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  1. 1. Superior cleaning in a choice of Two Fragrances – Ariel Spring Clean & Ariel Fresh Clean Another Breakthrough Innovation from Ariel for the Indian Family Ever wished that your clothes could smell mesmerizing and fragrant like your perfumes? Procter & Gamble, the makers of leading international fragrances such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Old Spice and Valentino now make your wish come true, with the launch of Ariel in a choice of two exciting fragrances – Ariel Spring Clean with a floral fragrance, and Ariel Fresh Clean with a refreshing fragrance. The two unique fragrances of Ariel now offers Indian consumers an unbeatable combination of ‘superior cleaning’ and ‘a choice of fragrances’ with the launch of Ariel Spring Clean and Ariel Fresh Clean. Research conducted by Ariel on the Indian laundry market indicates that ‘fragrance’ in detergents is an important factor of delight for the home-maker in her daily laundry chore. Inspired by the roses thatbloom in Indian spring time, Ariel Spring Clean has a flowery fragrance. And inspired by thesubtle refreshing scent of the jasmine flower, Ariel Fresh Clean has a fresh fragrance catering tothe Indian consumers’ special fondness for mogra.Ariel is the world’s leading detergent and epitomizes ‘stain removal’. Introduced in India in 1991,Ariel has continuously led other detergents in product innovation. It was the first to bring the‘compact detergent’ technology in India; the enzyme technology for superior and safe stain-removing power; the proprietary ‘smart eyes’ technology which helps detect and remove stainsbetter than any other detergent; and now for the first time superior cleaning in a choice offragrances. Over the years, the brand has enjoyed endorsement from celebrities such asactress & social worker Shabana Azmi, Begum of Pataudi, successful actress and homemakerof the Pataudi family Sharmila Tagore, TV’s most popular ‘saas-bahu’ duo Smriti Iraani andApara Mehta, and lakhs of homemakers in India.Ariel contains safe ingredients for normal fabrics and skin under recommended usageconditions for laundry, and meets the Company’s stringent human and environmental safetystandards.Ariel in its choice of two fragrances – Spring Clean and Fresh Clean, is available at all leadinggeneral and chemist stores and the price remains unchanged at Rs. 145 for 1.5kg; Rs. 99 for1kg; Rs. 50 for 500gm; Rs. 22 for 200gm and Rs. 2 for a 20gm sachet.
  2. 2. Ariel Front-o-Mat is introduced in Indiaexclusively for front load washing machines.The unique tumble wash technology of front-loading machines needs a special chemistry,which Ariel Front-o-Mat provides. Using ArielFront-o-Mat completely eliminates the needto bucket soak and a scrub.How to use: Use one and a half scoops(scoop provided in the pack) for a normalwash load and two scoops for very dirtyclothes. This should ideally be used at 25-40deg C for nylons, polyester, acrylics, 40-60deg C for cotton synthetic blends and 60- 90deg C for white cottons. These temperaturesgive the best results. Ariel Front-O-Mat isavailable in 1 kg and 1.5 kg packs.
  3. 3. In 1993, Procter & Gamble Home Products is incorporated as a 100%subsidiary of The Procter & Gamble Company, USA. Procter & Gamble HomeProducts launches Ariel Super Soaker.In 1993, Procter & Gamble India divests the Detergents business to Procter &Gamble Home Products.In 1995, Procter & Gamble Home Products enters the Haircare Category withthe launch of Pantene Pro-V.In 1997 Procter & Gamble Home Products launches Head & Shouldersshampoo.In 2000, Procter & Gamble Home Products introduced Tide Detergent Powder -the largest selling detergent in the world.In June 2000, Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited launched PanteneLively Clean its unique Pro-Vitamin formula cleans oil-build up, dirt and grimein just one wash, delivering lively, free-flowing and sparkling-clean hair.In August 2000, Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited launched NewAriel Power Compact detergent with a new global technology that breathes newlife into clothes, by removing dinginess from them and restoring the originalcolors of the fabric, by detecting and removing deposits which are left behindfrom successive washes.In November 2000, Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited presented Indiain the first International Hair Styling and Beauty Expert Contest- Hair AsiaPacific 2000 in collaboration with Sri Lankan Association of Hairdressers andBeautician.During this period, Procter & Gamble Home Products also re-launched theinternational range of Head & Shoulders, best-ever Anti-dandruff shampoo withan improved formula, new pack-design and logo, in three variants - Clean &Balanced, Smooth & Silky and Refreshing Menthol, which offers the finecombination of anti-dandruff efficacy and hair conditioning.In January 2001, Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited and WhirlpoolIndia Ltd. launched a special Ariel - Whirlpool Superwash offer, makingwashing machines more affordable to the people of Hyderabad. On purchase ofeither a 500gms, 1kg or 1.5kg economy pack of New Ariel Power Compact,consumers are automatically eligible to buy a Whirlpool Washing Machine foras low as Rs.238/- in Equal Monthly Installments for 24 months, by filling inthe application form that comes with the Ariel pack and contacting any one ofthe Whirlpool dealers mentioned on the pack.
  4. 4. Pampers is the world’s number one selling diaper brand with sales of US$ 6 billionannually.Pampers provides superior dryness for uninterrupted overnight sleep, with just onepampers diaper.In India, Pampers Fresh & Dry is available in a variety of three sizes –4s, 10s, 25s.