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How To Build A Successful Social Recruiting Strategy in 2014 (And Beyond)
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How To Build A Successful Social Recruiting Strategy in 2014 (And Beyond)


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The goal of recruiting – matching the right job with the right candidate – hasn’t changed. …

The goal of recruiting – matching the right job with the right candidate – hasn’t changed.

But the tools, technologies and tactics required to successfully attract, engage and hire top talent today can be daunting.

Go beyond the marketing buzzwords and consulting speak to take a real look at what real recruiters need to know about some of the top trends in talent acquisition and what you need to know to incorporate these into a successful recruiting strategy to take your 2014 hiring to the next level.

On this webinar, you will learn:

Which Recruiting & Talent Trends You Should Watch (Or Ignore)

It seems like every day, there’s something new recruiters have to worry about other than actually hiring candidates. First it was building a great careers site, then getting on social media, then taking recruiting mobile, then using big data – what’s next? We separate the reality from the hype and show you what you really need to know – and watch for – when recruiting top talent today.

How to Build a Recruiting Strategy for Success:

The fundamentals of recruiting haven’t changed, and chances are, neither have your core processes or systems. That’s why we’ll look at some real life tips and tricks for adding the new and emerging technologies, platforms and tools available to recruiters today to your existing recruitment and hiring initiatives to build a foundation for successfully recruiting and retaining the talent your organization needs today – and tomorrow.

Life At NPR: Getting Recruiting Right

Lars Schmidt of Amplify Talent shows how he transformed recruiting and talent acquisition at NPR, providing a behind the scenes look at a successful strategy in action. Lars will look at NPR’s approach and best practices for developing, executing, measuring and refining your recruiting initiatives. This case study from NPR will show a real company really doing it right – and how every recruiter, from big brand to boutique agency, can apply these lessons to make their jobs a little easier in the coming year.

