Dyneema rope a powerful rope for industrial use
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Dyneema rope a powerful rope for industrial use






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Dyneema rope a powerful rope for industrial use Dyneema rope a powerful rope for industrial use Document Transcript

  • Dyneema Rope: A Powerful Rope for Industrial UseRopes come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover,they also come in with different uses and if you arein yacht management, then you need sturdy yachtmooring ropes to hold your yachts safely in the
  • harbor. When it comes to ropes used in yachts andother commercial purposes, dyneema ropes are verypopular.The dyneema rope is a very durable marine ropethat is made from a high molecular weight material.This type of rope is even stronger than steel cableand since it is made from lightweight material, it alsofloats on water which makes it perfect for yachtmanagement because it does not have any weightissues.This rope is very versatile as it is not only used inshipyards but also it is used in any kinds ofcommercial craft. This particular rope is resistant tomost acid acids, alkalis, cold alcohols, ester, ethers,bleaches and ketones thus they are used as sailingrope for commercial crafts and other industriesbecause they are very durable.
  • The other characteristics of the dyneema rope arethat it does not absorb water thus it remainslightweight even if they are used in wet workingconditions. This makes this type of rope a favoriteamong mariners because they are very easy to workwith.Moreover, they are also inert so they can work welleven with the presence of most chemicals. Anotherremarkable property of this type of rope is that isresistant from photo degradation even if it isexposed to UV light for a long time.Dyneema rope has undergone the re-crystallizationprocess which sees the fiber drawn down in order toincrease the tensile strength of the fabric similarwith that of steel rope. This process helps refines themolecular structure of the rope so that 98% of itsmolecules are arranged parallel to one anotherthereby increasing its strength.Moreover, the surface area of this type of rope alsomakes it very resilient towards damage due toabrasion. This is the reason why this type of rope isused more often in marine towing application. Thistype of rope is very strong especially if it is in its un-
  • spliced condition. However, once it is spliced, thestrength of this rope is reduced to 10%.Although Dyneema rope is strong compared withthose that are made from steel, it is sensitive tosome chemicals and reagents. In fact, exposure ofthis rope to strong oxidizing agents, nitric acids andchlorosulfuric acid as well as extreme heat can affectthe strength of this rope.