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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Elgin, TX
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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Elgin, TX


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Published in: Technology

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  • Hands up activity.Handouts: Social media myths &amp; tipsSocial media glossary
  • Social media is the venue for all the message and information you want to share about your destination or business.
  • After the video:Social media is here to stay. The various tools might change – and probably will – but the idea of user-generated content &amp; direct interaction with customers isn’t going away.
  • Can help reach a different demographic – one that doesn’t respond to traditional advertising (no newspapers – can get news on your phone)SEO = getting found onlineViral = now people will tell friends in a more public way
  • Social media is a tool just like any other type of marketing or public relations outreach. It’s not meant to replace what you’re already doing – merely to complement it. So it’s important to bring it in to your overall marketing and PR strategy.
  • Handout:Twitter Like a Chamber Luncheon
  • Handout:Ways to Use Twitter
  • Provide value &gt;&gt;&gt; that way, you’re not always marketing TO them, you’re being helpful.
  • How do you do that? You follow the 70-20-10 Rule.
  • 70% = whatever news or information your followers/customers most want to hear about. It can be links to articles or blog posts, tips, info on national trends, etc. It’s sharing information that benefits them, not you.20% = is the back and forth conversation: answering questions, asking questions, or just chatting about topics of mutual interest. This is the part where you show you’re listening and can respond as a human being, not as “big company”. For a good example of this, look at how well Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) does this on Twitter.10% = After all the great interaction and sharing of information, you deserve to toot your own horn a little bit. Go ahead, you’ve earned it! Plus, you won’t come across as being spammy or entirely self-promotional. Talk about your business, recent accolades, links to articles about you, promote an event or a blog post, etc.
  • Handout: United Linen Social Media Story
  • Handout: Promise Pizza Social Media Story
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses
      March 30, 2010
    • 2. Social media isn’t a conversation.
      It’s where the conversation takes place.
    • 3. Think Social Media Is a Fad?
      It’s a Revolution!
    • 4. Benefits of Social Media
      It’s FREE!
      Builds deeper relationships
      Increases brand awareness
      Broadens your network
      Helps SEO
      Increases website traffic
      Can help reach journalists/media
      Empowers fans to be viral ambassadors for your brand
      Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
    • 5. Basic Social Media Strategy
      Incorporate into existing marketing & PR plans
      Listen to the conversation
      Review and analyze what you learn
      Engage if and when it makes sense
      Monitor and adjust
      Measure results
      Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
    • 6. Social Media = Biz Cocktail Party
      Business cocktail party
      Meet people and start conversations
      Answer questions and help others
      Ask questions and trust others’ advice
      Social media
      Become a member of the “community”
      Add value to the community
      Ask and answer questions
      More effective than live cocktail parties
      No boundaries of time or space
      Other people can listen in easily
      Source: HubSpot
    • 7. Common Social Media Platforms
      Facebook& Twitter
    • 8. What Is Facebook?
      A social networking service that allows users to connect to friends and colleagues
      Post updates. Share links, photos, and videos
      Can comment on others’ activity
      Well over 250 million active users
      Fastest growing demographic is 35 years old and up
      Over 8 million users become fans of pages each day
      Remember: Personal profiles are for people, not businesses. Develop a fan page instead.
    • 9. What Is Facebook?
    • 10. Facebook Benefits to Biz
      Low cost
      Engage with fans of your business page
      Fans receive your updates and can upload comments, photos, and video
      When fans engage you on your page, their activity shows up in their friends’ streams
      This can prompt others to check out your page and your business!
    • 11. Facebook Benefits to Biz
      Can incorporate content from other social media platforms
      Ex: blog posts, updates from Twitter, pictures from Flickr, videos from YouTube, etc.
      Targeted advertising opportunities (cheap too!)
    • 12. What Is Twitter?
      Free social networking and micro-blogging site that allows users to send and read messages known as “tweets”
      Tweets can have no more than 140 characters & are delivered to the author’s subscribers, known as “followers”
      44 million + users
      72.5% joined during the first half of 2009
    • 13. What Is Twitter?
      Screenshot of Twitter business profile page
    • 14. Twitter Benefits for Biz
      Low cost
      Speed of feedback
      Potential reach of message
      Customer engagement/service
      Track what people are saying about your business
      Create buzz around upcoming events
      Promote your business and other content you create
    • 15. Let’s Get You Set Up!
    • 16. Facebook Setup
      Login to your personal Facebook page
      Click on “Advertising” at the very bottom right of the page
      Click on “Pages”
      Click on “Create Page” button
      Choose a Page Category & Name
    • 17. Facebook Setup (cont’d)
      Complete detailed information
      Upload a photo or logo
      Write a brief bio/description
      Address, phone number, website, hours, etc.
