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Complete booklist for sara craven

  1. 1. Complete Booklist for Sara CravenOrdered by Publish Date To display the book description for each book click here. To collapse the book description for each book click here. To hide all unnecessary text for a clean print click here. End of Her Innocence, The ISBN: 0373130554 Publisher: Harlequin Presents Publish Date: March 2012 Book Description: A dangerous yet irresistible temptation… Before her heart became the latest one discarded in wild abandon by the even wilder Darius Maynard, housekeeper Chloe Benson fled her beloved village. Returning home years later, she finds the notorious rogue’s flashing green eyes and mocking comments still infuriate…and excite her! Suddenly upgraded from spare to heir, Darius is enduring an onslaught of personal torment. However, he’s been the black sheep of the Maynard family for as long as the gossipmongers can remember. And there are some old habits – indulging in beautiful women for example – that Darius has no intention of breaking… End of Her Innocence, The (large print) ISBN: 0373238193 Publisher: Harlequin Presents Publish Date: March 2012 Book Description: A dangerous yet irresistible temptation… Before her heart became the latest one discarded in wild abandon by the even wilder Darius Maynard, housekeeper Chloe Benson fled her beloved village. Returning home years later, she finds the notorious rogue’s flashing green eyes and mocking comments still infuriate…and excite her! Suddenly upgraded from spare to heir, Darius is enduring an onslaught of personal torment. However, he’s been the black sheep of the Maynard family for as long as the gossipmongers can remember. And there are some old habits – indulging in beautiful women for example – that Darius has no intention of breaking…
  2. 2. Wife in the ShadowsISBN: 0373528302Publisher: Harlequin Presents EXTRAPublish Date: September 2011Book Description:The private face of a public marriage. The manipulative machinationsof the great Manzini family have locked Elena Blake into marriage.The reluctant groom is Italys most infamous womanizer, CountAngelo Manzini. In societys spotlight, Angelo bestows dutiful kisseson his shy new countess. But behind closed doors, his apparentlybiddable bride refuses to stand in the shadows. Challenged by Elenasdefiance, Angelo finds himself captivated by the thought of possessingher!Highest Stakes of All, TheISBN: 0373129920Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: May 2011Book Description:Once upon a time and far away, Joanna Vernon found herself as theultimate prize in a dangerously high-stakes card game. When the lasthand had been revealed, the knowing curl of Vassos Gordaniss lip toldher he had every intention of claiming his winnings....Though no setting could be more beautiful than Vassoss private island,to Joanna the Aegean Sea was merely a turquoise-hued prison wall. Inthe Gordanis house, a woman was expected to know her place, and thisgorgeous Greek knew this was exactly how he planned to settle thescore....His Untamed InnocentISBN: 0373129610Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 2010Book Description:Jake Radley-Smith is pleasantly surprised to find a strange female inhis company apartment -- wearing a bath towel! He isnt interested inMarins sob story. Hes late for a house party and shell be perfect as hisready-made date!Marins completely bewildered.... She thought pretending to be aloving couple would be easy, but the chemistry between her and Jakeis explosive! Shes also left with no doubt that what Jake wants, hegets.and it seems he wants her -- badly. How can she, inexperienced
  3. 3. and nervous, handle his lethal brand of dark desire?Innocents Surrender, TheISBN: 0373129033Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: March 2010Book Description:Natasha Kirby had long been saddened by her familys feud with theMandrakis men…now shes caught in its savage cross fire. The familybusiness has fallen into the hands of merciless tycoon Alex Mandrakis.Summoned to his bedroom, Natasha is given an impossible ultimatum:sacrifice her virginity, or he will destroy her family!Captive on Alexs luxury yacht, Natasha finds her trembling fear turnsto traitorous shivers of desire. By rights she should despise him, butslowly she finds herself wishing that her bittersweet seduction couldlast forever….Ruthless AwakeningISBN: 0373128630Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 2009Book Description:The grandeur of Penvarnon House in Cornwall is where RhiannaCarlow spent her lonely childhood as the housekeepers unwantedniece. Now shes a guest returning for a wedding at Penvarnon—andbillionaire Diaz Penvarnon is back, too, seemingly as arrogant andruthless as ever!Diaz has one aim—to keep gold digger Rhianna away from the house.Hes also the descendant of a Spanish pirate! So he kidnaps Rhiannaand she finds herself captive on his luxurious yacht…where herinexperience is no match for his merciless desire!Santangeli Marriage, TheISBN: 037352725XPublisher: Harlequin Presents EXTRAPublish Date: July 2009Book Description:Released under the publishers multi-author mini-series - "Forced To Marry"Orphan Marisa was raised by the wealthy Santangeli family.Their only demand was that she marry their son . . .Italian billionaire and renowned playboy Lorenzo Santangeli isexpecting to receive his moneys worth from his innocent wife on their
  4. 4. wedding night. But Marisa flees — how can she share a bed with theman who married her solely to produce an heir?Lorenzo vows to bring his virgin bride home — you do not say no to aSantangeli! Once shes back shell be his completely, and he isdetermined to enjoy every minute of it!Harlequin Presents Extra - # 61Publisher multi-author mini-series - are books, written by different authors, thatfollow a distinct publisher-created theme.Santangeli Marriage, The (UK)ISBN: 026386989XPublisher: Mills & BoonPublish Date: January 2009Book Description:Orphan Marisa was raised by the wealthy Santangeli family.Their only demand was that she marry their son . . .Italian billionaire and renowned playboy Lorenzo Santangeli isexpecting to receive his moneys worth from his innocent wife on theirwedding night. But Marisa flees — how can she share a bed with theman who married her solely to produce an heir?Lorenzo vows to bring his virgin bride home — you do not say no to aSantangeli! Once shes back shell be his completely, and he isdetermined to enjoy every minute of it!Mills & Boon- Modern - # 818Bride of DesireISBN: 0373127847Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 2008Book Description:Two years ago, Allie fled an unhappy marriage for France, where shemet irresistible Remy de Brizat. But they were driven apart when hediscovered her secret. Allie was distraught, and her only comfort washer discovery that she was pregnant with his baby.Now Allie has returned to France, realizing she has to tell Remy abouthis child. Remy offers her what she always wanted: marriage. Butthough he might worship her with his body, she knows this wedding isonly for the babys sake….