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology
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  • 1. RecruitingBlogs Exclusive #Work4Webinar: How to Build A Successful Social Recruiting Strategy for 2014 (And Beyond)
  • 2. Your Speakers Today Lars Schmidt Founder, AmplifyTalent @AmplifyTalent CJ Reuter Director of Enterprise Accounts & Client Success, Work4 @work4labs
  • 3. Let’s Tweet! #Work4Webinar @work4labs
  • 4. Which Recruiting & Talent Trends You Should Watch (Or Ignore) Photo: Getty Images
  • 5. Trend #1: Social Recruiting - More Powerful Than Ever 42% say that candidate quality improved 31% saw an increase in employee referrals 20% 73% hired successfully with social media Source: #work4webinar say it takes less time to hire
  • 6. Why Will Social Continue to Thrive? 1.19bn monthly active users Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, a higher time-spend than any other major Internet activity, including email 500mn users 259mn users Source: Business Insider #work4webinar
  • 7. Trend #2: Go Mobile or Miss Out Source: The Search Agents #work4webinar
  • 8. Job Searching Today is a Multi-Screen Reality “I browse jobs at work and save a few jobs for later. I get alerted on my mobile device, research companies on my tablet during my commute, and submit applications from my desktop at home.” #work4webinar
  • 9. Trend #3: Facebook is Professional Professional Skills Section #work4webinar Profile Prompt
  • 10. Here's Proof Source: Winning Impression #work4webinar
  • 11. Trend #4: Facebook Video Ads for Recruitment? #work4webinar
  • 12. How to Build a Recruiting Strategy for Success on Social Media #work4webinar
  • 13. Facebook: The Personal Network 83% of time spent on social networks is on Facebook 1.19bn users who have an extended network of 31,000+ people Source: Facebook, PewInternet, Comscore #work4webinar
  • 14. Understand Facebook Users Leverage Facebook to find candidates with strong bonds to your employees, your company, and your culture #work4webinar
  • 15. Strengthen Your Employer Brand Build a Facebook Career Site Synced with your ATS ATS #work4webinar
  • 16. Attract Only the Right Candidates Newsfeed Ads Grow your fan base & attract quality applicants #work4webinar Job Ads Target the right talent
  • 17. Source Anyone, Anywhere Graph Search Facebook’s Entire Database Receive automated results for your jobs #work4webinar
  • 18. Increase Quality Through Referrals Automate Job Sharing To recruiters’ & employees’ personal networks #work4webinar
  • 19. LinkedIn: The Professional Network 259mn users 3mn business pages Source: ExpandedRamblings #work4webinar
  • 20. Understand LinkedIn Users Leverage LinkedIn to find candidates with specific professional backgrounds #work4webinar
  • 21. Strengthen Your Employer Brand Company Pages & LinkedIn Groups Share news, jobs, blog posts, videos #work4webinar
  • 22. Source Anyone, Anywhere LinkedIn Recruiter Filtered search for passive professionals #work4webinar
  • 23. Twitter: The Information Network 500mn users 500mn tweets daily 8mn Americans credit Twitter as a source that led to their current job Source: Techcrunch, Cnet, TheUndercoverRecruiter #work4webinar
  • 24. Understand Twitter Users Leverage Twitter to find candidates from a certain industry or area of interest #work4webinar
  • 25. Strengthen Your Employer Brand Build a Twitter Career Account Tweet followers & engage your talent community #work4webinar
  • 26. Source Anyone, Anywhere Tweeting is a new form of “cold call” sourcing Use hashtags & images to search & connect with specific audiences #work4webinar
  • 27. Additional Platforms to Consider Google+ #work4webinar Pinterest Instagram
  • 28. Who Has Been Around the Block? Life at NPR: Getting Recruiting Right
  • 29. NPR's Social Recruiting Approach 1 Leverage NPR’s history, consumer brand, and social media to build out employment brand & drive talent attraction 2 Build brand ambassadors: engage our employees; encourage their involvement in employment branding, sharing jobs with their network, etc. #work4webinar
  • 30. NPR & Social Media @nprnews: 2,043,058 followers This Is NPR Facebook Page: 72,281 likes @NPR: 222,361 followers LinkedIn: 76,162 followers @NPRjobs: 20,832 followers Instagram: 259,560 followers NPR Facebook Page: 2.8MM likes Tumblr: 225,428 followers Stats as of 10/15/2013 Stats as of 10/15/2013 #work4webinar
  • 31. Why Social? Excerpt from Washington Post article: For Non-Profit NPR, Social Media is a Great Equalizer When it Comes to Hiring. #work4webinar
  • 32. Twitter @NPRjobs launched July 2011 20,000+ followers Primary social recruiting engagement platform #7 applicant source #4 hire source Helps NPR reach new audiences (63% of followers are under 35) #work4webinar
  • 33. #Hashtags #NPRlife – Employer Branding #PubJobs – Collaborative Recruiting #AskNPRIntern – Campaigns #JournoJob –Recruitment Marketing #work4webinar
  • 34. LinkedIn 75,000+ followers 1,442 monthly visitors #3 applicant source #5 hire source Talent Brand Index: 15 (higher than New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, ABC) Enhanced branding features #work4webinar
  • 35. Facebook NPR jobs reach 3.2 million+ fans & beyond Collaboration with NPR Communications #7 applicant source #9 hire source 37 jobs automatically imported from ATS 8,074+ job descriptions read #work4webinar
  • 36. Leveraging Existing Networks to Drive Referrals Expanding job & brand exposure with Work4 job sharing to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter 70% job views coming from Social Job Sharing 20 users lead to 5,400+ job descriptions read Customer Data: June – December 2013 #work4webinar
  • 37. Driving Candidates to NPR Social Careers Automatic Job Alerts Social Job Sharing Customer Data: June – December 2013 #work4webinar
  • 38. Career Site Reinforce culture Optimized for mobile (responsive) Media rich (photos, videos, social media) Candidate experience #work4webinar
  • 39. Blogs Employee generated content Engaging, shareable Easy to start (Tumblr) #work4webinar
  • 40. Job Descriptions Extension of your employer brand Convey why someone should want the job; culture, expectations, goals, target, results, growth Get creative (infographics, video, links) #work4webinar
  • 41. Brand Ambassadors Drive Engagement #work4webinar Amplify Jobs
  • 42. 3-Phase Social Recruiting Roadmap Building & Launching a Corporate Social Recruiting Strategy Design Months 0-3 Execution Months 3-12 Develop strategy Refine content strategy Determine internal stakeholders and gain support Build community and engagement Align with marketing/branding Select channels, determine content strategy Launch channels #work4webinar Refinement Months 12+ Advanced ROI metrics (source of hire) Channel expansion Select and implement tools (measurement/automation/ listening) Team delegation Channel expansion, develop and manage campaigns Measure, refine, adjust Promote wins internally Multimedia content
  • 43. Social Recruiting Funnel A Breakdown of Social Recruiting Activity by Stage Discovery You’re using social media to get the attention of candidates you might not otherwise reach. This is generally early-stage social recruiting. Branding You use your emerging social recruiting platforms to provide compelling content, interact with fans, share your culture. Employee involvement is key. Engagement Application #work4webinar You’re successfully building brand advocates internally & externally. Your content spreads and your reach is broadened. You’re consistently reaching passive candidates you wouldn’t through traditional methods. Here’s your payoff. The time you’ve invested in the prior 3 steps is paying dividends. Your social recruiting application & hire volume is measurably higher and your social channels are growing steadily.
  • 44. Key Takeaways Have a strategy and goal before you start. What challenges are you trying to solve? What is your target outcome? Select appropriate channels. Build relationships with internal stakeholders & influencers. Activate your employees. Pilot, start small, scale - important to build internal credibility. Multi-channel branding: social media, career site, job descriptions, blogs, conferences, etc. Listen to your fans, interact with them. Remember, this is a long-term investment. #work4webinar
  • 45. Get In Touch! Lars Schmidt @AmplifyTalent @ThisisLars CJ Reuter @work4labs @HRKnowledge