Fresno county department of social services


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Fresno county department of social services

  1. 1. Fresno County Department of Social Services (CPS) PA HOUA HER SOCIAL WORK 180
  2. 2. Vision To lead an integrated network of community partners that supports, protects and strengthens children and families.
  3. 3. Mission Statement To promote a system of best practice in partnership with the community, committed to prevention and early intervention, that ensures child safety, permanence and stability, family well- being, that is proactive, strategic, outcomes-based and fiscally responsible to the children and families served.
  4. 4. Organizational Structure
  5. 5. Emergency Response (ER) Main duties  Investigate and assess referrals  If referral is a crisis, ER social worker have within 2 hours to respond  If referral is non-crisis, ER social worker have within 10 days to respond  Determine if a child should remain or be remove from its home  Provide any needed services to family and children as they request for it  Document investigations into CWS/CMS  Complete safety and risky assessments in SDM  Set up TDM if possible  Make contact with any necessary individuals to complete investigation
  6. 6. Social Justice Issue The main social justice issue that my agency addresses is child welfare.  As an agency, we provide families and children with resources to ensure they are meeting the minimum sufficient level of care.  When families fail to meeting the minimum sufficient level of care, our agency has to right to intervene.
  7. 7. Population at Risk Abuse or neglect children  Welfare and Institution Code 300 (a-j)  (a) serious physical harm to child  (b) failure to adequately supervise or protect child  (c) serious emotional harm to child  (d) sexually abused child  (e) physical abuse of a child under five years  (f) death of a sibling  (g) no provision for support  (h) child free for adoption  (i) act of cruelty  (j) child’s sibling has been abused or neglected
  8. 8. Community Context Community involvement is a big part of our agency especially when a child is removed from its home and in the process of getting a placement, whether it is temporary or permanent. When a social worker sets up a team decision making (TDM) meeting with families, this social worker encourage families to invite as many family members as possible to attend the meeting. With family supports, a positive outcome for a child is at a higher level. Social Works tries to place children with their own family members before considering other options.
  9. 9. Agency’s Practices All social workers are expected to obey ethical principles  Service  Social Justice  Dignity and Worth of the Person  Importance of human relationships  Integrity  Competence All social workers are expected to follow policy and procedure guides when working with clients or co- workers. Social workers should seek assistant from other members within the agency when needed, in order to provide clients with the best services.
  10. 10. Significance of Agency Our agency works with other populations such as homelessness, substance abuse and mental health. We work hand in hand with family systems, social justice systems, medical systems and school systems to ensure the best possible outcome for the children in our system. We have interpreters for those who does not speak English. Our forms also come in different languages. There are constant trainings available for social workers to attend in order for them to better their knowledge to help clients.
  11. 11. References CCTA: Gomez V. Saenz Settlement: Training for CW Worker & Supervisors: Aug. 2009 DSS Policy and Procedure Guides Organizational charts was pulled from SW 128 power point NASW Ethical Principles