  5. 5. One Night with His Virgin MistressISBN: 0373127650Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 2008Book Description:Tallie has moved to London to pursue her dream, so when shes offereda gorgeous apartment to house-sit, she cant believe her luck.Millionaire Mark Benedict returns home and is shocked—although notaltogether displeased—to find Tallie in his shower! He will take Tallieto his bed and turn her from inexperienced innocent…to his willingmistress!Virgins Wedding Night, TheISBN: 0373126964Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 2008Book Description:Released under the publishers multi-author mini-series - “Innocent Mistress,Virgin Bride”A Bride for the TakingHarriet Flint must marry before shes twenty-five if she is to claim herinheritance. She turns to sexy Roan Zandros, who agrees to a marriagein name only.Their marriage vows exchanged, Roan reveals he is a billionaire whoseevery demand is granted. Harriet realizes that Roan has every intentionof claiming his inexperienced bride!Harlequin Presents — # 2696Publisher multi-author mini-series - are books, written by different authors, thatfollow a distinct publisher-created theme.Virgins Wedding Night, The (Large Print)ISBN: 0373234600Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 2008Book Description:Released under the publishers multi-author mini-series - “Innocent Mistress,Virgin Bride”A Bride for the TakingHarriet Flint must marry before shes twenty-five if she is to claim herinheritance. She turns to sexy Roan Zandros, who agrees to a marriagein name only.Their marriage vows exchanged, Roan reveals he is a billionaire whoseevery demand is granted. Harriet realizes that Roan has every intention
  6. 6. of claiming his inexperienced bride!Publisher multi-author mini-series - are books, written by different authors, thatfollow a distinct publisher-created theme.Innocent on Her Wedding NightISBN: 0373126700Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 2007Book Description:Released under the publishers multi-author mini-series - “Ruthless”Laine waited for her handsome new husband, Daniel Flynn, to come toher on their wedding night — knowing that their marriage was a sham.Daniel didnt love her — he was just fulfilling a promise hed made totake care of her. So Laine fled — a married woman, but still aninnocent! Two years later, broke and vulnerable, Laine has to faceDaniel again. And this time Daniel will take the wedding night thatshould have been his!Harlequin Presents — # 2670Publisher multi-author mini-series - are books, written by different authors, thatfollow a distinct publisher-created theme.Innocent on Her Wedding Night (Large Print)ISBN: 0373234341Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 2007Book Description:Released under the publishers multi-author mini-series - “Ruthless”Laine waited for her handsome new husband, Daniel Flynn, to come toher on their wedding night — knowing that their marriage was a sham.Daniel didnt love her — he was just fulfilling a promise hed made totake care of her. So Laine fled — a married woman, but still aninnocent! Two years later, broke and vulnerable, Laine has to faceDaniel again. And this time Daniel will take the wedding night thatshould have been his!Publisher multi-author mini-series - are books, written by different authors, thatfollow a distinct publisher-created theme.Forced Bride, The (UK)ISBN: 0263852943Publisher: Mills & BoonPublish Date: February 2007Book Description:He’ll finally claim her – in the marriage bed!When Emily Blake innocently kissed formidable Italian count RafaelDi Salis, she could never have foreseen that one day she would bebound to marry him by her late father’s wishes. Emily agreed to be theCount’s wife until her trust was released – on the day she reached
  7. 7. twenty-one…Count Rafael has bided his time… He has kept his passions under ironcontrol for two years – his bride was young and he didn’t want to claimher until she was woman enough to handle him… But now she hascome of age – she will be his!Forced Bride, TheISBN: 0373125976Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 2007Book Description:When Emily Blake innocently kissed formidable Italian count RafaelDi Salis, she didnt know that she was bound by her late fathers wishesto marry him. Emily agreed to be the counts wife until she reachedtwenty-one….Count Rafael has bided his time. Hes kept his passions under ironcontrol for two years—his bride was young and he did not want toclaim her until she was woman enough to handle him. But now she hascome of age, she will be his!Counts Blackmail Bargain, TheISBN: 0373233310Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 2006Book Description:For handsome Italian count Alessio Ramontella, seducing womencomes as naturally as breathing. Alessio lives his life based on twocriteria: first that success and satisfaction are guaranteed, and secondthat all his dealings are discreet and conducted between mutuallyconsenting parties.Then he meets innocent English beauty Laura Mason. Shes sweet,tempting…and off-limits. Alessio must decide: should he ruthlesslypursue Laura until she gives in?Wife Against Her WillISBN: 0373125445Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 2006Book Description:Darcy Langton is stunned when she finds herself engaged tobusinessman Joel Castille — traded as part of a business merger!While Joel represents everything that she detests in a mate, hes also
  8. 8. the most charismatic man shes ever met.Joel has no intentions of honoring their in-name-only agreement, andaway from the boardroom Darcy is unable to resist his sensualpersuasions. But when Darcy makes a shocking discovery, Joel mustwin her back — or risk losing his most valuable asset forever . . .Harlequin Presents - HP # 2544Italians Pleasure, The (UK-Anthology)ISBN: 0263846725Publisher: Mills & BoonPublish Date: April 2006Book Description:Bartaldi’s Bride – Sara CravenClare usually ran a mile from powerful, sensual men like GuidoBartaldi. Only when she was held all but captive in his palatial villa,did she realise that she had been chosen as his bride!The Italian’s Bride – Diana HamiltonKnowing that powerful Lucenzo Verdi could take her baby son away,Portia Makepeace has no choice but to go to his home in Tuscany. Heobviously thinks she’s a gold-digger, but Portia finds herself falling inlove with him!The Italian’s Touch – Carol MarinelliFleur Hadley sees gorgeous new consultant Mario Ruffini makingreally positive changes at work. She feels the chemistry between them;he could be her second chance at happiness.Sweet Revenge (UK-Anthology)ISBN: 0263846628Publisher: Mills & BoonPublish Date: March 2006Book Description:Rome’s Revenge – Sara CravenThanks to a family feud, Rome D’Angelo was being told he must makeCory Grant his bride and then jilt her. He was amazed to find Cory’sinnocence so sexy. Perhaps instead of jilting her he should marry her!The Sweet Revenge – Emma DarcyThe moment Nick Armstrong saw Barbie Lamb, he had to brave her.She was the sexiest woman he’d met! Completely forgotton was theteenage girl whose youthful crush he’d rejected years ago.
