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Content marketing moving beyond facebook updates
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Content marketing moving beyond facebook updates


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Brand Building through Digital. Customer Engagement Tactics that go beyond tweets and shares which will help you yield good results out of content marketing. How to strengthen the path from likes, …

Brand Building through Digital. Customer Engagement Tactics that go beyond tweets and shares which will help you yield good results out of content marketing. How to strengthen the path from likes, shares, pageviews to sales.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. Moving beyond Facebook Updates Khushbu  Pandya   Founder   Konvophilia  Communica7ons   Navneet  Kaushal   CEO   PageTraffic  
  • 2. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING The art of communicating with your customers without selling
  • 4. Inbound/Content Marketing
  • 5. Why is it important?
  • 6. Three Content Channels Today’s content is EVERYTHING you publish on the web. Content spans across channels Social Visual Written Facebook Pinterest Blogs Twitter YouTube Articles Pinterest Infographics Email Marketing Crowd Sourced Instagram Press Releases
  • 7. “...the [potential] customer needs evidence that we understand their problem better than they do before they’ll buy, share or recommend us...” @juntajoe
  • 8. When it comes to producing content Make content that audience will want to see And figure out how to remove as much branding as possible.
  • 9. Which content engages for you? •  Information and news –  Links to blog posts •  Yours AND Others –  Free downloads –  Zeitgeist –  Questions –  Customer service Q&A –  Polls/surveys •  Promotions –  Sweepstakes •  (Contribute to win) –  New product info –  Product discounts –  Live events –  Product reviews
  • 10. Social content •  Drives traffic and conversions Your Online Store (Search dependent .) Your Online Store
  • 11. Why social Content? •  Nice to have or necessity? •  Necessity •  Increases the KLTC (Know, Like, Trust and Convert ) factor of your brand –  Brands that show up consistently, with interesting content build a following –  Brands who personally engage with individuals create customers –  Customers buy from brands they know, like and trust •  Builds credibility •  Differentiates you from the competition •  Enables people to share and talk about your brand •  Drives traffic
  • 12. Facebook Advantages ①  ②  ③  ④  ⑤  Turn your friends into agents. Read news feed. Someone may post a “does anyone know...” Just like LinkedIn, there are Facebook groups. Watch and get active. You can email anyone in Facebook. Research and join (“like”) company pages. Watch and participate.
  • 13. Create content that’s both high- quality and high-impact
  • 14. Use Tweeter Effectively •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Tips related to you products Sales, discounts New product announcements Ask questions/for opinions Ask which of your products they like the best? Tweet cool pictures of your product Ask for the retweet! Tweet recent blog posts Tweet a video
  • 15. Moving Beyond Social •  Facebook updates, tweets, pins, shares, likes, etc are simple ways to spread the content and make it viral. What after social sharing? How you would convert them after the content goes viral? #smwbangalore
  • 16. Measure Content Marketing Efforts •  Content Consumption –  Downloads, page views, particular queries relating specific content, etc. •  Content Sharing –  If your content is shared, measure what is shared the most, frequency of sharing, etc •  Lead generation or Conversion –  Actions taken after consuming content like filling up contact forms, makes a purchase, inquires about your offerings, etc #smwbangalore
  • 17. Power of Content Content creates WEAVE & WEAVE creates a Social Business #smwbangalore
  • 18. What’s WEAVE? “That’s my Book” J #smwbangalore
  • 19. If integrated in your content strategy - #smwbangalore
  • 20. Content Marketing forecasts for 2014they need to move beyond marketers will realize that •  More publishing in order for their content marketing efforts to be effective. - Connie Bensen, Dell •  Visual storytelling will become the next battleground for content marketing. Whether it’s vines, slideshare or brand videos, marketers need to learn to tell stories in an emotional and visual way. - Michael Brenner, SAP and B2B Marketing Insider #smwbangalore
  • 21. Content Marketing forecasts for 2014 •  Content marketing will become less of a buzzword and more of a way of life. - Lisa Buyer, Author of Social PR Secrets •  It will become increasingly difficult to attract an audience to your content as more people produce content. So promotion of your content will be key. This will be through blogger and influencer outreach, social advertising, co-creation of content to get exposed to new audiences etc. - Ian Cleary, Razor Social #smwbangalore
  • 22. THANK YOU! Website: Email: Twitter: Blog: @navneetkaushal