event, a wine and paint party will definitely make your gathering truly magical.

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Picking the right art studio for your wine

  1. 1. Picking the Right Art Studio For Your Wine and Paint Party
  2. 2. Have you finally decided to go with a wine and paint studio as the venue of your next party, get together, or corporate event? If this is the case, Paints Uncorked and other paint and cocktails event organizers have plenty of studios for you to choose from, no matter where you are here in San Diego. We’ll soon be launching our studios in Chicago, Dallas, LA, and Phoenix!
  3. 3. Why are wine and paint party becoming popular these days? More and more people now prefer to host their own parties in such venues. Fortunately, there are several things that you can employ when it comes to choosing the right location for your next event.
  4. 4. Paints Uncorked is here to help you will have greater chances of finding and selecting the right studio for your wine and paint party.
  5. 5. The Type of Events or Parties Available It’s important that you have an idea of the different types of parties or events offered by canvas and wine studios. However, the best ones are those that accept almost any kind, whatever the occasion may be. Here are some of the types of events that most studios accept: • Birthday Parties • Graduations • Bachelor Parties • Bachelorette Parties • Baby Showers • Team Building • Corporate Events • Wedding Showers • Fundraising Events • Charity Events • Boys Night Out • Girls Night Out
  6. 6. These are just some of the paint night events that can be hosted and held in wine and paint studios, so just in case the type of party you would want held has not been included, you should ask the management about it and tell them the details of what you are planning. It is highly likely that you will be provided with access to the studio’s facilities and equipment.
  7. 7. The Packages Being Offered by the Studio You might also want to take into consideration the types of packages that you can choose from. Wine and paint organizers offer a number of deals and packages, so it is important that you take the time to compare them so that you can figure out which one will be most appropriate for your budget. Some packages are ideal for only a number of guests, while some are suitable for large groups, such as team building or corporate events. It is crucial for you to choose the right package as you do not want a guest to be left without food, wine, or painting materials.
  8. 8. The Things Included in the Costs Last, but not the least, is to consider the overall cost of hiring the wine and paint studio and paying for the products and services they have to offer. This is particularly true when you opt for a package. Check the things that are already included, such as the type of food or meals that will be served, the kind of wine that will be poured, and of course, the painting materials as well as other necessary art supplies that will be used. Make sure that the quality and the quantity of these aspects are just right for you and your budget. If you want to experience what it feels to celebrate an event the wine-and-canvas style, check out some wine and paint organizers, like PaintsUncorked, who are great in planning and hosting artistic yet fun-filled events like this.