  9. 9. A Seductive Revenge – Kim LawrenceJosh Prentice has a broken heart and thinks there’s only one way tomend it; he plans to seduce Flora Graham, and then jilt her. But hedoesn’t expect to find it so difficult to walk away.Marcheses Love-Child, TheISBN: 0373125216Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: February 2006Book Description:When aristocratic Alessandro Valessi discovers the existence of hislove child, he is determined to be part of Polly Fairfaxs life! But Pollyhas been raising the child alone — and she doesnt want or need hersons father, especially after the arrogant Italian count hurt her sobadly....But Alessandro leaves Polly no choice; he will fight her for custody oftheir child, unless Polly does as he commands...and agrees to marryhim immediately!His Wedding-Night HeirISBN: 0373125097Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 2005Book Description:"Virginal beauty Cally Maitland has become accustomed to life on therun since fleeing her marriage to British aristocrat Sir NicholasTempest. But Nicholas isnt prepared to let Cally go. He has a harshultimatum to deliver: give him their long-overdue wedding night--andprovide him with an heir!"In the Millionaires PossessionISBN: 0373188579Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 2005Book Description:Pretty, but penniless, Helen Frayne vows to do anything to keep herancestral home, but she doesnt realize just how far shell have to go….Arrogant Frenchman and millionaire property magnate MarcDelaroche wants Helen as hes never wanted a woman before. Hescertain she will sell herself to keep her precious home, and hes soonproved right when she agrees to become his wife — of convenience.But it seems Marc has no intention of honoring his side of the bargain.
  10. 10. Hes demanding all of his marital rights!Mistress At a PriceISBN: 0373124716Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 2005Book Description:"Another wedding, another hat...and more hours spent with a fixedsmile plastered on her face. Until Cat meets Liam Hargreaves. Themillionaire offers her one explosive, passionate encounter and Catdoesnt think twice. Its an experience shell never forget...But Liamisnt a man to accept half measures: he doesnt want Cat just for onenight, but all of her, always. And like the ruthless tycoon that he is, hehas a plan to make sure that happens: hell keep Cat as his mistress fornow--and shell pay his price of marriage, later!"Bedroom Barter, TheISBN: 0373124422Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 2005Book Description:Chellie Greer is a long way from home. Penniless and without herpassport, shes stuck working in a seedy club with no means of escape -- until Ash Brennan walks in.Whats such a powerful, irresistible stranger doing in a place like this?Ash offers her a way out, but Chellie has to wonder exactly why he isrescuing her. Does he really want to protect her, or is there a price onher head... and on her body?His Convenient MarriageISBN: 0373124171Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 2004Book Description:Miles Hunter had lived life on the edge. When he proposed marriage toChessie, she knew it couldnt be because he loved her. He simplyneeded a social hostess and someone to look after his beautiful home.Chessie knew she owed Miles a great deal. When her family had beentorn apart by financial scandal, hed taken her in and given her a joband security. But was he now expecting her to repay his bed?
  11. 11. His Forbidden BrideISBN: 0373124007Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 2004Book Description:When Zoe Lambert inherits a Greek island villa she sets off for a newstart in life. Her new home is just perfect -- and so is the sexy gardenerwho comes with it! In fact, the chemistry between them is instant, andoverwhelming...When Zoe discovers that Andreas isnt just a humble gardener, butactually the wealthy son of a shipping tycoon, a series of startlingsecrets begins to unravel. Andreass true identity changes everything:hes now strictly off-limits -- unless he can release the chains of hispast and claim Zoe as his forbidden bride...Token Wife, TheISBN: 0373123698Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 2004Book Description:Released under the multi-author series - "Wedlocked!" -A Forced Marriage . . .?Alex Fabian is a successful city banker who lives life on his ownterms. But when his family gives him an ultimatum to marry withinthree months or lose his inheritance, hes forced to find a bride . . .!Louise Trentham is instantly wary when Alex Fabian proposes: hesformidably dynamic, gorgeous — and way out of her league! But thechemistry between them is irresistible. Can Louise take the plunge andsay, "I do," knowing that, for Alex, shell always be only his tokenwife?Harlequin Presents – # 2369Mistress on LoanISBN: 0373123388Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: August 2003Book Description:As a teenager, Adrien was infatuated with Chay Haddon, and wasdevastated when her family banished him, claiming hed betrayed theirtrust. Chay vanished vowing revenge….Adrien is shocked when, years later, the tables are turned and she finds
  12. 12. herself at Chays mercy. Now rich and devastatingly handsome, hesthe only one who can save her from scandal. But he has a price: hellhelp her, but only if she becomes his mistress!Forced Marriage, TheISBN: 0373123205Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: May 2003Book Description:Powerful Italian Marco Valante was used to taking what he wanted --and he wouldnt let a little thing like Floras engagement stand in theway!Flora had been trying to convince herself she was happy with hersteady fiance, but her head hadnt stopped spinning since shed literallybumped into Marco!The sexy tycoon wasted no time in whisking her away to his villa -- forprivacy, passion and a surprise marriage proposal.Marco was determined to marry Flora before she could discover their"accidental" meeting hadnt been quite so innocent...Marriage Proposition, TheISBN: 0373122969Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 2002Book Description:When Paige looked at Nick Destry she could hardly believe she wasmarried to him! A successful banker, Nick was confidently sexy-butruthless...Smokescreen MarriageISBN: 037312287XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: November 2002Book Description:Kates marriage to Michalis Theodakis is in the past-in all but name.She knows he married her only to cover up his affair with his mistress,so how dare he expect her to play the dutiful wife? And now Michaliswants to escort her to his sisters wedding! And hes willing to resort toblackmail to do it, too.
