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Bronx michael<3 Bronx michael<3 Presentation Transcript

  • Rest In Paradise My Sweet Bronx I will see you againA sh ort li fe b u t a lo ng figh t.
  • Brought Into Rescue February 14, 2011
  • Bronx and his 5 litter mates were brought in verysick. They were taken out of a home Where theirlast litter mate died of starvation. They wereliving on wood chips in a 9 square foot area,sitting in there own urine and feces.That was alsotheir only food source. Only 6 weeks old andalready a life of misery.
  • Taken to the vet and diagnosed with Parvo.Treatment started immediately.
  • Kassidy Kassidy was more lucky of the pups, crazy right? She didnt have anysymptoms other than severe hunger and malnutrition, bending her joints and bones.
  • Nevin Nevin, also on thelucky side, was near death from starvation. LikeKassidy, his legs areseverely malformeddue to malnutrition.
  • DelaneyVery Sick, lethargic, and overall slipping away. Parvo taking its toll on her poor body.Delaney passed away 2/19/2011 Parvo took her life.
  • Fallon UnfortunatelyFollowed her sisters path to rainbow bridge on 2/21/2011
  • Even when you start treatment for parvo,nothing is ever guaranteed, most diagnosednever make it. The treatment is costly and harshespecially on little babies like these.
  • Ashlynn Ashlynn and Bronx were hospitalized for 6 days in a last ditch effort to save their lives. During which time they had constant fluids. Ashlynn wasntshowing improvement and had to endure an intussusception to remove 8 inches of her intestines,4 of which were already dead. Her intestines were telescoping inside of each other, only to be fixed by the surgery. She came home 2 days afterward.
  • Bronx Bronx started responding totreatment and was sent home on lessextensive treatment
  • Kassidy Got Adopted Perfect ending for this princess
  • Kassidy NowLiving her life like it’s nobody’s business!
  • Nevin Got Adopted Loved on forever!
  • Nevin NowPlaying with his sister with not a care in the world.
  • Bronx and Ashlynn Went Through it All Togehter One step at a time
  • Both Made It Through Parvo Together
  • Ashlynn Got Adopted To a very good friend of ours
  • Ashlynn NowLiving a life of luxury and pain free in her dream home!
  • After Everything Me and My Mom Adopted Bronx I got to have my Dream Dog!
  • My Pride and JoySince Day one I was in love. He was truly perfectand everything I ever wanted. I never knew whatwe had in store. For 11 months he was a spunkypuppy, who urinated and drank A LOT. But Hewas my baby. Ran many tests and was told hewas just a jerk, it wasnt a surprise with hisspunk!
  • He Fit InPerfectly
  • After continuing to have urinating issues withoutcontrol and constantly drinking water, he went toa specialist recommended by our vet! Newswasn’t good...
  • Bronx was diagnosed with renal(kidney) failureat only 13 months old.. We knew then that his lifespan was going to be shortened. Still I loved himmore. I wasn’t giving up and neither was he.Doing medication would only effect his kidneyseven more. So homeopathic treatment it was. Heate a raw diet and was on 6 organic supplements.This helped him tremendously!
  • Over the next 7 months the treatment lost it’saffect with Bronx. We tried adjusting to buymore time but it slowly became clear that he wastoo good for this planet...
  • True love will never die. That’s what we shareand will always hold.
  • On November 16, 2012 I said goodbye to my bestfriend and love. He helped me througheverything and I ill never forget that. His bodystarted shutting down, losing control of all bodilyfunctions, we made the decision to humanelyeuthanize.
  • He Taught Me to Stand Tall and Stay Strong Despite the Circumstance
  • Never LetAnyone SeeYouFrown Even AtYour Weakest
  • But Most of AllHe taught Me toAlways Look Up
  • I will see you again Bronx, I am taking this timewithout you to use the lessons you taught me andsave more like you. I will have you with my in mythoughts, prayers, and in my heart. I love youblue, never forget that.