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Introduction to Agility Innovation Specialists

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Agility About Our Approach

  1. 1. through Agility Innovation: through Agility to move from the existing to the preferred Agility Innovation Specialists
  2. 2. Resolving the growing challenges of innovation How do you: •Outpace competition? •Close the knowledge and growth gaps? •Deliver breakthroughs in thinking, concepts, performance and execution? •Bring together collaboration, commitment, embedding, transferring all that knowledge available? •Ignite passion, gain deepening understanding, strengthening identification and deliver winning results? •Seek out the bigger picture, develop the eco-system, take a more holistic approach, embed it? •Build enduring relationships that are sustaining, that provide learning and sharing, growth & value? •Provide for growth that is sustainable and gives additional value constantly? •Place innovation constantly into the business equation so it is repeatable and ‘second nature’? Agility Innovation Specialists
  3. 3. Seeking out positive results from an innovation engagement Collaborative outcomes form through ‘knowing’ the interaction points that are critical for successful innovation: Knowing……… The structure of the marketplace, the competitive landscape and the most desirable market position needs a detailed constructing and mapping out to set your strategic innovation pathway to the future. Knowing……… The internal capabilities and competencies and the gap between your present position and your desired one often need a more ‘dynamic’ understanding so as to enable you to focus upon and draw upon the required resources that are appropriate to build that greater innovation’ intensity’ required to deliver that future need. Knowing……. The key trends and the factors that will influence the future need to be understood and assessed to provide you the options you need to enable targeted innovation Knowing……. The portfolio of innovation initiatives, gaining the clear involvement of allies, stakeholders and partners and sharing your strategic vision gives confidence to all in the mutual mission. It begins to put into place the platform for a culture of collaboration. Knowing…… Where to place the emphasis for clarity and to make key decisions and the appropriate emphasis provides leadership and promotes a ‘bias for informed action’ for all to become fully engaged. This provides all parties involved an innovation roadmap where open communication dialogue constantly seeks out and responds within a network of collaborators for innovation to thrive. Agility Innovation Specialists
  4. 4. The changing context for Innovation in today’s challenging world Enterprise & Global Knowledge Sharing & Pressures Open Relationships Foresight & Vision •Markets need different wealth creation New Value Business methods, less reliant on price factors Delivery Network & Systems Connections •The changing context includes even Alignment of greater customer understanding of their Strategy & needs and demands Innovation Focus Value •The focus is increasingly on knowledge Increases Upon Generation sharing and open relationships to Intangibles Mechanisms support each others mutual goals Business Options •A growing need for better organized value-generation mechanism to manage Emerging New Business Shifts in the Asset Base the critical innovation process Models & Market Structures •A comprehensive approach to managing innovation at a strategic and tactical level is increasingly required Trend Focused Assessing Building Spotting & Needs & Platforms & Themes & Insights Scenario’s Portfolio Ideas Agility Innovation Specialists
  5. 5. How will you move from Future Desired State your current innovation • A complete, well structured approach to IM as standard across state to a new paradigm the complete organization. • A proven, holistic and integrated approach with standard tools and techniques that can be adapted to meet the specific of Innovation circumstances of EACH individual client needs • Ability to show the real value of innovation by providing clear ‘impact’ returns on investment that align with ROI needs • Change in the culture by building capabilities than grow and Start with a ‘Helicopter perspective’ sustain a growing set of business partners/ associates • Provide all interested parties a transparent view of the value of innovation and the part each plays in the value equation. • Equip all parties with the tools & techniques to deliver the job of transformation through innovation Current Situation Statement • Need to build the capacity in innovation seems difficult • Requirements to raise the standards and expertise in understanding innovation internally is slower than ideal. • Finding ways to leverage innovation for growth and wealth, sustaining profitable clients is proving tough to manage • Limited understanding of drivers, mechanisms and levers for performance improvement through IM- how to translate these to all concerned • The ability to offer innovative products, services, models and processes is not fully understood Strategic Need • Linking IM platform into the long-term orientated innovation strategy is less than ideal • Achieving a superior & systematic management of innovation • Need to build the reputation quickly with high impact outcomes- talking points and seen results to raise stakeholder interest. Agility Innovation Specialists
  6. 6. “Innovation is the path by which we seek the future we prefer and want’ Your Issues Our Solutions • Innovation Management Challenges • Innovation Detection & Touchpoints • Clarification & Scope of Innovation • Systematic Practice Approach • The Innovation Options & Risks • Frameworks & Methodology • Growth & Sustainability Imperative • Modular& Integrated Offerings • Reliable, Robust & Continuous • Innovation Benefit Tracking About Us • Our Core Business • Our Passion • Our Mission • Our Commitment Our Philosophy Your Results • Innovation Pathway & The Effects • Real Business Impact Options • The Intimate Connections • Re-energize the Organisation • Holistic Integrated Capabilities • Increase Effectiveness & Fit • Co- discover, Co-create & Co-build • Provide Sustainable Advantage • Innovation Intensity & Capacity • Enhancing Uniqueness & Values Agility Innovation Specialists