  13. 13. Romes RevengeISBN: 0373122403Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: March 2002Book Description:Rome dAngelo could have had his pick of women-only, his fiance hadalready been chosen for him, by hs grandfather. A family fued meantRome was forced to make Cory Gran his bride and then jilt her. But hisplans were spoiled when he discovered that he genuinely liked Cory...Tycoons Mistress, TheISBN: 037312192XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: July 2001Book Description:Cressy had been astonished when Draco Viannis proposed. Thepassion between them was mind-blowing -- but surely it was just aholiday affair? When Cressy returned home to find her family in crisis,it seemed Draco was the only man who could help -- for a price...Marriage by DeceptionISBN: 0373121555Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 2001Book Description:Ros Craig wished shed never let herself be persuaded into accepting ablind date! Meeting Sam Hunter could have been the perfect match--ifonly Ros hadnt been pretending to be someone else...Sam Hunter wasan investigative journalist.Arranging a blind date was simply a professional assignment, and oncethe evening was over hed never have to see this mystery woman again!Except he wanted to!Bartaldis BrideISBN: 0373121199Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: July 2000Book Description:Clare usually ran a mile from powerful, sensual men like GuidoBartaldi. Only, shed agreed to live under Guidos roof as companion tohis wayward ward, the young woman clearly destined to becomeGuidos wife...
  14. 14. Horrified at Guidos marriage plans, Clare soon decided to leave -- andfound herself all but captive in Guidos palatial villa. Then she realizedit was SHE whod been chosen as Bartaldis bride!Marriage at a DistanceISBN: 0373120931Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: April 2000Book Description:The long surrender...Gabriel Verne had married Joanna when she was a lovestruck,inexperienced eighteen-year-old. But after a bittersweet honeymoon,he had denounced their marriage as a sham.For years they had led separate lives, but now Gabriel had returnedhome to claim his inheritance -- and his wife...By the terms of his late fathers will, he and Joanna were to livetogether as man and wife for a year.Although she still loved him, she was, willing to forgo her inheritancerather than live with a man who didnt love her.Irresistible TemptationISBN: 037312077XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 2000Book Description:Declan Malone was convinced Olivia was a threat to his cousinsmarriage. True, she didnt SEEM the type to steal another womanshusband, but there was only one way to make absolutely sure: Declanmust seduce Olivia himself!With Declans looks, sex appeal and fabulous Notting Hill home, fewwomen had been able to resist him -- but Olivia seemed determined to!Had Declan misjudged her? And the more he wined and dined her, themore he wanted her -- for real!
  15. 15. Marriage Under SuspicionISBN: 0373120583Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 1999Book Description:"Your husband loves another woman. " The note was signed " AFriend" but no friend would ever do that to another woman. Could it beTrue? Was Kate Lassiters marriage falling apart? She still loved herhusband, Ryan, still thrilled at his touch, but how long was it sincetheyd last made love?On the surface they had it all: successful careers, a lovely home and theperfect marriage. But if Ryan had committed the ultimate betrayal,then revenged was no answer. Kate wanted her husband back and shewas prepared to fight to keep him. Because while her marriage wasunder suspicion there was no way she could tell Ryan she wasexpecting his baby!Seduction Game, TheISBN: 0373120303Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: May 1999Book Description:After a disastrous relationship, career girl Tara Lyndon had almostgiven up on men. But then she met Alan Barnard...The devastatingly sexy hunk could have stepped straight out of herfantasies. Unfortunately, this perfect man had a perfect fiancee waitingin the wings.Nanny For Christmas, AISBN: 0373119992Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 1998Book Description:Dear Santa. Please can I have a new nanny? Id like her to be good atstories, games and kind to teddy bears...oh and to Daddy... I reallywant a mummy but Daddy says she isnt coming back and hes doinghis best to get me a new one, but in the meantime I have to have ananny to look after me. Love Tara.
  16. 16. Ultimate TemptationISBN: 0373119631Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 1998Book Description:Ultimate Temptation Giulio Falcone needed a willing woman, andLucy was in his debt...and his House! Only, his interest in her was asmuch practical as sexual...He needed a nanny to look after his sisterschildren.Lucy found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She couldjust about cope with Marco and little Emelia-it was their uncle she wasfinding a real handful! Tall, dark and deadly sexy-Giulio was theultimate in temptations and Lucy was finding hard to resist!One Reckless NightISBN: 0373119445Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: March 1998Book Description:"Zanna Westcott was a successful bursinesswoman with a track recordfor ruthless takeovers and always putting business before pleasure.Jake Lantrell was pleasure...sheer unadulterated pleasure. Zannasattraction to him scared her. Jake represented everything in life she hadtried to avoid: love, emotion, sex.And so, after one reckless night of passion, Zanna had determined toforget her momentary indiscretion....It wasnt so easy. Jake wantedmore than a one-night stand. He was determined to show Zanna thatthere was something missing from her life--him!"DeceivedISBN: 0373119011Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: August 1997Book Description:Years ago, Marius seduced Lydie, then abandoned her. Now hes back.But according to him, LYDIE was the deceiver, and hes been awayjust long enough to plan his revenge...
