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20 Ideas for Marketing Your Business with Social Media


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Presentation on social media marketing ideas for businesses given for the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance on April 23, 2013.

Presentation on social media marketing ideas for businesses given for the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance on April 23, 2013.

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  • My job is to DEMYSTIFY social media.
  • I’m going to give you some new media tools to help you market your business, get more customers, and increase sales.
  • The restaurant doesn't typically do a brisk lunch business.Note that the paid reach was only 526.  The majority of the views came from viral views - aka shares.  Over 7k total views.  Also note that it was only shared 11 times, so asking for the share is important. There were also 10 new likes on the page during the offer.  I attribute this to the offer and shares.
  • It’s always challenging trying to integrate a downtown into a festival experience. This group may have figured out how. The Geneva Chamber of Commerce worked with downtown businesses and the Swedish Days Festival on a promotion that will help market the downtown merchants to festival attendees. Visitors with smartphones will get immediate access to featured specials and discounts exclusively during the event. When you scan the code, you go to the mobile friendly Swedish Days 2011 Hot Deals page that includes all the specials. Some are offering a % off, others are offering BOGOs.
  • Transcript

    • 1. For Marketing Your Business with Social Media April 23, 2013Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce
    • 2. Get these slides here: :
    • 3. DEMYSTIFYPhoto: Marciniak on Flickr
    • 4. Photo: brandi666 on Flickr
    • 5. Use Facebook Offers
    • 6. Facebook Offers • Affordable and great for brand awareness • Spent $3.70 and drove over $200 in business • 102 offers claimed/5 redeemed • Redemption rate on this offer was low • Ask your community to share!
    • 7. Facebook Offers
    • 8. Promote Your Posts
    • 9. Facebook Promoted Posts
    • 10. Facebook Promoted Posts
    • 11. Facebook Promoted Posts
    • 12. Use Cover Photos As Advertising
    • 13. Source: Mari Smith
    • 14. Participate on Yelp
    • 15. Respond to Reviews
    • 16. Participate on Foursquare
    • 17. Reward Loyal Customers
    • 18. Be Human
    • 19. The mostawesomeexampleEVAH!
    • 20. Create a Sense of Urgency
    • 21. Give “Insider” Perks
    • 22. Use QR Codes … Wisely
    • 23. Give Love … Get Love
    • 24. Integrate Your Marketing
    • 25. Piggyback on Events
    • 26. Ask YourCustomers Questions
    • 27. Like/Comment As Your Page
    • 28. Host a Contest
    • 29. Create a Facebook Ad
    • 30. • Why advertise on Facebook? Huge audience Highly targeted Social recommendations Cost effective EASY!
    • 31. Use Twitter forMarket Research
    • 32. Start a Blog/Become aSubject Matter Expert
    • 33. Go Behind the Scenes
    • 34. Think Outside the Box
    • 35. Follow Me Sarah Page, Principal @pagetxSarah T. Page Consulting, LLC 512-914-8873
    • 36. Photo: .Spartography on Flickr Can I Help? Call Me!
    • 37. Thank You!Questions?