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This is a beginners guide for justbeenpaid. This is also good to present to those who are interested in Justbeenpaid.

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Justbeenpaid.com Presentation

  1. 1. What is Justbeenpaid? Justbeenpaid is a 100% pure internet program. The Domain name is registered in Netherlands and is owned by Frederick Mann, a online marketer at businessman since 1997. Justbeenpaid is a series of programs tied together to give you a sustainable income stream for the rest of your life.
  2. 2. Programs as of today: JSS- TRIPLERS Justbeenpaid Synergy Surf
  4. 4. HOW DOES JSS TRIPLERS WORK? 1. You buy Tripler Positions ($10 each) 2. Each Position will earn 2% ($0.2) M-F and 1.5%(0.15$) Sat-Sun 3. A position will expire after 81 days 4. Total ROI (Return of Investment) after 81days is 150% (15$) • Meaning you earn 5$ for each 10$ position you purchased *if it’s not affected by RESTART (to be discussed later) 5. Sustainable Program cause of Restart Feature 6. Referrals is not required to earn, but can give you more money if you do • Get 10% commission on 1st level and 5% commission on 2nd level
  5. 5. When you register at Justbeenpaid triplers: YOUR 1ST POSITION IS FREE (not necessarily free but a loan, JSS triplers will give you a free 10$ Loan)• This is called the PIF or (Pay it forward)• You will be given a free loan of 10$ so you can buy your 1st position• Your position will earn normally like any other position (1.5%-2%)• After 45 days, the loan will expire BUT the position will still be there • Meaning after 45 days you might have a negative amount in your account, but you will still earn 150% roi of that free position giving you a free 5$ after your 1st position expires. • You cannot withdraw that 5$ cause the minimum required amount to request withdrawal is 20$ • Meaning you can just deposit 5$ in your account to buy another position and start earning
  6. 6. JSS- TRIPLER POSITIONS EXPLAINEDWhen you buy a position it will be recorded on your “positions tab” in JSS triplers website.You will then be able to see the important details of each position which will help youdetermine what “strategy” you will make in JSS TRIPLERS. *I’ll tell you later why I used the word Strategy
  7. 7. JSS- TRIPLER POSITIONS EXPLAINEDThe earnings of each position is given DAILY, and you can see the report on your “financial tab”
  8. 8. JSS- TRIPLER POSITIONS EXPLAINED Since the commission is paid daily, you can REPURCHASE your earnings.REPURCHASING is the term used when you purchase another position using the earningsof your other positions. (Meaning you didn’t use money from your pocket to buy new positions)
  9. 9. REPURCHASING EXPLAINED:FOR EXAMPLE YOU HAVE: 1 POSTION (10$) (NOT PIF) It will earn you 10$ after 58days (rough estimate) Cause the average of 2% of m-f and 1.5% of s-sun is 1.75% TRIPLER POSITION Daily Earnings: M-F : 0.2$ Sat/Sund: 0.15$
  10. 10. REPURCHASING EXPLAINED:FOR EXAMPLE YOU HAVE: 1 POSTION (10$) (NOT PIF) AFTER 58 days If you compounded your 10$ earning and buy a new TRIPLER POSITION Daily Earnings: position, your daily earnings will be doubled. M-F : 0.4$ Sat/Sund: 0.3$
  11. 11. REPURCHASING EXPLAINED: FOR EXAMPLE YOU HAVE: 10 POSTION (100$) You can buy a new position every 5 days Making your daily earning bigger. TRIPLER POSITION Daily Earnings: M-F : 2$ Sat/Sund: 1.5$
  12. 12. REPURCHASING EXPLAINED: FOR EXAMPLE YOU HAVE: 50 POSTION (500$) x50 You can buy a new position everyday (almost) Speeding up the increase of your Daily Earnings and TRIPLER POSITION Daily Earnings: number of Positions M-F : 10$ Sat/Sund: 7.5$
  14. 14. WHAT IF I WANT TO WITHDRAW? The minimum amount required to request for withdrawal of earnings is 20$.So anytime that you have a 20$ earning you can request for withdrawal of funds.