  17. 17. Dark ApolloISBN: 0373117868Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 1996Book Description:Seduced!Nic Xandreou thought Katie was a gold digger out to trap his brotherinto marriage. Camilla, knew her sister better and was determined tochampion her cause even if it meant a visit to Xandreous strongholdon the island of Karthos.Camilla Dryden had always been the sensible one in her family, butshe had walked into the lions den, not realizing the risk she wasrunning. Nic Xandreou wasnt accustomed to hearing the word no.Especially from a woman.He was a dangerously sexy man used to women who were sweet,docile and silent! Camilla was anything but. She seemed to enjoy theirwar of words as much as he. And, as Nic was eager to prove, there wasone place theyd be sure to agree--the bedroom!Thunder on the ReefISBN: 0373117612Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 1995Book Description:"I Want You Back in My Life – back in My Bed!"Macy had fallen for Ross Bannisters charms before, only to be totallydisillusioned when he had abandoned her for better things. Now theyhad met again and she had no intention of making the same mistakes.But when Ross abducted her and took her to his island, Macys resolvebegan to crumble. After all, she was still married to the man.Harlequin Presents - # 1761Tower of ShadowsISBN: 0373117086Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 1994Book Description:Destination: FranceAttractions: Great Food, Wine, Romance . . . And Rohan SaintYves
  18. 18. Here, in the fragrant province of Perigord, lay the mystery of Sabinespast -- the scandal and secrecy of her mothers banishment, and of herfathers true identity. And in the vineyards of her ancestors, also lay afuture ripe for the taking with Rohan Saint Yves, a man Savinediscovers can love as fiercely as he hates...."Dawn SongISBN: 0373116403Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: April 1994Book Description:Megs visit to the south of France is an exercise in duplicity -- shesundertaking a charade for which she feels wrechedly guilty. But whenshe falls into the arms of Jerome Moncourt, she realizes she isnt theonly one to have secrets...Dark RansomISBN: 0373115490Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: April 1993Book Description:She Was Living on the Edge of TormentCharlie Graham had come thousands of miles across the world -- theAmazon promised excitement, adventure and new hope for herbedraggled soul. But she hadnt counted on being kidnapped by one ofBrazils richest rubber planters, Riago da Santana, and held hostage inhis jungle castle!Of course, the kidnapping was a misunderstanding, and nobody couldhave predicted the torrential rains that flooded the river, strandingeverybody. But that hadnt stopped the black sheep of the Santanafamily from sweeping Charlie away. Hed taken her body anddevastated her mind and her senses. And then he demanded shebecome his bride!Harlequin Presents - # 1549Desperate MeasuresISBN: 0373115032Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: November 1992Book Description:Had Fate Brought Them Together?Philippa Roscoe needed a large sum of money and she needed it fast— her fathers life depended on it. Wealthy French businessman Alain
  19. 19. de Courcy needed a wife — purely for business reasons. Alain wasonly too happy to provide Philippa with the funds she required. Inexchange he demanded marriage and not just in name only. There waslittle Philippa could do: she had to agree to his terms. She hadnt agreedto fall under Alains charismatic spell. But could Philippa keep herselffrom falling in love or had this marriage of convenience become adesperate act.Harlequin Presents - # 1503When the Devil DrivesISBN: 0373114710Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: July 1992Book Description:The dreaded day of reckoning had come. It was time for Joanna to stoprunning and face Callum Blackstone. If she had only herself toconsider....But refusing to submit to Cals impossible demands meant financialdisaster for her father and brother. Fate had dealt Cal all the best cards,yet the price he wanted Joanna to pay seemed far too high. Could hepossibly have a motive other than revenge? Dare she dream...?Storm ForceISBN: 0373113307Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 1991Book Description:Jay Delaney, on camera, had a dynamic appeal. Off screen, his blendof magnetism was even more potent. Not that Maggie was interested.Shed had enough problems in her life recently, and the last thing shewanted was an uninvited guest to disturb the peace and quiet of hersolitary hideaway. But she didnt have much choice, and despite herwary feelings of Jay, Maggie found herself drawn to him. " its wisenot to start something you cant finish, " Jay warned her. But there wasno way Maggie could know how their encounter would end...FlawlessISBN: 0373112793Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 1990Book Description:Now, Carly Thought, Shed Get Her RevengeAs a gawky, plain teenager, Carly has suffered bitter disillusion at the
  20. 20. hands of Saul Kingsland. And she had waited for the right time. As anacknowledged beauty arid successful model now, Carly could afford tobe generous. But she had no intention of forgiving and forgetting thepast. It was time for Saul Kingsland to learn a lesson. So she laid herplans carefully, put them into action – only then realizing that the pricemight well be too high for Carly herself to pay!Harlequin Presents - # 1279Island of the HeartISBN: 0373112416Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 1990Book Description:IT WAS A MARVELOUS OPPORTUNITYAnd Sandie grabbed it. Only afterward did she realize shed been alittle naive.When noted pianist and composer Crispin Sinclair offered her freetuition at his Irish home, she had no idea how closely she resembledthe wife he hadnt got around to divorcing. And shed viewed Crispinonly as a musician, not a man.So it was as well the enigmatic Flynn Fillane was around to removeher from the consequences of her folly.Sandie hoped, though, it wouldnt prove to be out of the frying pan,into the fire!King of SwordsISBN: 0373111762Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: May 1989Book Description:A vulgar Greek peasant, Julia had called him.When she learned that Alexandros Constantis was buying Ambermere,her beloved ancestral home, Julie was filled with shame and anger. Notonly would he take away her home, he would strip away her dignity.
  21. 21. Devil and the Deep SeaISBN: 0373111436Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: February 1989Book Description:A Year out of Your Life. What Price Would You Ask?Samma supposed that any other woman would surely slap the face of aman who would pose such a question. But Samma couldnt afford thatluxury with Roche Delacroix. With her stepfather ready to sell her"favors" to clear his gambling debts, Roche represented Sammas onlyavenue of escape from an unthinkable future on Cristoforo Island.Only a few hours earlier, the lips that opened the suggestivenegotiation had made Samma so thoroughly aware of being female.Samma couldnt help feeling that life was doubly unfair.Harlequin Presents - # 1143Comparative StrangersISBN: 0373111193Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: November 1988Book Description:One day Amanda was happily engaged to Nigel, a flamboyant Britishcar rally driver, the next she was the reluctant fiancée of his stern,laconic older brother, Malory Templeton.As if she hadnt been through enough. Hadnt finding Nigel in the armsof another woman been more than she deserved? The hard glitter inMalorys eyes told her otherwise.Malory was a virtual stranger to her, but Amanda had no choice. Herown foolish pride had caused the crazy switch in fiancés, and Malory,it seemed, was going to hold her to it.Harlequin Presents – # 1119Witchs HarvestISBN: 0373110979Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: August 1988Book Description:"Marry Me, Querida. Be My Wife."Vasco da Carvalhos proposal came as a dream. Even in her wildestfantasies about the Brazilian rancher, Abigail had never dared toexpect this! Until yesterday, this exotic male has been engaged to her
  22. 22. cousin. Now . . . well, Abigail could only interpret Vascos actions asthose of a man doing the honorable thing. Because last night Abby hadcomforted him in his rage. And while she could never regret theirunplanned moment of passion, how could she share a lifetime with aman who felt obligated to marry her?Harlequin Presents - # 1097OutsiderISBN: 0373110723Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: May 1988Book Description:Her Own Father Had Sold Her Out!When Natalie Drummond’s father was told by the doctor to "take iteasy," she expected him to give her a full partnership in hisWintersgarth training stables. After all, shed been running itsuccessfully while he was in the hospital. But when he came home herhopes were completely dashed – he had sold the partnership to EliotLang, the handsome notorious playboy of the horse racing world.Despite the immediate and unwanted attraction Natalie felt for Eliot,her resentment at her fathers betrayal continued to grow. Especiallywhen Eliot seemed to think that she was part of the deal!Harlequin Presents - # 1072Night of the CondorISBN: 0373110324Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 1987Book Description:Leigh Frazier, impatient at the separation imposed by her father, wentto join her fiancé.Getting to Peru was no problem. However, she discovered that gettingto the archaeological dig in the high Andes, where he was stationed,was almost impossible. Her womanly wiles failed to persuade RourkeMartinez, a returning archaeologist, to help her, and she misguidely setout on her own. When Rourke rescued her, he did help her-but not tofind her fiance, rather to forget him in a new and dangerous embrace.Under the magical spell of the Andes, will love chain Leighs life...
  23. 23. Marriage Deal, TheISBN: 0373110103Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 1987Book Description:Ashley Landon was desperate. After two years of her best efforts aschairman, her familys business faced either bankruptcy or a takeover.Then Jago Marrick, her ex-fiance, turned up with a hardheadedalternative -- marriage.Ashleys first reaction was shock, but Jago seemed to be the companysonly hope. As her husband and the new chairman, Jagos vast businessexperience could put Landons back on its feet. Reluctantly Ashleyaccepted -- only to find that he wanted much more from their marriagethan she was prepared to give."High Price to Pay, AISBN: 0373109202Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 1986Book Description:What Choice Did She Really Have?Alison Mortimer had felt there was something going on over andabove the appalling reality of her fathers sudden death. And NicholasBristows presence confirmed her suspicions. Her father, shediscovered, had lost everything in an attempt to save his business.Even Ladymead, the family home, had gone as security for loans. ButNicholas Bristow, her fathers lender, had not come to evict them. Theterms of settlement Nicholas offered took into account Allys concernfor her sisters future and her mothers peace of mind. At the price oftheir happiness, Ally could hardly refuse to marry him!Harlequin Presents - # 920Escape Me NeverISBN: 0373108729Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: April 1986Book Description:Cassie Linton turned unobtrusiveness into an art. She wasnt afrustrated widow-ripe for the taking-and she went out of her way toavoid appealing to the opposite sex. But the day she was forced topresent Grant Industries with a new ad campaign for Eve Cosmetics,Rohan Grant saw right through her Operation Chameleon. And he
  24. 24. liked what he saw.In no time Cassie was on the run. Rohan reminded her too much of herlate husband. She couldnt know that in Rohans case escape wasunnecessary-and completely out of the question!Promise of the UnicornISBN: 0373108567Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: February 1986Book Description:Hed promised her her hearts desire . . .For years Sophie had avoided being absorbed — however kindly — bythe powerful Marchese family. Now she had to swallow pride andmisgivings alike to help finance Marks business so that they could bemarried.It was time to collect on the promise her stepcousin, Angelo, had givenher along with the Marchese glass unicorn. And being a man of hisword, Angelo pledged, "You shall have whatever you desire — that is,if you know what you want."Now her talisman — protector of virgins — was back in Angeloshands. And the power of the unicorn worked both ways!Act of BetrayalISBN: 037310832XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 1985Book Description:She had reason to distrust himJason Wingards sudden reappearance in Lauras life proved how littleshe knew about her ex-husband.Three years ago when shed fallen in love with him, shed believed himto be a struggling artist-not the kind of man whod marry her for hermoney and keep a mistress on the side. But her uncles detective hadproved her wrong. Now Jason was being introduced as the constructionking who would save her uncles business....Surely, only a fool would believe the past could be brushed asidewhere a man like Jason was concerned!
