Your ultimate brochure maker!


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use our cutting edge instrument to build fantastic brochures or flyers and make 100% client engagements! see more at

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Your ultimate brochure maker!

  1. 1. use our cutting edge instrument to build fantastic brochures or flyers and make 100% client engagements!
  2. 2.  Still using PDF files as your ideal brochure maker? Still concerning about the printing and distribution cost of your brochure? And still having no idea and confidence about your client conversion rate? It’s high time to resolve all the problems! Start to use PUBhtml5 which was specifically originated to create client oriented digital publications with realistic page sliding animation! Various background skins are available for you to choose and you may totally self design your own digital brochure according to your own preferences. You brochure will have so convenient navigations and grand zooming functions that enable your clients come to the part wherever they crave. You may also add links to our text and direct clients to your web store. More importantly, you are allowed to embed awesome audio and video clips to impress you clients and create huge customer engagements.
  3. 3.  NO specific programming knowledge is needed to realize creating beautiful digital brochures! The program is foolproof enough and you may grasp all the skills and personalize your own creation within minutes! The demo presentation contained in it helps you to perfect your designing! Your awesome digital brochure will tremendously help you save your printing and distributing cost. Once you’ve created your project and published online, your clients will straight view your amazing brochure online without having them downloaded, which definitely improves the distributing efficiency! You may also chose to offline save your project and email it to specific individual. Your brochure will be compatible to almost all the electronic devices. Rich media embedded in your brochure can cause huge client engagements and greatly improve your client conversion rate!
  4. 4. See the very distinctiveness of your digital brochure:  Searchable to the search engines: the content of you digital brochure will be friendly to all the search engines including Goolge, Yahoo, or Bing. You may use the page editor to perfect your content and achieve search engine optimization. SEO helps bring huge web page traffics and increase potential clients. Pubhtml5 offers online hosting service that allows you to online publish your digital brochure.
  5. 5.  Google analytics available :want to know the exact statistics of your page visits and want to trace your page traffic conditions? You may use the custom setting tools and add Google analytics to realize the function. Google analytics allows you to well understand your clients and helps make the greatest business decision!