      Click “Publish”
    • 18. Facebook Setup: Next Steps
      Enter some content
      Add a status update
      Link to a great article about your biz
      Create an event
      Upload some photos
    • 19. Facebook Setup: Next Steps
      Promote your page
      Update your personal status with a link to your new page – hit up your friends
      Become a Fan of other local/related pages
      Include links in your E-mail signature, on your website, in E-newsletters
    • 20. Twitter Setup
      Go to
      Click on the “Join the Conversation” button
      Create a username and password
      Add an E-mail address
      Type in the security code
      Click on “I accept, Create my Account”
    • 21. Twitter Setup (cont’d)
      Click on “Settings” at the top right
      Account Settings:
      Select English and Central Time Zone
      DO NOT protect your tweets
      Profile Settings:
      Upload a profile photo
      Enter real name/business name
      Enter actual location (Ex: Elgin, TX)
      Enter website URL
      Enter bio – VERY IMPORTANT
    • 22. Twitter Setup (cont’d)
      Click on “Design” at the top right
      Choose a background or upload a new image
    • 23. Twitter Setup: Next Steps
      Enter some content (140 characters)
      Tell the world you’re on Twitter!
      Link to an interesting article related to your business
      Use a URL shortener like to save space
      Talk about an upcoming event, sale, a new product/service
      Look for interesting people/organizations to follow
      Click on “Find People” at the top right
      Search by name, username & location
    • 24. Twitter Setup: Next Steps
      Promote your page
      Update your Facebookstatus with a link to your new page – hit up your friends
      Become a follower of other local/related people/businesses
      Include links in your E-mail signature, on your website, in E-newsletters
      Set up HootSuite (
      Select columns to display
    • 25. So What Do I Say?
    • 26. So What Do I Say?
      Customer FAQs
      Company news
      Events you’re attending
      Your own content
      Content from others
      What you’re reading or watching
    • 27. Rules of Engagement
      Listen more than you talk
      Remember: It’s about them, not you.
      Always “listen” and interact/engage
      Provide value far beyond your particular site or service
      Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
    • 28. Formula for Success
      70 20 10
      Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
    • 29. Formula for Success
      70 20 10
      70% of content = value-added, audience-based & not about you at all
      20% of content = spontaneous interaction with followers, fans, or friends
      10% of content = unabashed self-promotion
      Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
    • 30. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
    • 31. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Your Fans!
    • 32. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Your Fans!
    • 33. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Local Businesses
    • 34. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Local Businesses
    • 35. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Local Businesses
    • 36. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Local Businesses
    • 37. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
    • 38. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Completely Random
    • 39. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Completely Random
    • 40. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Completely Random
    • 41. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Completely Random
    • 42. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Completely Random
    • 43. Who’s Talking About Elgin?
      Completely Random
    • 44. Small Business Examples
    • 45. United Linen
    • 46. United Linen
      Family owned and operated company in Bartlesville, OK
      Founded in 1936 as a personal laundry and dry cleaning business
      Sells linens, uniforms, and restaurant supplies to other businesses
      Focus on customer service and empower all employees to deliver it
    • 47. United Linen
      Help Retail Customers
    • 48. United Linen
      Add Value
    • 49. United Linen
      Add Value
    • 50. United Linen
      Add Value
    • 51. United Linen
      Keep Customers Informed
    • 52. Promise Pizza
    • 53. Promise Pizza
      Founded in early 2009 in Round Rock, TX
      Locally-owned small restaurant
      Key Goals:
      Social responsibility
      Better product
      Tasty pizza
    • 54. Promise Pizza
      Ask Your Customer
    • 55. Promise Pizza
      Say Thank You
    • 56. Promise Pizza
      Come Say Hello
    • 57. Promise Pizza
      Twitter Only Deals
    • 58. Promise Pizza
      Show Community Involvement
    • 59. Promise Pizza
      We Can Do Better
    • 60. Some Other Good Examples
    • 61. Include links to social media sites on your main website.
    • 62. Use E-mail signature files as an opportunity to expand your social networks.
    • 63. Waco Chamber - Twitter
      Promote Events
    • 64. Lost Pines Hyatt – Twitter
      Last Minute Deals
    • 65. Twitter Examples
      Share Photos/Videos
    • 66. Twitter Examples
      Share Photos/Videos
    • 67. Twitter Examples
      Twitter Lists
    • 68. Hyatt Lost Pines - Facebook
    • 69. Papasan Team Realty - Facebook
    • 70. Papasan Team Realty - Facebook
    • 71. Questions?
      Sarah Page
      1-800-776-5272, Ext. 3513
      512-914-8873 (cell)