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Paige Conway's final project for Comm 303-50 on the Communication Technology Landscape in 2023 AD

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Conway comm techfinal

  1. 1. The Communication Technology Landscape in 2023 A.D. Paige Conway COMM 303-50
  2. 2. Communication Technology 2013 • Social Media – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – More • Interactive Programming – Live voting on game shows – Netflix and Hulu to choose programs – XBOX Kinect to speak to your television • Computer/Electronics – Desktops – Laptops – Tablets • Cell Phones – Flips phones – Touch screen phones – Iphone – Galaxy • Messaging – Email – Text messaging – Tweeting – Snap Chat – FaceTime
  3. 3. CommunicationTechnology2023 • Social media is now controlled by the government to keep track of people and their lives • Interactive programming now has no need for a remote as it works using voice and hand commands • All electronics (computers, tablets, phones, personal gaming systems) have been combined into one personal device • Emails, text messaging, phone calls, and video chats can all be performed through this personal device
  4. 4. Cell Phones 2013 • Voice calls • Text messaging • FaceTime • Voice Command (Siri) • Applications • GPS • Camera, Video Recorder • Calculator • Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, etc. • Auto start for car • Control TV programs • Hands free answering • Streaming videos • Sharing photos
  5. 5. Critical Mass Theory • The Critical Mass Theory explains why cell phones need to go through the changes from what they are in 2013 to what they will be in 2023. • There are so many different fun and unique qualities to the iPhone, but so many of them can only be used with other iPhone users. The same goes for Galaxy users. An iPhone user cannot “Bump” photos (share by touching phones together) to a Galaxy user • “Technologies become more useful if everyone in the system is using the technology” (Grant & Meadows, 50) so we need everybody to be using the same technologies in their phones.
  6. 6. Cell Phones2O23 • Replaces all computers • Solar powered, no need for those pesky chargers • Hands free, no bulky devices to carry around, a simple contact lens • Eye tracking software like Stephen Hawking • Touchable, Movable, changeable holograms like JARVIS 
  7. 7. Interactive Television 2013 • XBOX Kinect allows the user, for the first time in history, to control his/her television without the use of a controller • Using your voice, XBOX will play, pause, fast forward, or rewind your program. • To activate this, one must simply say “XBOX” then the command. • It is still touchy, and often follows accidental commands
  8. 8. Uses and Gratifications Theory • According to the Uses and Gratifications Theory, looks into how consumers use technology and what they need their technology to do. • Over time, XBOX has paid attention to the needs and wants of their consumers and upgraded their software and hardware accordingly. They will continue to upgrade as consumers need and want more things from their gaming console.
  9. 9. Interactive Television 2023 • No remotes! • Commands are made using voice control or hand gestures • XBOX is constantly listening to you, so if you talk about wanting to watch a movie, or a genre, or play a sort of game, XBOX will turn on and make a suggestion for you. • When you get up to leave the room, the program will automatically pause for you
  10. 10. Movies 2013 • 3D • Need glasses • Some parts of the movie stick out, but it is not truly 3D
  11. 11. The Principle of Relative Dependency • The Principle of Relative Dependency states that consumers spend a certain amount of their money on mass media. They always have, they always will. • As technologies increase, people want more for their money. This is why 3D movies have been advancing so steadily over the past few decades. And they will continue to advance. • The more detailed and intricate the 3D in a movie, the longer it takes to make. Therefore, producers cannot make as many movies as they used to be able to. In the end, consumers are getting better movies. And they are still spending the same amount of money on movies because there are not as many 3D movies are regular movies.
  12. 12. Movies 2023 • Virtual reality • Able to smell the movie • Able to feel the action • Completely immersed in the movie
  13. 13. Facebook 2013 • Facebook today is very busy and constantly changing • There is a significant amount of advertisements on the website
  14. 14. Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations • According to Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations, Facebook will go through changes over time. • The first aspect is innovation. Facebook was founded in 2004 and, although it was not the first social networking site (i.e. MySpace), it definitely became to most popular. Facebook will continue to be innovative to remain at the top. • Another stage is reinvention. Facebook began as a site only for college students. After awhile, high schoolers were invited to join. Slowly but surely, anybody was able to join without invitation. In 2013,any individual, business, group, or even pets can have a Facebook page. Facebook will continue to reinvent itself.
  15. 15. 2023 • In 2023, Facebook will be completely different. By then, the government will have taken it over in order to have control over every aspect of our lives. It will be connected to our Social Security numbers, include full background information, including all of your contact information, where you live ,where you work, who you are related to, who you are friends with. It will be connected to your bank account and all of your credit cards. Everything you do will be through your Facebook account.
  16. 16. References • BOUCHER, G. (2012). 3-D Grows Up. Entertainment Weekly, (1234), 52-53. • Grant, A.E. & Meadows, J.H. (2010). Communication technology update and fundamentals. Amsterdam: Elsevier. • Poeter, D. (2012). Report: Facebook Selling Log-Out Ads for $700K a Pop. PC Magazine, 1. • • .1.131.1607.14j5.19.0....0...1ac.1.24.img..1.23.1535.3koo1ZB4r6Y#facrc=_&imgdii=_& • .1.131.1607.14j5.19.0....0...1ac.1.24.img..1.23.1535.3koo1ZB4r6Y#facrc=_&imgdii=_& information-communication-technology.html%3B615%3B410 • microsoft%2F&h=0&w=0&sz=1&tbnid=clhLKaTDu84nfM&tbnh=221&tbnw=228&zoom=1&docid=lQHwlrLyc12lOM&hl=en&ei=XskDUsCAAeHOyQHGp4HgDA&ved=0CAIQsCU • • a0fe-098a6e50809f • • • 8.606.mm6w3EVWzJU#bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&fp=373b3fa83f50764&hl=en&q=stephen+hawking+eye+tracking&tbm=isch&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=Z72GqJW7hdLwfM%3A%3BFgV0x6VLH4vZAM%3Bhttp%253A%252F • .0.10.566.n1aCkbCss0Y#facrc=_&imgdii=_& future-mobile-phones-of-the-future%252F%3B1040%3B720 • .0.10.566.n1aCkbCss0Y#bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&fp=373b3fa83f50764&hl=en&q=iron+man+jarvis&tbm=isch&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=dxtQrK0A2z9QiM%3A%3Bo2BCVKs9u_Tw_M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Ffc09.devi 372946386%3B1280%3B720 • • • 6HYzUAbb4M#facrc=_&imgdii=_& 1137602%252Freview%3B580%3B326 • • 82.gC3N2JgLF5A#facrc=_&imgdii=_& • 82.gC3N2JgLF5A#facrc=_&imgdii=_& • 82.gC3N2JgLF5A#bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&fp=373b3fa83f50764&hl=en&q=virtual+reality&tbm=isch&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=Vn3zeIMypNeD4M%3A%3BcDpZizvxJ3s0OM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.marketplace .org%252Fsites%252Fdefault%252Ffiles%252Fstyles%252Fprimary-image- 610x340%252Fpublic%252FWWW%252Fdata%252Fimages%252Frepository%252F2011%252F04%252F13%252F20110413_virtualreality_54.jpg%253Fitok%253D4NYLTde-