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how to make money online 2012, very easy with low investment.

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Make money-online-end-2012

  1. 1. Hi there...Today, you maybe one from a lot people out there who looking forhow to make money/dollar online.Tried many “suggestion” you can get in internet and now you feelbad, because nottings works. You loose a lot of money, and beginto think its not worthed to still in this bussiness....I know exactly how you fill.... Because, I WAS THROUGHT THAT TIME TOI buy a lot e-book, video, cd, ect and follow any instructionthere, and still nothing happen. There is no cash in my pocketleft. I fell awfull about that... CUT.....!!! Stop Please!!! ......................................Oh my god!! Come on...! im sounding like “them” right..? “them” who said they are best in internet bussiness, making a lot of money, live like a king, and ask your money to learn from them..!!!Because im not an really expert on internet bussiness(maybe..), so im gonna skip that one.. :p.Let make this ebook easy to read and easy to follow.Thats enough.. Hope you agree with me in this one...
  2. 2. Okey.. Let’s get’s started now... What we gonna learn in this ebookis PTC or Paid To Click. Sound great? Or Sound bad..? but read thiscarefully... I have bad news and good news for you. :) Check this out... :Bad News is you can get a “help” from a "professional" how tomake money/dollar from PTC by paid them..!! Yes... paid them!Many site out there sell e-book or something about that. And aboutprice? H*ll No: $5 to $50!So, you paid them to get that information.But, after that, you dont have enough money to start... You clicksome ads from PTC and only get $0,001/click. A day you only canmake, lets say only $0,025. In a month, WTF!! You only have$0.75 in your account..!! You feel bad so you stop clicking adsanymore..!! No more PTC...!But,Good News is, I will help you. FOR FREE. :). I’m not askingyour MONEY to my account!! Never..!! Rather than buy ebook for$5-$50, that money you can make to become your "balance" formaking money from PTC, more faster than you can imagine..!! Trustme...! AND, there is no link for you to click will guide you to buyanother ebook!!I PROMISE, and I KEEP MY PROMISE WELL.Sound’s good enough..? Still wanna know how..? Read entire post...Here I suggest one good PTC. NeoBux! Why NeoBux? They haverun this bussiness for more than 4 years. That is long enough for
  3. 3. PTC, who have little complain, always pay and have autopay toPaypal or Payza.Many PTC out there go down/become scam just for 3 or 6 month. Sowe can say “Good PTC” if they stay online and pay more than 1years!!So, NeoBux will be good enough for your first practice. Just click the banner and become memberGo to register form, and complete all data :
  4. 4. Remember, you must have Paypal or Payza to get paid. So ifyou not yet have Paypal or Payza, you can register here... To have an accout at Paypal, Ctrl+Click banner To have an accout at Payza, Ctrl+Click bannerAfter you finish all NeoBux registration form, you may check youemail to confirm as a member NeoBux. Now, as a member ofNeoBux, you can start your making money.Click View Advertisements, and click every ads you found there.Every ads you click, you will get $0,001. Everyday, you must click,minimum 4-5 click each day, more is better. But, if you active
  5. 5. enough as a member, you will get a lot af ads ( personally, i getmore than 20 ads each day).Just login to check if theres a new ads to click or install NeobuxTollbars... it’s easy online to know if there is a new ads to click....Now you get confuse....... How can i get much more money if i just can make $0,020 a day? Its only $0,6 a month..!!!Yeah... Its too little and totally not helping your month income.Thats why you need money to start. Like I said before,rather than buy some ebook, your can use your money forstart "play" with PTC.How? You rent referral..! NeoBux have a lot of referral withoutreferrer who you can use to making money for you. Each referralyou can rent for $0,20 a month. So, you rent some referral asmuch as you can pay.Why as much as you can pay? Because, The more referral youhave, the more money you can make.
  6. 6. This is the calculation :1. As a Free Member or Standart Member with 25 rent referral.You make $16.20 a month. Paid rent referral 0.20x25 = $5.So totally, you get $11.20 a month.Isnt enough huh..? See what you get with much more referral...2. As a Free Member or Standart Member with 100 rent referral.You make $61.20 a month. Paid rent referral 0.20x100 = $20.So totally, you get $40.20 a month.Isnt enough again huh..? See what you get with much morereferral...
  7. 7. 3. Lets take to the TOP as a Standart Member. Make 300 rentreferral. You make $181.20 a month. Paid rent referral 0.20x300 =$60.So totally, you get $120.20 a month.Still doesnt enough again huh..? Let see what you got withmuch more referral and upgrade account...4. Let say, you upgrade account to Golden Member. 500 rentReferral and You will make $602.70 a month..! Paid rent referral0.21x500 = $150.So totally, you get $452.70 a month.Come on!!! still doesnt enough huh..? Rent some refferal more!
  8. 8. 5. As a Golden Member with 2000 rent referral. You make$2402.70 a month. Paid rent referral 0,27x2000= $540.And you get $1862.70 a month...!!!And if $1862.70 a month still doesnt enough for you... You stillhave more options to upgrade your account to Emerald,Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, and Ultimate.And calculate yourself, how much you will get in a month.....Easy right.... ? You just have to 4-5 click to meetminimum requirement for a day in a month.
  9. 9. How exactly do I get paid?The amount they paid you depends on several different factors. Seethe table below...
  10. 10. Just remember, as a newbie/rockie, you must be FOCUS and be PATIENT!Dont get to rush to pay a lot when you start this "business".Lets say, for the first month, you only rent 100 referral, next monthyou can increase to 150 and more and more until you get enough toupgrade you account for better payment.Almost forgot, there is BIG NO for make money with PTC : 1. Dont you ever, have double account, Your Account will be BANNED..! 2. Dont you ever, use any software for click ads, Your Account will be BANNED..! 3. Dont you ever, “play” with proxy to login, Your Account will be BANNED..! 4. Dont you ever, spam email to get referral, Your Account will be BANNED..!Just be good member, and follow the rulescorectly... so youll make money safe with othermember, and NeoBux will stay alive and makemoney for all of us.... *********
  11. 11. PAYMENT PROOF FROM NEOBUXThis is the art of making money online... If you treat your accountcorrectly, that will make you smile everytime you check your PTCaccount...There is PTC Master has get more than $9.999/payout...!!!!See this proof payment from one of PTC MASTER, reggen666..!!
  12. 12. Hope i will get that payment too, and I hope you get the same.... Just sign up now and start making your own strategy making money from PTC..!! *********
  13. 13. ELITE, LEGIT, and PAYNeoBux its only a sample one. I have a lot PTC you can follow.As long as I know, their are LEGIT and Paying.Some of them are ELITE PTC.So im gonna put some of them here. A ll of this PTC will I collatedaccording their reputation, just connect your computer tointernet, and ctrl+click the banner : Clicksense(2007), more than 4 years PAID. Elite PTC! Buxp(2008), “CRAZY PTC”!! Every day you have 50+ ads to click..!!! AMAZING..!Elite PTC.
  14. 14. Thats all...Many PTC out there....But, i can’t give it all, because some of them are BIG SCAM You dont wanna feel like i was feel right? Invest to something who cheat on you..? ********* Im gonna ask some help for you. Please regist all this PTC with my link. You gonna be my refferal. Thats why I give you this ebook for free.I do not intend to take advantage from you or from this e-book. I just invite you to working together making dollars from Internet. And for return, Ill give you this ebook blueprint for editing. Yes.. Free for Editing! Free email me at and i will give you this blueprint to edit with your own link. Just give me your PTC account name and PTC you follow from me, to make sure you are my referral. Its fair enough right..?Thanks... Padukasaja