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Page Turning Maker is industry-leading page turning book software provider, has focuses on developing powerful software for converting multiple documents into page turning book. And it has a rich set of products.
This slideshow aims to introduce you the series products of Page Turning Maker. And you will learn what does Page Turning Maker software do from this slideshow.

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Page turning maker series products - professional e-book maker

  1. 1. All-In-One Page Turning Maker creates eBooks for PC, Mac and Mobile devices.Page Turning Maker products catalog LOGO
  2. 2. Contents Page Turning for PDF Page Turning Pro for PDF Page Turning for PDF Mac Page Turning Pro for PDF Mac Page Turning for Shopping Page Turning for Office Page Turning Pro for Office Page Turning for Album Page Turning for CHM
  3. 3. Contents Page Turning for Image Page Turning for Image Mac Page Turning for DjVu Page Turning for ePub Page Turning Printer Page Turning for PowerPoint Page Turning for scan Page Turning for Word Page Turning for DOC Mac
  4. 4. Contents Page Turning for PCL Page Turning for Photographer Page Turning for PostScript Page Turning Writer Page Turning for eBook Page Turning for XPS
  5. 5. Page Turning for PDFPage Turning for PDF is a page turning book maker software for converting static PDF into dynamic flash flipping book classically. No matter e-Books, e-Magazines, e-Brochures, e- Catalogs or e-Reports, you can easily build by the page turning software. You can use all design setting whatever you can see from software interface and choose output formats from multiple choices for reading online or offline. The created page turning book can be read on PC, Mac, or from CD/DVD, even on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). pdf/index.html
  6. 6. Page Turning Pro for PDFPage Turning Professional for PDF is an affordable PDF to Flash Converter that transfers your PDF documents into stylish page flipping books in a few steps. Besides greatly preserve original layout, text, images and vector drawings of your PDF files, the Page Flip Professional Maker also enables you to embed hyperlinks, Flash, YouTube videos, sounds to your Flash books. All these designed wonderful features will definitely help to build your bright e-publishing career. pdf/index.html
  7. 7. Page Turning for PDF MacAll-In-One Mac Flip book Maker, Page Turning for PDF Mac Converter is an interactive and flexible flipbook creator that aims to make flip book, flip magazine, and flip catalogue from your regular PDF files with high speed and best quality. The page turning software can be used on Mac OS X, no matter Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, etc. Once converting is done, you can show on your website and share to others easily. mac/index.html
  8. 8. Page Turning Pro for PDF MacPage Turning Professional for PDF Mac, is a standalone and easy- to handle software specially designed for converting common PDF files to high-quality publications. The page turning software, which runs on Mac OS X, allows you to embed hyperlink, video, image, sound and so on. Besides, it offers you with multiple built-in templates and themes for you to beautify your Flash book. Once purchase, free for all your life time. No programming skill, or other service required. Powerful in publishing! pdf-mac/index.html
  9. 9. Page Turning for ShoppingStunning Page Turning for Shopping Converter, is Flash shopping magazine software that enables you to turn PDF files into wonderful flash magazine in a few minutes. Making reading more interested! It’s the ideal solution for those who want to embed text button, price, pop up photos on their shopping magazine. Once created, your website audience can search all pages by input keywords and share with friends, family, and company partner. Easy for all PC users that create digital shopping magazine from PDF files! shopping/index.html
  10. 10. Page Turning for OfficeMultifunctional Page Turning for Office Maker, is the best office to flash solution for turning all office format files into Flash Office in seconds. It supports all office formats, like PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT, RTF, DOCX, XLS, etc. Using the page turning software, you can customize-designed Flash Office with various built-in templates and output to flipping book with online and offline output types. Once converting is done, you are able to upload Flash Office on your website and share to friends, company partner via E-mail and social share. office/index.html
  11. 11. Page Turning Pro for OfficeProfessional Page Turning Professional for Office Maker, is a innovative conversion tool used to solve the problem of creating Flash Page-Turning book quickly. It supports all office formats, like PDF, CHM, DOC, PPT, TXT, RTF, XLS, etc. The Flash Page Turning software provides you various rich-media options to edit pages and online or offline output types to output digital publishing book. And then you can input Google Analytics ID so you can monitor and analyze the traffic of your online flip book. No flash skill required! office/index.html
