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Using Instagram to Market Your Business
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Using Instagram to Market Your Business


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Presentation given to local business owners in Bastrop, TX in October 2013 as a part of the "Buy Bastrop TX" shop local initiative.

Presentation given to local business owners in Bastrop, TX in October 2013 as a part of the "Buy Bastrop TX" shop local initiative.

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology

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  • Facebook bought Instagram in the Fall of 2012. This was a very smart move.
  • 15 second looping videos
  • What to share?Your first office your staff then and nowYour old logoYour old websiteAn old product launch
  • Even better if you can do it in new, interesting, or artistic ways.
  • Tell us who you are. We are more likely to do business with people we like.
  • It’s kind of like the method. When they show you recommendations for what other people have bought? If ALL these other people like you, then maybe I should like you too.
  • Why should I buy this product? What can it do for me? How will it make my life easier or better?
  • Hashtags are searchable. It’s a way to curate information (or photos, in this case) to make it easy to find. I can search Instagram for other photos with the same hashtag. I can also search them on Twitter where the photos are shared with a whole different audience.
  • People love going behind the scenes. It makes us feel like insiders. In the know. The more we know, the easier it is for us to buy.
  • Show your personality. Let loose a little. As I said earlier, we’re more likely to buy from people we like. Help us like you!
  • First one rotates your photo.Second one adds or removes borders.Third one adds an area of focus (which you can move) and blurs the rest.Last one evens out the shadows.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Using to Market Your Business Bastrop Economic Development and Buy Bastrop Texas Shop Local Initiative October 24, 2013
    • 2. is no dummy.
    • 3. Here’s Why: • More than 55 million photos are uploaded every day • Over 16 billion photos shared • 150 million monthly active users – 60% from outside the United States Photo: WindKoh on Flickr Source: Instagram Press; Social Fresh • 1.2 billion likes daily • 1000 comments per second
    • 4. Apply Instagram Filters
    • 5. From this … … to this!
    • 6. • Select video option • Shoot video • Apply filter • Describe the video • Post to Instagram and/or other channels
    • 7. Tips for Better Instagram Photography
    • 8. Shoot in the Golden Hour
    • 9. Get Closer
    • 10. Change Your Perspective
    • 11. Use Text Overlays
    • 12. Use the Rule of Thirds
    • 13. Use Leading Lines
    • 14. Try Interesting Angles
    • 15. Instagram for Business: Best Practices
    • 16. Show Us “How To”
    • 17. Take Us Behind the Scenes
    • 18. Use Hashtags and Calls To Action
    • 19. #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT
    • 20. Feature Brand Advocates
    • 21. Feature Brand Advocates
    • 22. Host a Contest
    • 23. Host a Contest
    • 24. Reward Customers
    • 25. How One Texas Company Uses Instagram
    • 26. Remember the Chick-O-Stick?
    • 27. 1. Show Your Products
    • 28. 2. Introduce Your Employees
    • 29. 3. Feature Your Customers
    • 30. 4. Show What Your Products Can Do
    • 31. 5. Use #Hashtags
    • 32. 6. Show How It’s Made
    • 33. 7. Have Fun!
    • 34. Buy Bastrop Texas
    • 35. Why Are We Doing This? • Give you new tools to market your business • Help us spread the word about buying local in Bastrop • We’re hosting a Photo Walk! – And we want you to participate
    • 36. Follow Us!
    • 37. + = Buy Bastrop TX Photo Walk Join us from 5:30 to 8:30pm, Friday Nov. 1. Tag your photos with #BuyItInBastrop.
    • 38. Setting Up Your Account
    • 39. Set Up Your Account 1. Download the Instagram app from the iTunes App Store or the Droid Google Play Store
    • 40. Set Up Your Account 2. Click “Register” to create a new account
    • 41. Set Up Your Account 3. Create a user name and password
    • 42. Set Up Your Account 4. Find Facebook friends
    • 43. Set Up Your Account 5. Edit your profile and add a bio
    • 44. Set Up Your Account 6. Connect to social
    • 45. Set Up Your Account 6. Connect to social (cont’d)
    • 46. Set Up Your Account 7. Follow users
    • 47. Using Instagram 8. Capture or upload a photo
    • 48. Using Instagram 9. Scale and crop Pinch, enlarge, and drag
    • 49. Using Instagram 10.Add filters and borders Special Effects Filters
    • 50. Using Instagram 11.Complete photo information and Add a caption share & hashtag Tag a user Add a location Share on social networks
    • 51. Can I Help? Call Me!
    • 52. Follow Me Sarah Page, Principal Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC 512-914-8873 @pagetx
    • 53. Let’s Go Practice!