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Marketing Your Business in the 21st Century
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Marketing Your Business in the 21st Century


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Presentation given during the Governor's Small Business Forum held in La Vernia, TX on March 25, 2014.

Presentation given during the Governor's Small Business Forum held in La Vernia, TX on March 25, 2014.

Published in: Social Media
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  • Social media works best when it is a component of an integrated marketing strategy, inclusive of advertising, public relations, etc. It should be a part of your marketing plans, not an island unto itself.
  • If Facebook is the primary place to find information about your business, the customer is then competing with everything else going on.Why am I here again?1. Hello! Friends I haven’t talked to in a long time.2. Ooh! A notification! I wonder what that is …3. And then there’s branding. You can only brand yourself to the extent that Facebook (or any other social media site) will let you.
  • The restaurant doesn't typically do a brisk lunch business.  Note that the paid reach was only 526.  The majority of the views came from viral views - aka shares.  Over 7k total views.  Also note that it was only shared 11 times, so asking for the share is important. There were also 10 new likes on the page during the offer.  I attribute this to the offer and shares.
  • Handout:Ways to Use Twitter
  • Search by city name or zip code to find other people, businesses, or organizations in your area.
  • Aesthetic Design Construction from right here in Bastrop is a great example of a small business that is using Pinterest effectively. They appeal to Pinterest’saspirational nature by showing us what we can do with our new homes once we’re living in them. The photography is beautiful. And they’ve taken something that’s typically considered “manly” (construction) and made it be more appealing to Pinterest’s predominantly feminine audience.
  • Facebook bought Instagram in the Fall of 2012. This was a very smart move.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketing Your Business in the 21st Century Governor’s Small Business Forum March 25, 2014 La Vernia, Texas
    • 2. Get these slides here::
    • 3. Source: All Twitter 71% of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online
    • 4. Remember: Social media is not an island. Photo: lisbokt
    • 5. Integrate Social with Web From this …
    • 6. Integrate Social with Web … to this.
    • 7. Facebook
    • 8. Facebook Stats • Over 1.2 billion active users • Average user is connected to 40 pages • Smartphone mobile users check Facebook an average of 13.8 times a day • 751 million users access Facebook from a mobile device Source: IDC;
    • 9. • Average number of connections between local business pages and users is 2 billion • Average number of weekly local business page views is 645 million • Average number of weekly comments on local business pages is 13 million Facebook Stats Source: IDC;
    • 10. Understanding Insights
    • 11. Understanding Insights
    • 12. Understanding Insights
    • 13. Facebook Offers • Affordable and great for brand awareness • Spent $3.70 and drove over $200 in business • 102 offers claimed/5 redeemed • Redemption rate on this offer was low • Ask your community to share! Source: Doe’s Eat Place
    • 14. Facebook Offers Source: Doe’s Eat Place
    • 15. Facebook Boosted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
    • 16. Facebook Advertising Opportunities
    • 17. Facebook Cover Photo as Advertising Source: Bass Performance Hall Text can be no more than 20%
    • 18. Facebook Cover Photo as Advertising
    • 19. Facebook Cover Photo as Advertising Source: Mari Smith
    • 20. • Why advertise on Facebook? Huge audience Highly targeted Social recommendations Cost effective EASY!
    • 21. Facebook Advertising Pro Tip: BE SPECIFIC
    • 22. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Include a call to action. Combat ad fatigue. Source:
    • 23. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Put important content first. Identify your target audience. Source:
    • 24. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Boost important posts. Use Facebook Offers. Source:
    • 25. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Give people something to say. Use high quality photos. Source:
    • 26. Twitter
    • 27. Twitter Stats • 241 million active monthly users • 60% of active users use their mobile phone to tweet • Average number of followers per Twitter user is 208 • Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher on Saturdays and Sundays Source: Linchpin SEO;
    • 28. Find Local Customers La Vernia,Tx
    • 29.
    • 30.
    • 31. Twitter Targeting
    • 32. Promotion Budget
    • 33. Promoted Tweets
    • 34. Promoted Accounts
    • 35. Yelp!
    • 36. Respond To Reviews Show Customers You Care
    • 37. Pinterest
    • 38. Facebook & Instagram “Look at Me!” Photo: omgits_dhilzy on Instagram = #selfie
    • 39. Pinterest = “Look at This!” Photo: Transguyjay on Flickr
    • 40. • 80% of Pinterest users are women • Users spend an average of 1 hour & 17 minutes on the site • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more $$ than referrals from non-social channels • 43% of Pinterest users prefer to associate with a brand vs only 24% on Facebook Source: Photo: vbecker on Flickr
    • 41. Pinterest Board
    • 42. Drive sales to your website!
    • 43. Pinterest for Business
    • 44. See what’s been pinned from your website or blog!
    • 45. Instagram
    • 46. is no dummy.
    • 47. • More than 55 million photos are uploaded every day • 150 million monthly active users • 1.2 billion likes daily • 1000 comments per second Source: Instagram Press; Social Fresh Photo: WindKoh on Flickr
    • 48. Instagram for Business: Best Practices
    • 49. Show Us “How To”
    • 50. Take Us Behind the Scenes
    • 51. Use Hashtags and Calls To Action
    • 52. Feature Brand Advocates
    • 53. Feature Brand Advocates
    • 54. Host a Contest
    • 55. Reward Customers
    • 56. Can I Help? Call Me!
    • 57. Follow Me @pagetx Sarah Page, Principal Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC 512.914.8873
    • 58. Thank You! Questions?