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Facebook and Twitter 201: Using Facebook and Twitter To Promote Your Business
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Facebook and Twitter 201: Using Facebook and Twitter To Promote Your Business


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Presentation given to members of the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance in Rosenberg, TX on April 3, 2014.

Presentation given to members of the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance in Rosenberg, TX on April 3, 2014.

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business

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  • You need to be able to describe the value proposition of your event in one sentence. Like a mission statement, but not too mission statement-y. What’s the one thing that makes you unique? With Zappos’s it’s not the shoes, it’s their customer service.2.a. Generate sales – using social media to create first-time customers and drive repeat business2. b. Brand enthusiasm – turning customers into fans2. c. Loyalty – building long-lasting relationshipsSome of your audience has never heard about you. Others are raving fans. Who are you trying to reach? This matters because your messages to these diverse groups will be very different. a. awareness – they may have heard something about you b. interest – heard about you, visited your website, no purchases c. action – they’ve made a single purchase d. advocacy – fans of the brand, told friends, frequent/repeat purchases
  • Knowing how your audience behaves within social media is critical. This will help you select the social media channels you use, and the types of promotions you run. Are they creators, joiners, critics, or merely spectators?Who from your organization will be the one “talking” in social media? One person, a team? Figure it out in advance and get buy in from those who will be doing it.Which social media tools/channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) are the best ones for your organization AND your audience?People love social media. Why? Because they can develop relationships with a brand. Those brands that sound like real people, anyway. You have to put a “face” on your brand. What’s your voice? Fun, urban, folksy? Whatever you choose to measure, make sure it ties back to your goals and objectives. Before you start, establish some baseline metrics so that you have some things to compare. We’ll talk some more about measurement in just a minute.Sit in a room with your team and some flip charts. Go through each of these questions until you have answers for them. This will become your strategy. Once it’s finessed, share it with your organization, your board, etc.
  • Social media works best when it is a component of an integrated marketing strategy, inclusive of advertising, public relations, etc. It should be a part of your marketing plans, not an island unto itself.
  • If Facebook is the primary place to find information about your business, the customer is then competing with everything else going on.Why am I here again?1. Hello! Friends I haven’t talked to in a long time.2. Ooh! A notification! I wonder what that is …3. And then there’s branding. You can only brand yourself to the extent that Facebook (or any other social media site) will let you.
  • Integrating your social media channels into your website can …Give you the potential to be “seen” in a broader communityKeep customers up to dateShare real time information with customersHelp portray your business as “active”.GO TO WEBSITE – CLICK PHOTO
  • Make it crystal clear. Tell visitors to your site what you want them to do.
  • The restaurant doesn't typically do a brisk lunch business.  Note that the paid reach was only 526.  The majority of the views came from viral views - aka shares.  Over 7k total views.  Also note that it was only shared 11 times, so asking for the share is important. There were also 10 new likes on the page during the offer.  I attribute this to the offer and shares.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Facebook and Twitter 201 Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance April 3, 2014 Using and To Promote Your Business
    • 2. Get these slides here::
    • 3. Agenda Social media strategy Social – Website Integration Facebook 201 Twitter 201 Live Demos Q&A
    • 4. Social Media Strategy Photo: davidkjelkerud
    • 5. First, Some Questions 1. Can you describe your business/organization? 2. What are your goals? a. Generate sales b. Brand enthusiasm c. Loyalty 3. What is your relationship with your audience? a. Awareness b. Interest c. Action d. Advocacy Source: Jay Baer (
    • 6. More Questions 4. How does your audience use social media? 5. Who will be your community managers? 6. What social media platforms will you use? (Hint: Where is your audience?) 7. How will you be human (what is your “voice”)? 8. How will you know when/if you’re successful? Source: Jay Baer (
    • 7. Do You Need a Social Media Policy? • Maybe. Just keep these basics in mind: – Be polite – Be honest – Be open – Be inclusive – Be forthright – Be legal – Be helpful – Don’t try to control the conversation – Accept, respond, and be gracious to negative feedback Source: The Potluck Guide To Social Media Strategy
    • 8. Social Media Don’ts • Don’t be something you’re not • Don’t experiment with the company logo • Don’t think you have to be on every social media channel • Don’t tell, show • Don’t feed Facebook to Twitter (or vice versa) • Be authentic • Try new things with personal accounts first • Start slow and be selective • Use images whenever possible • Know your audience and post accordingly
    • 9. Remember: Social media is not an island. Photo: lisbokt
    • 10. Integrate Social with Web From this …
    • 11. Integrate Social with Web … to this …
    • 12. Integrate Social with Web … to this.
    • 13. Use Calls to Action
    • 14. Content Really Is King • Put contact info on EVERY PAGE • Use easy navigation • Keep content current • Use high-quality content (including photos and video) • Add calls to action
    • 15. Facebook 201
    • 16. Content Is King Visual Content Is Ruler of the World • Videos shared 12x more than links and text posts combined • Photos are liked 2x more than text updates • Instagram is the 2nd most popular app (globally) behind Facebook • Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined Sources: HubSpot; Marketing Land
    • 17. Visit Fargo-Moorhead Visual Content Integration Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
    • 18. Visit Fargo-Moorhead Visual Content - Pinterest Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
    • 19. Visit Fargo-Moorhead Visual Content - YouTube Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
    • 20. Visit Fargo-Moorhead Visual Content - Instagram Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
    • 21. Savannah Craft Brew Festival iPhone Photos Source: Visit Savannah
    • 22. Facebook Advertising Opportunities
    • 23. Facebook Cover Photo as Advertising Source: Bass Performance Hall Text can be no more than 20%
    • 24. Facebook Cover Photo as Advertising Source: Mari Smith
    • 25. Facebook Offers • Affordable and great for brand awareness • Spent $3.70 and drove over $200 in business • 102 offers claimed/5 redeemed • Redemption rate on this offer was low • Ask your community to share! Source: Doe’s Eat Place
    • 26. Facebook Offers Source: Doe’s Eat Place
    • 27. Facebook Boosted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
    • 28. Facebook Boosted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
    • 29. Facebook Advertising Pro Tip: BE SPECIFIC
    • 30. Facebook Advertising
    • 31. Facebook’s Power Editor
    • 32. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Include a call to action. Combat ad fatigue. Source:
    • 33. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Put important content first. Identify your target audience. Source:
    • 34. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Boost important posts. Use Facebook Offers. Source:
    • 35. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Give people something to say. Use high quality photos. Source:
    • 36. Twitter 201
    • 37.
    • 38.
    • 39. Promotion Budget
    • 40. Promoted Tweets
    • 41. Promoted Accounts
    • 42. Promotion Analytics Promoted Tweets Dashboard Follower Growth Chart
    • 43. What Do You Want To Try?
    • 44. Can I Help? Call Me! Photo: .Spartography on Flickr
    • 45. Follow Me @pagetx Sarah Page, Principal Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC 512-914-8873