How to choose a corks and canvas venue


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Plan out a gathering, get-together or party that’s more than the usual. Consider corks and canvas affair and you’ll surely have the time of your life!

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How to choose a corks and canvas venue

  1. 1. How to Choose a Corks and Canvas Venue for your Next Party
  2. 2. Are you planning to hold a Corks and Canvas party? If this is the case and it is your first time hosting such a unique event, then you should be aware that there are several venues for you to choose from, depending on your exact location.
  3. 3. So with quite a few options to select from, how do you go about choosing the right venue for your next memorable, interesting, enjoyable, and unique party? Fortunately, being able to choose the right place, whether it is for a Corks and Canvas, a Painting and Vino, a Pinots Palette, or a Wine Canvas party, is quite easy by simply knowing a few tips and tricks.
  4. 4. So to help you out in making the right decision, here are a few nuggets of wisdom that you can use when selecting a venue for your next party.
  5. 5. • Make sure that the place can accommodate everyone who will be attending the event. • After you have established the number of people who are sure to join you in the party you are preparing for, check the room sizes being offered by the venue to ensure that they will all fit in. • Look for a provider of such services that offers a variety of packages.
  6. 6. • Check the package options and see what components are already included in them. • The price that you will be paying for should already include the payment for the attendee, the paint, the canvas, the brushes, the easels, and the aprons. • If you do not have the time to plan for the food and the drinks, you should ask if the business also offers packages that already include these components.
  7. 7. • While the price of packages that also cover foods and beverages are a little higher than the price of the products sold in groceries or supermarkets, it should still be within a reasonable range. • If you have time to shop for the food and the drinks, make sure that the venue will allow you to bring your own, as there are some that do not allow them since they have their own restaurants or bars.
  8. 8. • Since most Corks and Canvas venues are not open 24 hours a day, make certain that the time you are planning for the event to start and end is within their operating or business hours. • You should also know that there are a number of Painting and Vino events places that allow extensions on the time, but be sure that the rates they will charge you are not exorbitant.
  9. 9. • In the event that you would be going for a Wine Canvas Party venue that already offers food and beverages, you should check what they have to offer, as you do not want to end up with meals and drinks that are not up to your (and your guests’ for that matter) tastes.
  10. 10. As long as you are able to keep these tips and tricks in mind, your chances of finding the best and the right venue for your Corks and Canvas party or event are high. Visit us: