Different types of Paint and Finishes


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Different types of Paint and Finishes

  1. 1. Different types of Paint
  2. 2. Acrylic Paint • Otto and Rohm introduced by 1950’s • Fast drying paint • Combine pigment and emulsion • No strong chemical smell • Available in many varieties • Water-based paint
  3. 3. Automotive Paint • Four types such as lacquer, urethane, water based and enamel • Lacquer gives smooth and glossy shine • Urethane are highly toxic, use safety • Enamel also gives nice glossy finish • Water based is non toxic, best for use
  4. 4. Concrete Paint • Two ingredients resin and hardener • Ingredients lime Portland cement etc. • Same components used in epoxy paint • Rust, corrosion, waterproof, heat resistant • Used interior and exterior surfaces • Mainly used at driveways, garages, etc. • Popular for standing heavy traffic in it
  5. 5. Eggshell Paint • Hard wearing easy to use in rooms • Good to used on doors windows • Slightly luster compare to flat finish • Used in bathroom, kitchen, kid’s room etc. • Strong paint difficult to damage • Durable protecting coating • Washable, dirt resistant
  6. 6. Epoxy Paint • Made from resins and other additives • Used for hard surfaces such as floors, walls • Gives very glossy sheen look • UV, heat, water and corrosive resistant • Two types of coating a) Waterborne epoxy coating b) Epoxy powder coating
  7. 7. Emulsion Paint • Made of synthetic particles, pigment, water • Less toxic, less voc, less harmful to health • Easy to apply and dry quickly • Used for wood, metal, indoor, outdoor • Available in many varieties such as: a) Eggshell b) Matt c) Satin etc.
  8. 8. Enamel Paint • Used for hard, glossy, and opaque finish • Cleaned by paint thinner or mineral spirits • Used in interior and exterior house surfaces • Contains heat resistant properties • Available in Water or solvent base: a) Urethane b) Polyurethane
  9. 9. Latex Paint • Invented in 1940’s at Canada • Made of resin using rubber tree with binder • Latest synthetic binder used for latex paint • Cracking, peeling, scratches resistant • Resistant (water, alkali cleaners, mildew) • Synthetic latex made from chemicals • Latex paints are famous in US
  10. 10. Metallic Paint • Also called as polychromatic, • Paint available in many colors • Rust resistant, anti-corrosion • Modern techniques make easy to repaint • Metallic paint is expensive • Consists base coat with lacquer, urethane
  11. 11. Texture Paint • Made for holding texture design • Good wall designs as compare plane walls • Resins and other additives to texture intact • UV, staining, cracking (resistant) • Also used for old paneling, walls, holes • Tools such as rollers, stamps, sponges • Effects such as stucco, metallic and sand
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