  7. 7. We become your guide for the laying out, plotting & navigation of an innovation roadmap - providing the link in your innovation journey giving the critical support you might need to add momentum and involvement What is the strategic impetus for innovation?- Why does Innovation and organization policy and structures- sources, it matter? Why now? What do you want to achieve? funding, powerful messages, recognition, resources Seeing the challenges early and clearly- ability and time Leveraging logic and critical thinking- mapping it out, agreeing, to change, alignment of innovation to strategy surfacing doubts. Exploring the „out of the box‟ ideas Nurturing innovation- environment, the charter, Measuring & Evaluating Innovation- framework, process, employee development criteria, returns, attention given Innovation for a purpose, putting it in the right context- Capturing & Exploiting the stories, ensuring this happens for a clear market and customer focus at greater profit Disappointments along the way- elusive and fuzzy, encouraging, Developing the capacity to innovate- structures, models, resolving, accepting failure, learning from these, moving on key areas, critical milestones Bridging gaps between old and new styles and getting corporate Policies reflect the culture and determine the ability to understanding and patience- change takes time achieve an “innovating culture”- what‟s on the table? Crafting the innovation organization- what is best, what Building the case to innovate- stakeholders - the changes. Upsetting tradition and established practices interested parties- the organisation- getting adoption Agility Innovation Specialists
  8. 8. Comprehensive Innovation Capabilities along the whole innovation value chain are available to explore: • Scale of discovery and scope of innovation options • Option resolution in direction, platforms & portfolio. • Defining the innovation fit within your strategy • Clarifying the links within the innovation process • Establishing robust innovation processes & technology • Creating the desire and motivation to innovate • Empowering individuals and groups to explore • Capturing ideas, insights and knowledge effectively • Maturing ideas & concepts, building the business case • Driving concepts to realisation systematically • Ensuring connectivity with all stakeholders • Measured evaluation & execution • Networking and collaborating • Collective learning & experience Agility Innovation Specialists
  9. 9. Consulting Practice for Innovation • We help our clients to co-create and execute innovation that leads to sustainable competitive advantage, and delivers measurable, high-performance results from the “intensity” of the methods & engagement. • Our main focus is on co-building client capabilities which create the foundation for continuous improvement and creative new knowledge, to drive your innovation needs within your organization. • We seek to work with organizations who strive to optimize their understanding, utilization, and deployment of innovation capacities, build their capital and competencies and actively work in building the intellectual capital stock to sustain the momentum. • We leverage proven tools & techniques as well as offer unique ones that we have developed. These are often designed to fit the specific client context, their specific cultures and climates by evaluating and recognizing unique differences are often requirement for lasting cultural change. 9 Agility Innovation Specialists
  10. 10. Increasingly though coaching there is emerging a vital part in innovation comprehension and knowledge gaining to provide the ability to deepen an individuals personal knowledge and accelerate their critical business awareness. The coaching approach we provide is in an ideal safe environments to enable innovation to quickly take hold and be translated. Leaders, champions, sponsors and teams can all gain from this as well as the individual. Agility Innovation Specialists
  11. 11. Professional Services- Service Professional Services- Product Benefits Delivery Delivery  Strengthen strategic innovation o Innovation strategy formulation  Specialized studies & reports vision & purpose o Innovation program design &  Innovation audits  Profit from smarter knowledge, development based upon a comprehensive  Innovation assessments taxonomy for innovation o Cultural, climate and capability knowledge assessments  Capability & capacity develop  Accelerate innovative project o Innovation leadership through  Internal and external surveys solutions with new tools, coaching techniques and methods  Research and topic investigation o Develop & align change &  Inspire through leadership, transformation strategies motivation and clarity support  Tailored program design o Innovation evaluations, selection  Build transformation results & ongoing support  Subject matter expertise through adoption & managing change in dynamic ways  Reduce uncertainties and implementation risks You gain access to:  Fresh thinking & comprehensive  Purposeful & proprietary ideas and solutions methodologies and systems for innovation  Access to a knowledge bank of innovation insights & practices  Access to Agility’s collaborative knowledge & innovation network  Latest thinking and analytics to support your strategies to compete  Innovation specific techniques and tools Agility Innovation Specialists
  12. 12. Agility offers the ability to „clarify‟ your position…through building new innovation capabilities that combines a clear balance, coordination, speed, improved reflexes & strength….. for releasing those new creative energies into your organization to meet the new challenges of today and strengthen your capacity to innovate. Visit the web : Contact Us: Agility Innovation Specialists