  12. 12. Page Turning for AlbumStylish Page Turning for Album software, is the Flash Album program that can create dynamic digital photo album from your photo gallery without flash or programming skill required. In particular, you can create images through designing new pages with Page Turning Album software. With the standalone and easy-to-use software, you are able to output photo flip flash with different output types, including HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP, Make Mobile Version and Burn to CD, both use for online and offline. album/index.html
  13. 13. Page Turning for CHMPage Turning for CHM software, CHM to Flash book converter, is the best assistant for all publishers to create CHM Flash book from CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) files. Besides, the page turning software enables you to transfer CHM files into CHM Flash book in batch convert mode directly. While converting, the layout, text, images, link of your CHM file can be great preserved on wonderful Flash CHM. With the powerful converter, Flash CHM can be shown on the Web page and share to others via E-mail and social share. Download Free Trial to use! chm/index.html
  14. 14. Page Turning for ImagePage Turning for Image Maker, Flash Flip Image for amazing images, is incredibly image to flash conversion tool for you to turn beautiful images into Flash flip book easily and simply. It supports various formats like jpg, tif, gif, bmp, etc. Besides, output Flash flip book via Page Turning for Image will preserve original layout, content, link of your image files. With the practical and powerful tool, you can output your Flash flip book in high speed and perfect quality. An amazing tool for all image creators! image/index.html
  15. 15. Page Turning for Image MacPage Turning for Image Mac Converter, Digital photo book Maker, is funny and easy Mac software to create animated digital photo book on Mac OS X system. It is easy-to-handle software that makes you output your image with high speed and great quality. Before converting, you can host-design your images with built-in frame and clip art. Making Digital photo book with the real page turning effect! Once purchase, free for all your life time. image-mac/index.html
  16. 16. Page Turning for DjVuPage Turning for DjVu software, Flash Flipping book Maker, is the perfect DjVu to Flash program that transform your traditional DjVu to amazing DjVu Flash book in seconds. There are just three steps for you to create DjVu Flash book. One is import DjVu (*.djvu) file, the other is change its appearance with using those host-designed setting. The last is converting. While converting, the layout, text, images, link of your DjVu file can be great preserved on wonderful flash flipping book. Publishing anything, anywhere! djvu/index.html
  17. 17. Page Turning for ePubPage Turning for ePub converter, is flexible and interactive window desktop application for all levels of users used to convert static ePub files to dynamic flash book in just 3 steps. While importing ePub, table of content, layout, and links from ordinary ePub files can all be preserve on flash flipping book. And you can use the page turning software to host-design your flash flipping book with realistic page turning effect. After converting, Flash ePub book can be shown on Web page and enabled your readers to search favorite text content by input keyword. Free Trial to download and use! epub/index.html
  18. 18. Page Turning PrinterPage Turning Printer converter, as a virtual printer and real Flash Printing Maker, is a helpful printer assistant that allows you making a flip book from all your printable documents. With the affordable and automatic converter, you can output Flash Printing book with online and offline output types, used for online and offline. All features on Page Turning Printer can be easily operated. Moreover, you are able to add password for Flash Printing book to prevent unauthorized access. Free Download and have a try! printer/index.html
  19. 19. Page Turning for PowerPointStylish Page Turning for PowerPoint creator, is an All-In-One initiative program that create rich interactive Flash PowerPoint in a few steps. Besides, the page turning software enables you to transfer PPT files to flash book in Batch mode. With using the wonderful program, you can input password to protect your Flash PowerPoint copyright and Google Analytics ID to monitor and analyze the traffic of your online flip book. Designing the Flash PowerPoint as you like! powerpoint/index.html
