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  • What is second life ? It’s a 3d virtual playground that can be turned into anything that you can dream – Created by Linden
  • This online virtual atmosphere has millions of participants from all over the world – in the three years that I have been on sl I have made friends in Brazil, France, England, Italy and Japan not to mention throughout the US and sometimes in my back yard – speaking of back yard this is my avie on my virtual land I bought a tree that has scripting in it that allows avies to actually climb and sit up in the tree.
  • Everything on second life is created with their system of blocks called prims so you can create real life in a virtual realm
  • There are many growing sites for educators that allow them to get and create tools for teaching.
  • A great thing about second life is that it is one of the few online games that is always free. You can’t own land from the Lindens but basic members can easily create and upload textures to make anything that they can imagine. This is a great learning environment tool because youth can show things plausible but not possible in teal life classrooms.
  • Because everything on sl is created by prims you can change the look of your environment to recreate real places , fantasy, historical places, as well as hypothetical situations.
  • Princeton University is one of the many schools on SL that have Sims that recreate their real life campuses. Students can come online and access Princeton’s library and reference websites in world it is also a great promotional tool for potent ional students to check out that type of resources available to them at Princeton.
  • When I started my gallery with a friend in June of 2006 there were only 40 galleries and museum now there are hundreds and this can be a great tool in showing how to set up a gallery or museum how to hang and to display artwork in both interior and public situations. Second life can allow an artist, architect, or engineer to make 3D models that allow people to interact in the spaces and check traffic patterns, change in different décor in just minutes.
  • This is a great page I found for educators that work with teens and have started projects on SL.
  • It is possible to create your look so that you create a realistic or life like representation of you over the past three years prim building has developed so that you can now make prims flexy so that realistic hair blowing in the wind is just a matter of good design and even if you are on a basic account you can sell & trade your creations or purchase an incredible range of items that can provide test markets for design, business, commerce. In game photography is also a great tool that allows you to capture any thing that you can experience in SL and upload it to your inventory on sl, upload it to your computer, or even email it to a friend or business associate. When a friend and I owned our gallery we had one of the artist that was showing in our gallery take a lap top to a gallery owner in NYC and get a real life gallery showing, by showing the uploaded photos of her paintings in a real life situation.
  • There is no other interactive site that has the flexibility in creating art that SL does for example here are two photos of a sculpture park created in sl a great in the moment example to photographers how a simple change in zoom produces two very different compositions of the same scene that they are actually having their avie stand in. Photos on sl can be uploaded to your computer or emailed for free or downloaded to the game for 10 L with Lindens costing about 240 for each US dollar many people have turned photography in sl to a hobby and then that hobby as a business.
  • There are many organizations professional, religious, educational, artistic, non-profit, and just for fun that meet and create events and in world organizations on SL
  • This is a photo of the studio I set up inside my virtual home on sl in which I uploaded some of my paintings.
  • At one time I had some friends and we lived on a sim that was made up of medieval knights, and fantasy creatures such as dragons, fairies, mermaids and Unicorns.
  • There are many cultural opportunities here is a real life set up where you can sit in a tube like John Paul Marat the French Revolutionary and compare your pose to the painting by Court paint David.
  • Here are two animals the cat to the left was a megascale sculpture of a black cat that is a average scle human in front of it. The cat sculpture sold in an auction for the American Cancer Society for about 28,000 Lindens (about $115.00 for virtual art ) The dog on the right side is an actually pet that I purchased for about 5000L one of the residents of sl took his love for dogs and created a business scripting these dogs made of prims so they will come when you call their name My dog I named Obsidian and when I click on him I can pet him here is he is raising his paw he does a variety of tricks and comes with a manuel so I can train him to play dead, shake, heel, lay down and a variety of other tricks.
  • Here are some videos of what students are doing to discover and problem solve in their own world through this virtual world.
  • Foxk Week4 (Completed)

    1. 1. Is there a Second Life in the future of your classroom?
    2. 2. Via the internet you can own land, shop, attend online meetings.
    3. 4. What are the benefits <ul><li>Your classroom with the help of Linden labs (the designers and corporations that owns Second Life) can turn your help students explore all places real and imaged. </li></ul>
    4. 5. Everything in second life is made by using prims you can upload photos and add them as textures to prims
    5. 6. Environmental classrooms can easily change from week to week.
    6. 7. Schools for educators
    7. 8. Galleries for artists
    8. 9. Second Life is always expanding <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>One of the things that researching for this presentation showed me that for all that I have learned over the past three years there is so much more </li></ul>One day maybe I will be able To join my real life class room And second life in a project
    9. 11. Photography In a three dimensional Atmosphere students can Take photos in second life and see immediate results To different camera angles
    10. 12. Meeting places for students, support groups and charity organizations
    11. 16. Scale can be tested in SL
    12. 17. So what will your next classroom Look like? <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>