  15. 15. WHAT IF I DON’T REPURCHASE? We have to compare to answer.FOR EXAMPLE YOU HAVE: 50 POSTION (500$) (no repurchase) x50 You will getTRIPLER POSITION 750$Daily Earnings:M-F : 10$ after 81 daysSat/Sund: 7.5$
  16. 16. WHAT IF I DON’T REPURCHASE? We have to compare to answer. FOR EXAMPLE YOU HAVE: 50 POSTION (500$) START (repurchase for 58 days) x50 x142 23 days 81days minus 58days 24.85$ =571.55$ 28.4$ + 21.3$ / 2 Based on JSS calculatorTRIPLER POSITION Days remaining x average daily earning TRIPLER POSITIONDaily Earnings: Daily Earnings:M-F : 10$ M-F : 28.4$Sat/Sund: 7.5$ Sat/Sund: 21.3$
  17. 17. WHAT IF I DON’T COMPOUND? We have to compare to answer.NO REPURCHASE: 750$ + 0 POSITIONSw/ 58 DAYS REPURCHASE: 571.55 $ + 92 Positions left
  18. 18. WHAT IF I DON’T COMPOUND? We have to compare to answer.NO REPURCHASE: 750$ + 0 POSITIONS 0$ A DAYw/ 58 DAYS REPURCHASE: 571.55 $ + 92 Positions left 16.1$ A DAY average
  19. 19. FACT: The more number of expired triplers you have, the more money you will get because for every 4 expired triplers You will get 1 FREE JSS MATRIX (20$ VALUE) NOTE: YOU WILL ONLY GET THE FREE MATRICES IF YOU ARE UPGRADED TO LEVEL 1BUT IF THE POSITION EXPIRES CAUSE OF RESTART, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO UPGRADE TO GET YOUR FREE MATRIX
  20. 20. Starting to get confused?It’s because we are now in the transition stage of JSS triplers -> JSS Matrix
  22. 22. Because the whole Justbeenpaid Program is Learning Process.You will learn new things as you progress and experience the program.
  23. 23. But let me continue to discuss some more KEY PARTS of JSS Triplers and a little about JSS Matrix What is restart? What is level 1 upgrade? What is JSS Matrix? How to deposit and withdraw money from JBP
  24. 24. What is Restart? • This is a feature that makes JBP sustainable • It happens almost every 3-4 months • It force some of your Tripler positions to expire even when it still doesn’t reach 81 days, but converts them to Jss Matrices (which in the long run give you 60$ each) • Not all accounts are affected by Restarts. Generally, a Restart will NOT be applied to our newest members. Typically, a Restart will not affect new JSS- Tripler accounts during their first "10-25 days" of starting (purchasing JSS- Tripler positions).
  25. 25. “YOU WILL NOT LOOSE MONEY ON RESTARTS”As you can see on the example, the restart took 72% of tripler positions from 29 to 8. The daily earning greatly fell down. BUT as you can see, the account was given 4 JSS Matrix positions. And in the end the account will earn more.
  26. 26. What is level 1 upgrade? • This is a requirement to have FREE MATRICES from expired positions which are not effected by a restart. • Its price is 15$ for 90 days NEWBIES SHOULD NEVER UPGRADE TO LEVEL 1 AT FIRST, IT WILL BE USELESS! UPGRADE ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE MANY EXPIRED POSITIONS
  27. 27. What is JSS Matrix? • A Matrix position is worth 20$ and gives you 60$ when it cycles • It will cycle when it is filled with 6 more matrix • There is no definite time when it will cycle • You can purchase premiums and fill placements to speed up the cycling of a matrix Note: there will be different webinar for in depth discussion of Jss Matrices
  28. 28. How to deposit and withdraw money from JBP
  29. 29. DEPOSIT1. Create account from ALL the accredited payment processors www.egopay.com www.libertyreserve.com www.solidtrustpay.com www.perfectmoney.com You need to create all so you will have choices where to withdraw later on
  30. 30. DEPOSIT2. Get Funds • Either by Buying funds from trusted sellers • Credit / Debit card • Online exchangers3. Go to Justbeenpaid.com4. Go to JSS-Triplers and follow steps 1-3
  31. 31. WITHDRAW1. Request withdraw of funds from JBP (Min 20$)2. Select the payment processor you want3. Wait 24-36 Hours to be process your request • Up to 72 hours if its your 1st time to request on a new processor4. Receive the money in the payment processor5. Sell the funds to others or withdraw to bank if its connected to payment processor or use sell to online exchangers and get your money in your bank or Western Union
  32. 32. Thank you for listening! Contact the person who invited you here to startIf you don’t have an upline yet, you are welcome to my team and you can register at: Pagkakaperahan.com/JoinJBP Or Pagkakaperahan.com/JBPsteps To register with step by step instructions
  33. 33. SIGN-UP SIGN-UP TO OUR WEBSITE and get free updates on news and tips regaring on how to invest, work and shop online. We will have Giveaways once in a while so SIGN UP for FREE now.