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  • Source: Hodes
  • Recruitment Ad Phrases: Survey September 2012; Resume Phrases: LinkedIn December 2011
  • If people are the greatest assets at two of the world’s wealthiest private equity groups, we’re screwed.
  • SHRM Missouri Presentation

    1. 1. Branding for Culture @MattCharney #CultureBrand | #MOSHRM 08.07.13 | SHRM Missouri State Conference
    2. 2. Matt Charney 2013 Huffington Post Top 30 Most Social HR Experts 2013 ERE Top 25 Most Influential Recruiters on Twitter 2013 Judge, Direct Employers Association Awards 2013 HRBN Top 40 HR Bloggers Under 40 2012 #2 Digital Recruiting Influencer (HRExaminer) 2012 Top 20 Online HR Influencers (HRExaminer) 2011 Advertising Age Creative Excellence Award Producing motion picture at 20th Century Fox USC Film School Grad | WGA Member BBQ Snob | Hip Hop Lover | Chiefs Fan | Texifornian
    3. 3. Branding for Culture • What is an employer brand? • Why does it matter? • How do you define your brand? • How do you build your employer brand?
    4. 4. What Is An Employer Brand? Definition: Employer Branding Is the Sum Total of What Current & Potential Employees Think of A Company As An Employer Goal: The goal of employer branding is to create a differentiation and preference in the minds of both current & future employees.
    5. 5. The Business Case for Branding By the Numbers $85 Billion estimated annual spend on recruitment services $8.9 Billion estimated annual spend on employer branding 3.2% of total corporate revenue spent on employer branding Source: Bersin by Deloitte 2012 Talent Management Factbook; LinkedIn State of Employer Branding Report By the Numbers $3,479 average cost per hire for US employers in 2012 $15,000 average cost of voluntary turnover per employee 18% less average salary per worker at companies with strong employer brand strategies Source: 2013 Career Xroads Soutce of Hire Report; 2012 IDC Online Recruiment Report; 2012 Gartner Recruitment Industry Overview
    6. 6. Employer Branding Benchmarks
    7. 7. Employer Branding Benchmarks
    8. 8. Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
    9. 9. Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Write down 3-5 key words that define your employer value proposition. Hint: What makes your company a great place to work?
    10. 10. Branding for Culture Top 10 Recruitment Advertising Phrases Top 10 Resume Phrases Communication Skills Experienced Passionate Innovative Motivated Motivated Organized Results Driven Track Record Dynamic Innovative Team Player Dynamic Results Oriented Proactive Fast Paced Creative Entrepreneurial But what do we REALLY care about?
    11. 11. Branding for Culture
    12. 12. “Our People Are Our Greatest Asset”
    13. 13. Branding For Culture “ “You don't have to fear your own company being perceived as human. You want it. People don't trust companies; they trust people.” –Marshall Goldsmith Prove it.
    14. 14. Branding for Culture Who’s Getting It Right?
    15. 15. Branding For Culture: Enterprise
    16. 16. Branding for Culture: SMB
    17. 17. Branding for Culture: Non-Profit
    18. 18. Branding For Culture: Staffing
    19. 19. 3 Keys To Influence 1. Employee Experience: Your employees are your best brand ambassadors – and who candidates trust the most. 2. Candidate Experience: Potential candidates start to form their impression of an employer during recruiting process – whether or not they’re selected. 3. “Exit” Experience : Stay in touch with departing employees by providing alumni networks for engagement, referrals and positive brand sentiment. Branding for Culture: HR Pros
    20. 20. Questions? Thank You!