TTIA's Tourism College - Why You've Gotta Go


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  • Thanks to Kim Phillips and the Texas Lakes Trail. Sorry Jill couldn’t be here, but I understand she has more important things to do right now.
  • You may be asking yourself, “Who is this Sarah Page chick, and why is she telling us about this?”. Here’s a little bit about why.Describe STS and Marketing College.
  • I went through my old Marketing College pictures because I thought it might be a fun way to illustrate the points I wanted to make. So I hope you enjoy these.While the classes I took were incredibly valuable, the after hours networking offered some great information too. This was where we could talk about common issues or problems, and share ideas on what we’ve done to address them. Things are done differently in other states and even in other parts of our own state. If a process, idea, or promotion worked there, chances are they might work for your community too.
  • I’m friends on Facebook with several of the people I met in Georgia. Now that our time in Marketing College is over, it’s a great way for us to keep up with each other’s busy lives and share information on common interests.
  • Another great opportunity that comes from attending Tourism College is that you’ll have the chance to visit some area attractions. Wednesday classes are done at noon and it’s a free night. This gives you time to do something fun and hang out with your new friends in a more casual and social setting. There’s a wealth of things to do in the San Marcos/New Branfels area, but there’s also San Antonio or Austin just a short drive down the road.In Georgia, we had the option of shopping at a huge outlet mall, tubing, playing golf, visiting area wineries, strolling around in downtown Dahlonega, panning for gold, touring a cave, and lots more.
  • There was one restaurant/bar that everyone seemed to end up at in the evenings. On Thursday nights, it was Karaoke Night. Sometimes that was a good thing, and others … not so much. Here, Fowler, serenades the room with some Michael Buble.
  • Our class officers, or King and Queen as we affectionately called them, were responsible for organizing our fund raising efforts. We raised money for scholarships to help out future Marketing College participants. Here Queen Erica practices her queen wave.
  • Really, really well in some cases. One of the coolest things about an educational experience like this is that the instructors want to get to know you. I can’t think of any other conference or similar event where you have this kind of access to experts, consultants, and practitioners in the field. Get to know them as friends, and you’ve got an professional ally when you need one down the road.
  • There’s really no explanation for this one – it’s just funny. I have no idea what possessed this woman to bring her washboard to Marketing College (other than I think she’s from Kentucky), much less bring it to the bar and play it!
  • TTIA's Tourism College - Why You've Gotta Go

    1. 1. Travel & Tourism College<br />Why You’ve Gotta Go<br />
    2. 2. Why Me?<br />STS Marketing College graduate<br />TTIA Education Committee member<br />We helped plan Tourism College<br />I’m a “dorm mom” at Tourism College<br />Former Board Chair of the Texas Brazos Trail Region<br />I LOVE tourism!<br />
    3. 3. What Is Tourism College?<br />First year of a 3-year program<br />Hands-on curriculum of tourism marketing courses<br />Mix of classroom instruction, discussion groups, and networking events<br />Taught by travel industry professionals from all over the country<br />A place to share and learn with folks like you from all parts of Texas and beyond<br />
    4. 4. What’s In It For Me?<br />Holistic approach to tourism marketing<br />Be better at your job/improve career advancement<br />Practical, “how to” information you can go home and implement<br />A new and trusted peer group to bounce ideas off for years to come<br />Access to tourism/marketing experts<br />It’s fun too!<br />
    5. 5. What Will I Learn?<br />Social media marketing<br />Economic impact<br />Online packaging<br />PR and press tours<br />Event promotions<br />Branding<br />Gender differences in marketing<br />Slogans & logos<br />Much, much more!<br />
    6. 6. What’s Included?<br />For your $950 registration fee, you’ll get:<br />Books and course materials<br />Instruction/classroom time<br />5 nights in a private bedroom (shared bathroom)<br />Breakfast and lunch every day<br />Some dinners<br />Social/networking events<br />Value beyond measure<br />
    7. 7. Stay in Touch<br />Facebook fan page<br />!/pages/TTIAs-Travel-Tourism-College/123064271051602?ref=ts<br />Twitter account<br /><br />
    8. 8. Do Some Networking<br />Get to know your fellow students<br />They are a wealth of knowledge, tips, and information<br />Learn how it’s done in other places<br />Steal the best ideas!<br />
    9. 9. Make New Friends<br />You’ll meet some great people<br />Some you’ll stay in touch with for years to come<br />Continue sharing helpful ideas and tips<br />
    10. 10. Visit Area Attractions<br />
    11. 11. Kick Back a Little<br />Evenings are made for relaxing, having fun, and getting to know fellow classmates<br />Take advantage of the down time to build those relationships<br />
    12. 12. Elect a Class Queen<br />
    13. 13. Get To Know the Instructors<br />
    14. 14. Wait, What?<br />
    15. 15. Questions? <br />Sarah Page<br />1-800-776-5272, Ext. 3513<br />512-914-8873 (cell)<br /><br />@ColoradoRiverTr<br />@pagetx<br />