  25. 25. Alien VengeanceISBN: 037310815XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 1985Book Description:There was no excuse for her response . . .The ruthless Andreas Nikolaides had lured Gemma to his remote villain Crete with a single purpose in mind: to punish and humiliate her inrevenge for her brothers seduction of a local girl.He was a man Gemma had cause only to hate — a man who was usingher as the instrument of a vengeance she could barely understand.And yet within hours she was falling into his arms, begging him tomake love to her — exactly as Andreas had so arrogantly promised shewould!Dark ParadiseISBN: 0373107048Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: July 1984Book Description:He’s Be Expecting Sun, Sand and SexMatt Lincoln, hard-hitting television journalist possessed a sexualcharisma that was almost tangible and a male ego that could almosttouch the clouds. Unless Kate agreed to accompany him on a little trystto the Caribbean, he would seduce her stepbrothers wife.Through bitter experience, Kate had acquired immunity to men likeMatt. Now she wanted revenge. She would pretend to fall headlonginto his irresistible arms. Then at just the right moment, shed pierce hisoverblown ego with her scathing rejection. But for Kate the rightmoment never came.Harlequin Presents - # 704Bad Enemy, AISBN: 0373106475Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: November 1983Book Description:She wanted the impossible . . . his love!Learning that her grandfather was critically ill was a severe shock for
  26. 26. Lisle. Then she discovered that he planned to give Jake Allard controlof their family business and arrange a marriage between her and Jake!It would never work -- Jake detested her. And yet he was willing togive the marriage a chance for convenience sake. "I want your socialacumen and your body," hed said.But Lisle wanted more -- she wanted his love. And that seemed to bereserved for another woman!Harlequin Presents - # 647Pagan AdversaryISBN: 0373106165Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: August 1983Book Description:"Alex Is a Wild Man - a True Pagan!" Harriet had forgotten her deadbrother-in-laws words until she stood opposite the fiercest opponent ofher life - the autocratic and unyielding Alex Marcos. He had noscruples about taking her orphaned nephew, Nicky, away from her,claiming the boy was his heir.But Harriet wouldnt let Nicky go - even if it meant abandoning herselfto the savage demands of Alexs lovemaking. For if the only weaponshe had to fight Alex with was the effect her body had on his, thenshed use it, no matter what the cost!Harlequin Presents – # 616Sup With the DevilISBN: 0373105991Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 1983Book Description:Could He Seduce Her into Forgetfulness?Courtney had always dreamed of one day desired by a lover andresponding ardently to him. But with the right man – not ever withBlair Devereux! For three long years, the memory of how Blair hadruined her family and stolen their home had haunted her. Now shemust do the impossible – forget the past for her family’s sake andbecome Blair’s bride. And no one could have been more surprised thanshe to find the forgetfulness she needed in the oblivion of lovespassion!Harlequin Presents - # 599
  27. 27. Counterfeit BrideISBN: 0373105614Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 1983Book Description:Nicola Found He Was a Law unto HimselfShe had agreed to masquerade as his prospective bride to help heryoung friend escape. She was appalled that arranged marriages stillexisted. But Luis Alvarado de Montalba was not a man to be crossed."You forced your way into my life, " he informed her when hediscovered the deception, "and now you will remain in it. " While sheconceded he was entitled to his anger, it was her life and future he hadtaken under control. And he simply ignored her protests.Harlequin Presents - # 561Unguarded MomentISBN: 0373105517Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 1982Book Description:"Hes a hatchet man," Bianca had warned!Alix was told to get rid of the man who wanted to write her famousaunts biography. But Liam Brant was not so easily dismissed. Hiswriters instinct sensed a mystery surrounding the actress, and he wasprepared to use anyone and everyone to unravel it.Alix, despising herself, succumbed to his attentions. But she knew thelove could only be short-lived, for the beautiful Bianca had decidedLiam was a prize she wanted. Fine, Alix thought, they suit each otherperfectly! But deep down, her aching weary heart protested!Harlequin Presents – # 551Dark Summer DawnISBN: 0373104871Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: March 1982Book Description:The Invitation Held a Pointed ChallengeLisa didnt have the heart to refuse her stepsisters request. Julie hadnever been very good at organizing matters, and she simply couldnthandle her wedding plans alone.But Lisa had no idea she was stepping into a vipers nest! Not only was
  28. 28. Julie acting strange, but there was another problem: Dane Riderwood,Julies brother.Two years before, Lisa had fled from Dane in shame and humiliation.Now he was even more handsome, more dangerous — and moredetermined than ever to have Lisa on his own terms.Harlequin Presents – # 487Witching HourISBN: 0373104596Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 1981Book Description:Morgana Couldnt Wish Him AwayLyall Pentreath van Guisen was a new and unwanted factor in her life.As the only male heir in the ancient but divided Pentreath family, hehad inherited their Cornish home. Not only was he from the otherbranch of the family – he was also ruthless, cunning and used togetting his own way. His taking over their home was bad enough. ButLyall had made it quite clear that hed like to take her over, as well.Morgana was afraid, but somehow secretly excited.Harlequin Presents - # 459Summer of the RavenISBN: 0373104405Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 1981Book Description:She Was Trapped into a Lie!Rowans stepmother, Antonia Winslow, was selfish and totallyunscrupulous. It suited her purposes to pretend that Rowan was onlysixteen years old. But it was nineteen-year-old Rowan who sufferedthe backlash of the lie.Forced by Antonias conniving to live in the isolated household offamous painter Carne Maitland, Rowan was helplessly drawn by theforce of his personality.But what was the use of falling in love with him when Carne assumedhe was merely the object of Rowans adolescent fantasies?Harlequin Presents – # 440