  20. 20. Page Turning for ScanPage Turning for Scan software, Flash Scan Book Maker, is a multi- purpose solution that can transfer all your scan files to attractive and interactive flash e-books, e-Magazines, e- Catalogues, e-Brochures, etc. With the multi-function software, users can operate the function of "Scan paper" and "Publish" in the same application. Once Flash Scan book produced, it can be viewed across web browsers and share to friends, family, and company partner via E-mail. Ideal choice for home or office use! scan/index.html
  21. 21. Page Turning for WordPage Turning for Word software, Word to SWF converter, is a useful Word (Microsoft Word or OpenOffice) to Flash application designed for converting static word file into dynamic flash flip book. It is a standalone and safe software that allows you to add watermark and input password for prevent unauthorized access. All the designed-setting features from Page Turning for Word can be used easily. If you are a programmer, you can input command line for convert Word to Flash without open window desktop. Once purchase, Free forever! word/index.html
  22. 22. Page Turning for Doc MacPage Turning for DOC Mac converter, is a handy and reliable utility designed to convert DOC file to fashion SWF on Mac operate system. It can help you to create page flip book, digital magazine, fashion catalogue, etc. With the easy to use and friendly user interface, you can output your flipping book with high speed and perfect output quality. Just need several steps to do: open DOC file, configure each page effect, and converting to flipping book. Creating multi-media flipping book for all Mac users! mac/index.html
  23. 23. Page Turning for PCLInteractive Page Turning for PCL desktop application, is PCL to pageflip book solution for helping you turn PCL (Standard print format for HP Laser Jet-compatible printers) into flash book quickly. It can use for all levels of users, no matter you are the newer or handy man. The safe and reliable application allows you to custom text or image watermark for protect users’ copyright and input password for all page or single pages. Once you purchase the page turning software, you can free to use all design-setting feature for all you life time. pcl/index.html
  24. 24. Page Turning for PhotographerWonderful Page Turning for Photographer converter, is the best photographer assistant that helps you convert designed photo to flash flip book simply. In particular, you can create photos from your ordinary images through designing new pages. When photo gallery building, you can publish photo to flash flipping book by press "publish" icon. All the designed-setting functions can be used as you need, no matter templates or page layout. photographer/index.html
  25. 25. Page Turning for PostScriptPage Turning for PostScript Maker, Making Interactive Online Flash Flipbook converter, is a revolutionary software designed for convert PostScript files (*.eps, *.ps) into PostScript Flash book in a few steps. PostScript Flash book can be great preserve original layout, text, images of your PostScript files. Moreover, the page turning software are allows you to Upload it to your website and share to more people. Just free download this affordable and powerful PostScript to Flash conversion tool and have a try. postscript/index.html
  26. 26. Page Turning WriterPage Turning Writer, is a powerful desktop application that excellent integrate Microsoft Word and Word to flipping book feature. That means you can not only create new Microsoft Word, but also publish the new Microsoft Word into flipping book directly. The wonderful program provides you multiple output formats to choose, used for online and offline. All designed-setting function can be used to beautify your Microsoft Word. Making Microsoft Word more fashion and innervations! No programming or flash skill required! writer/index.html
  27. 27. Page Turning for eBookPage Turning for eBook converter, Page Turning eBook to Flash application, is digital publishing software that allows you to quickly and easily create native page turning digital publications, fashion e-Magazines, e-Brochures, e-Catalogue, etc. It provides different templates for publishers to make their Page Flip eBook more fashion and innervations. While Page Turning eBook produced, publishers can upload to their Web page and view visitors can read directly without download flash book. A powerful converter to making Page Flip eBook without any flash and programming skill required! ebook/index.html
  28. 28. Page Turning for XPSPage Turning for XPS software, is a flip page conversion tool designed to convert XPS (open XML paper specification) files to Flash XPS book with page flip effect. XPS to Flash desktop application provides kinds of functions and settings. For example, if you’d like to beautify flash book appearance, you can change background of Flash XPS book or use one of the templates as you need. If you’d like to insert a table of content, you can add a bookmark and name booktitle easily. Download free trial to use! xps/index.html
  29. 29. LOGO