Music: Sampling in Hip-Hop
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Music: Sampling in Hip-Hop

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By Paige Berberick and Austin Friend

By Paige Berberick and Austin Friend

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  • 1. Music Sampling in Hip-Hop
    By: Paige Berberick and
    Austin Friend
    April 15th 2010
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Slide 1 What is Hip Hop?
    Slide 2 What is Hip Hop Sampling?
    Slide 3 What Machines were used to sample
    Slide 4 Turn Tables
    Slide 5- 9 Most Recognizable Uses of Sampling
    Slide 10 Legal Infringements
    Slide 11 Demonstration
    Slide 12 Conclusion
  • 3. Hip Hop
    • Started in African American and Latino communities in New York during the late 1970s.
    • 4. Associated with its four elements DJing, graffiti writing, MCing and break dancing
    • 5. A fifth element is beat boxing
  • Sampling
    • Taking different sounds and using them as an instrument within a song
    • 6. Typically done with computers
    • 7. Can be done with tape loops vinyl recordings and phonographs
  • Machines Used to Create Sampling
    Chamberlin 100
    AKAI MPC2000 sampling sequencer (1997)
  • 8. Turn Tables
  • 9. Most Recognizable Uses of Hip- Hop Sampling
    • Hip- Hop Sampling is most commonly known for making the back beats to many successful Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop songs
    • 10. The artists who created Hip-Hop Sampling date back to the 1970s
    • 11. Hip-hop sampling originated from House Parties in the Bronx
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. Legal Infringements
    • There have been issues with copywriting since the beginning of hip hop sampling
    • 16. The earliest case was with James Tenney
  • Demonstration By: Austin Friend
  • 17. Conclusion
    • Most Hip-Hop Songs from the origination of Hip-Hop until today use Hip-Hop Sampling
    • 18. There are various types of machines but the most common and successful are turn-tables and the melotran
    • 19. Artists need to gain rights before they can meddle with Hip-hop sampling tracks as there are serious legal infringements
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  • 20. Sources