a simple and worthwhile experience to convert pdf files into digital magzine on your ipad


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No specific programming knowledge is needed to create gorgeous digital magazines on your IPAD.

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a simple and worthwhile experience to convert pdf files into digital magzine on your ipad

  1. 1.  For PUBhtml5, the operating steps of creating fabulous digital magazines are foolproof ones.We extol minimum efforts and maximum outputting effects. Just follow the right procedures of the software, and you can totally customize your own digital magazine on your IPAD. After you have converted your PDF files, with multiple Custom Setting buttons, you get the privilege to design your own digital magazines .You may chose the template you prefer; change the background image; insert rich media including audios, video, images; add links, etc. The whole process can be easily achieved within minutes.
  2. 2.  After you have personalized your digital creation, you may either publish your digital work to local for personal reading or upload your work for social sharing. If you intend to make the former use, you may click the PUBLISHTO LOCAL button, and chose the exporting format you prefer.And if you intend the latter use, you may click the UPLOAD ONLINE button, we offer online share service with which you can online publish your creation without applying a FTP server.The online share service offers unlimited cloud storage and sharing.
  3. 3.  When you finish creating your digital work, you’ve created a tremendously applicable digital work!
  4. 4.   A. if you intend to publish your creation to local with the purpose of personal reading, or simply save it for later online use, there are multiple exporting formats that are available for you to choose.
  5. 5.  HTML: HTML format allows users to local open their creation with web browsers.Your creation with HTML format may be compatible to all the main stream electronic devices including IPAD, IPhone, Android, etc.   Zip and exe: If you intend to send your creation to your friends or other individuals, Zip or exe formats are your very choice, please ensure to publish your creation to local first.   Plug-in: for those who intend to insert their creation to social networks, you may need to publish your creation to local as plug-in first; then insert your creation as plug-in to the social network you prefer.
  6. 6.  B if you intend to online publish your work, you may straight click the UPLOAD ONLINE button to get an online link (URL) to your digital publication. It is a cloud storage and sharing service that is much more convenient than applying a FTP server.