Jewish Moroccan Bride Adornment And Ritual Objects Final


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The Moroccan Jewish bride was exalted beyond the domestic realm. Art, material culture and ritual objects offer evidence of the status of the Jewish bride in Morocco.

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  • Vraiment je ne crois pas mes yeux , sincerement et honnetement c'est tres interesant et je trouve que tous ses photos de juifs marocains si jolies et bcp plus.
    Sincerly l do not how to explain my feeling realy l saw this link great and more interesant , l like the pics who talk about story of moroccan jewish, l like so much , thx so much for add all this picc.
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  • Merci pour le partage. Très intéressant ! Félicitations.
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  • Jewish Moroccan Bride Adornment And Ritual Objects Final

    1. 1. The Moroccan Jewish Bride: Adornment and Ritual Objects Charles-Emile Vernet-Lecomte Femme Juive de Tanger, Paris, 1886 Paige Dansinger
    2. 2. MAP OF MOROCCO Raymond Cretot-Duval, Entrance to the Mellah of Sale ', Morocco, 1925
    3. 3. The Grand Costume (El-keswa el-kbira) Rabat, Morocco, late 19th C. Jean Bescancenot Juive de Sale', Costumes du Moroc Paris-Horizons de France, 1942.
    4. 4. Grand Costume Tangier, Morocco, 20 th C. Great Dress (berberisca) Tetouan, Morocco, 19th C.
    5. 5. Bridal Crown (taj) Fez, Morocco, 1920 Silver, engraved, emeralds, rubies
    6. 6. Jewish Woman's Headdress Dra' Valley, Morocco late 19 th C. Eugene Delacroix The Jewish Bride, 1832 Paris
    7. 7. Woman’s Head Covering Tiznit, Morocco, mid-20 th C. Silver-thread embroidery, horse mane hair on cotton, silver, enamel, inlaid glass, beads Eugene Delacroix Saada, The Wife of Abraham Benchimol and Preciada, One of their Daughters Tangier, 1832
    8. 8. Hair Ornament. Tangier, Morocco, 1880. Gold, filigree, emeralds. Pendant. Tetuan, Morocco, 19th C. Gold, rubies, emeralds, pearls, amethyst. Mattress Cover. Tetuan and Chefchaouen, Morocco, 18th C.
    9. 9. Ketubbah, Wedding Contract Tetuan, Morocco, 1879. Ketubbah, Wedding Contract Sijl Massa, Morocco, 1928.
    10. 10. Ketubbah with Hamsa Larache, Morocco, Feb 18, 1891. Ketubbah, Wedding Contract Meknes, Morocco, 1855.
    11. 11. Amulet for New Son Morocco, 1861-2 Silver; engraved and gilt. Amulet of Mess'udah, Daughter of Hayyim, Amulet Against Lilith, Amulet. Morocco, late 19th-early 20th C.
    12. 12. Amulet for Mothers Protection. Morocco. Amulet Wall Hanging for New Son Morocco, 20th C. Ink on Paper Amulet for a Newborn Son. Morocco, 20th C. Mezuzah Cover Morocco, 20th C. Silver
    13. 13. Menorah/Amulet Papercut. Morocco.
    14. 14. Menorah/Amulet Papercut. Morocco.
    15. 15. Francisco Lameyer y Berenguer. La Marriage Juif a Tangier . Madrid, 1875.