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Speak your mind stand alone prisantation 1
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Speak your mind stand alone prisantation 1


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Speak your mind is a project while studying interaction design in Malmo University. The project purpose was to encourage girls in Rosengard districts to give us stories. From these actions we hope …

Speak your mind is a project while studying interaction design in Malmo University. The project purpose was to encourage girls in Rosengard districts to give us stories. From these actions we hope there will be a starter for them to connect the city by speaking via our machine.

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  • Demonstration of the prototype goes here.
  • during testing,We observe the how strong was the MOTIVATIONS – It was enough to have a topic, instructions, a microphone and a promise of a new perspective.Before the Christmas market we had shown a previous video about the voice triggered coffeemaker, and during the Cristmas market a few girls that had seen the video expressed that they really liked the idea. That was one of the reason why we deicide to bring the coffee into the final concept.
  • We created this concept around certain aims that Ive talked about so far, but we still haveissuesthatneedsto be adressed and I like to explain them to you so we can discuss them after the presentation.What kind of topics? Possibilities to have topics such as neighborhood, family, relationships, politics. Having broad topic could create a varietyof interpretations and perspective.But it could also be more specific and related to a biggerpurpose. By collecting the stories on a website, it can for instance be a channel to create dialogue between girls and the municipality to help them influence thier neighborhood. We think there is a possibility here for collaborations between the municipality and companies and organizations. Collaboration or sponsorship form coffee companies? Zoegas, Gevaliasense Social Corporate Responsibility could be important for them/ good for them!  There is also a possibility to collaborate more locally with RGRA, the radio and music studio in Roseng[rd, and let them use the material in their radio shows. Currently, most of the broadcasting is done live, and they don't work that much with recordings before their radio show besides music. But they want to work more with radio production so it is still a possibility. However, no mater who is going to be involved in this, there are some legal issuesinvolved.According to the law, in order to publish something you have to have apublisherresponsiblefor the content. Lets say if someone record hateful things about Muslims for instance and its replayed in the coffee machine, who is accountablefor that? Theotherissue is if the municipality would create this system and allow girls to record themselves, who does the recording belong to according to copyrights? Identity of the participant? How do we give them option to statetheiridentiy in thesystemand keep track of their recording. ? If they go on a website – how to organize them and send them to your friends? We also thought about if there could be problems with giving away your identity, maybe certain topics be uncomfortable or tabu, so they will not participate? When we played the workshop game – one girl said she wanted new perspectives to help her to discuss with and change the mind of her parents. Would she get in trouble with her parents if her perspective get recorded and posted. She might even talk about her parents to the machine?    
  • Transcript

    • 1. December 21, 2011The following project presentation was made by students in the two-yearMaster’s programme in Interaction Design at Malmö University, Sweden(
    • 2.  Creating a channel for young women to express themselves in Rosengård Using coffee to create a social setting and stimulate conversation Paying with stories, instead of money
    • 3.  Girls between 16-24, in Rosengård who: Want to be heard Enjoy conversation Want to listen to others perspectives
    • 4. Our initial idea was a voice triggerd coffeemaker. But we didnt want to focus to muchon the coffee, we wanted to focus on ways that could make sense for girls inRosengård to express themselves. We designed a game to learn what are those. Eventually the game becamescommunication tool.
    • 5. The aim of the game was to let users create scenariosalong the questions, that are stated on the game plan.The point of these scenarios is for us to understand whatmake sense for participants. We had made cards withsuggestions to answer each question and we alsobrought blank cards to encourage them to write theirown.
    • 6. The game had a game plan with five questions: Whats on your mind? How would you like to express yourself? Who is your message for? How would you like to send your message? What would you like to have in return?
    • 7.  We had a workshop at RGRA, but since it was only boys there that night, and we tried to arrange a workshop with both Bircks and Örtogardsskolan in Rosengard, but they didn’t have time for us. So we arranged spontoneous workshops basically just approaching girls and asking for a few minutes if their had time at MediaGymnaiset and Rosengård Library.
    • 8. During the workshop we started to see patterns that helped us make design decisions for a prototype. Future Conversation Friends New perspective
    • 9. We made the prototype to test in Christmas market in Rosengård. The prototype has a TIMER where you need to speak for 30 second and, in return ORIGAMi with a new perspective ,A MOTTO about future. Also we had the idea this is going to be a standalone piece in the activity area at the end. So we wrote instractions on the prototype to see how much instruction that in needed Bring a friend Grab a microphone Talk about the future Get a new perspective, origami.
    • 10. G1: What do you want to work with in the future?G2: I wanna be a writer. G2: I make everything up.G1: What kind of writer? G1: And nothing in your books , has happened toWhat kind of books would you like to write? your friends or to you. Everything is just fiction?G2: Youth books G2: No-Maybe my friends…G1: Youth books! What will they be about? G1: your friends—Do they know about that?G2: Everything about young people….Those that G2: They don’t want me to (write about them)…are in love… Those that are friends…. G1: But you do it anyway? You are going to be a cocky writer.G1: Are you already writing books? G2: No, but, I will tell them. They will have to readG2 : Yes, I am writing a book now… the books.G1: what is it about?G2: A girl without friends… a five year old girlwho doesn’t have any friends. Machine: Thank you very as you can see the time as filledG1: When you are writing. up now and you have gotten a new perspective.Do you use inspiration from your own life. Or doyou make it up?
    • 11.  2 people needed to operate the machine (Face to face conversation) Having something in return ( 2 cups of coffee) Listening to other people’s recordings (New Perspective) Starting/stopping recording (affects the amount of coffee)
    • 12.  Empowering / giving a voice, the ability to record their thoughts. Local / place/specific in Rosengård, topics, the users and the listeners of the stories, it’s a physical object, all about Rosengård and the community. Performative / have to act to get coffee, verbal Collaborative / collecting voices and perspectives Verbal / you have a voice and you can create your stories and listen and collect others. And it is also connected to the performative. It is a certain way to interact.
    • 13.  What kind of topics? Could it be related to a Bigger purpose? Collaborations with companies and organizations? (coffee componies, city of Malmö…) Who is the owner of the content? Identity of the participant?