Seatbelt safety


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3 point seat belt, lap seat belts, retractable seat belt, seat belt belt, seat belt replacement

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Seatbelt safety

  1. 1. Seatbelt Safety In AustraliaAccidents while driving is very common amongdrivers of all ages. In fact, this is the reason why it isimportant for cars to have safety features in order tolessen injuries that befall drivers and passengers.Aside from air bags, the use of seatbelts is verycompulsory for both drivers and passengers.In Australia, the use of retractable seat belt as acompulsory driving habit was implemented in 1970for the first time in Victoria. After this mandate,other regions in the country also followed suit andthere was a dramatic decrease on the number ofdeaths and injuries that have resulted in vehicularaccidents compared when safety belts were not yetused.Lap Seat belts are considered as the most directsystem of protection during a collision. They aredesigned to keep the driver from being forced outfrom the vehicle thereby decreasing the chances ofgetting any head injury. In Australia, it is importantfor both the driver and the front passenger to use
  2. 2. the seat belt at all times. Failure to follow theseatbelt law would mean paying a penalty for havingviolated the law.Recently, the newest Seatbelt Law was amended inAustralia which now includes that all cars should notcarry unrestrained passengers especially children. Infact, children who are restrained using adultseatbelts suffer fewer injuries compared to kids whodo not use seat belt belts at all, even the rearpassengers are now imposed to wear safety beltswhile inside the car.This is especially true if one of the unrestrictedpassengers is a minor. On the other hand, for oldercars without any seatbelts, it is important for theowners to retrofit new seatbelts in all seats of theircars. Although seatbelts are compulsory to themajority of Australians, it is important to take notethat there are some people who are exempted towear seatbelts which include those who work ashealth professionals as well as people who arediagnosed with degenerative musculo-skeletalconditions.
  3. 3. When it comes to the type of seatbelts required inAustralian standard, 3 point seat belt are mostlyused in cars and trucks particularly for the driver andfront passengers but two-point belts and lap seatbelts are also used by rear passengers as well as inother types of vehicles like trains and boats. Giventhe fact that it pays to be safe at all times, it is nowonder why using seatbelt safety is strictlyimplemented in Australia.