  29. 29. Moon of AphroditeISBN: 0373104111Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: February 1981Book Description:She Was the Chosen Bride of a Leandros . . .Helens mother had almost been forced into an arranged marriage, butshed managed to escape. Now Helen was in a similar situation: shewas expected to marry Damon Leandros!When she first came to her grandfathers Greek island, Helen intendedto avoid the arrogant Damon. Soon, however, she knew she couldntdeny his powerful attraction.Regardless, Helens pride rankled at the though that everyone on theisland expected her to give in to the ridiculous arrangement. But asHelen discovered, pride goes before a fall!Harlequin Presents – # 411Shadow of DesireISBN: 0373103980Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 1980Book Description:Everyone Depended on Poor Little ―Mouse‖Ginnys nickname didnt really suit her - she was the strong one in thefamily. Her sense of responsibility led her to take the job ofhousekeeper at Monks Dower.It was no easy task. Not only did she have to contend with hersuspicious, jealous employer, Vivien Lanyon, she also had to pleaseViviens tenant, the famous playwright, Max Hendrick.At first Max was imperious, demanding - but then he seemed to senseGinnys predicament. He extended a helping hand, but only in pity.And pity was not what Ginny wanted from Max Hendrick – not at all!Harlequin Presents – # 398Fugitive WifeISBN: 0373103689Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: July 1980Book Description:Logan himself turned up, different from the man shed married, as she
  30. 30. was changed from the young girl bride. And Logan was determined notto let her escape again!Harlequin Presents – # 368Flame of DiabloISBN: 037310331XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: January 1980Book Description:Rachel Had Vowed to Reach DiabloIn London, it had seemed simple. Go out to Columbia, bring back herbrother, Mark. It was her one chance to do something for her belovedgrandfather with whom Mark had quarreled.In Columbia, nothing went right. Mark was off in the wilds of Diablolooking for a legendary emerald – and the one man who could guideher to the territory was the handsome, arrogant Vitas de Mendoza.Rachel didnt trust him an inch, but he agreed to take her – at a price.Only when it was too late did Rachel discover that the price was far,far too high!Harlequin Presents – # 331SolitaireISBN: 0373103254Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 1979Book Description:Marty Felt Just like an Alien!Solitaire, her Uncle Jims home in France, was to have been a havenfor Marty after years of unhappiness. Instead of the expected welcome,she was greeted by a hostile stranger.Luc Dumarais, the new owner of Solitaire, was frankly suspicious ofMarty. And she, shocked and bewildered at learning of her unclesdeath was at Lucs mercy.Luc Dumarais was right out of her league. Of necessity she acceptedthe job he grudgingly offered, but she felt it was only the first step todisaster!Harlequin Presents – # 325
  31. 31. Moth to the FlameISBN: 037310307XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 1979Book Description:Juliet Soon Learned: Never Love an Enemy!Juliet went to Italy to check on her sister, Jan. According to Jan, shedarrived just in time. Wealthy, powerful Santino Vallone was trying toprevent Jan from marrying his young brother, Mario.With courage and determination, schoolteacher Juliet came to therescue. Bravely she led Santino down a false trail by pretending to beJan.But Juliet only had one side of the story. When Santino kidnapped her,taking her to his castle by the sea, she realized the path shed chosenled to danger — and heartbreak!Harlequin Presents – # 307High Tide at MidnightISBN: 0373102916Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 1979Book Description:Trevennon Had a Dark and Tragic History.As a child, Morwenna had listened to her mothers stories ofTrevennon, her old home. Morwenna had pictured a castle full of themagic of love, standing high on the cliffs of Cornwall.So when tragedy struck the eighteen-year-old Morwenna, she fled toTrevennon. Contrary to her expectations, she found a house full ofunhappiness and hostility - Dominic Trevennons hostility. Butstrangely, Dominic capture Morwennas heart as completely as hermothers stories had captured her imagination. Only this time, the storydidnt seem to have a happy ending.Harlequin Presents – # 291Dragons LairISBN: 037310255XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: October 1978Book Description:Brief and Disastrous.That described exactly the marriage of Davina and Gethyn Lloyd.
  32. 32. Now, their first meeting in two years — at Gethyns home in Wales —only confirmed the tangle of misunderstanding that lay between them.And while Davina might acknowledge deep inside herself that all theold cravings for him were still there, it was a different matter to betrayher feelings to him. What had changed, after all? He had only thehollowness of passion to offer her, not the warm reassurance of lovingshe needed!Harlequin Presents – # 255Devil at Archangel, TheISBN: 037310251XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: September 1978Book Description:"You must beware, mademoiselle . . ." The fortune-tellers ominouslyharsh voice had sent shivers down Christinas spine. "Beware of thedevil at Archangel." The prediction seemed silly when Christina firstarrived at the Brandons beautiful Caribbean plantation. Left withoutmeans and a home by her godmothers death, the job at Archangelseemed like a gift from heaven.But everything changed when she met Devlin Brandon. He disturbedher to the core of her being. She must indeed beware of this manor didanother devil await to torment her?Harlequin Presents – # 251Past All ForgettingISBN: 037310243XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: July 1978Book Description:Even as Janna Pleaded with Rian for Mercy, She Realized it WasFutile.Rian hadnt forgotten anything that had passed between them sevenyears earlier. Not forgotten — and not forgiven. Why had he comeback? What did he intend?Rian laughed sardonically. "You always knew Id be back, and youknow why as well. Hang on to your courage, sweet witch. Youre goingto need every last ounce of it by the time Ive done with you!"Harlequin Presents – # 243
  33. 33. Place of Storms, AISBN: 0373102355Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: May 1978Book Description:Andrea Tried to Harden Herself to Her Cousin Clares Appeal forHelp.Shed Been Getting Her out of Scrapes for Too Long.Still, she couldnt just sit back and let Blaise Levallier blackmail Clareinto marriage, and destroy the lives of people she loved. She could goto France and confront him. She wouldnt let him get away with it.It wasnt quite that simple. For Blaise wanted a wife. "Your cousin hasdecided not to fulfill her obligation to me," he said, "so I will take you,instead!"Harlequin Presents – # 235Temple of the MoonISBN: 037310215XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: December 1977Book Description:No matter what she might feel, Gabrielle knew there was no future forher in any relationship with Shaun Lennox – just the basic fulfillmentof a mutual need. And for her, that was not enough. "Shaun, listen,"she said hesitantly. "You dont understand!" But how could she explainto the bitterly mocking Shaun? One moment he seemed to regard heras a brainless plaything, the next he was holding her at arms lengthwith a kind of wary contempt.Harlequin Presents - # 215Wild MelodyISBN: 0373101995Publisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: August 1977Book Description:First love doesnt last, she was told. But Catriona had left her quietScottish home and come to London to marry Jeremy Lord - only tofind that Jeremy had forgotten about his holiday romance. Instead, shefound herself involved with his sophisticated uncle, Jason. And Jasonwas even more out of her league than Jeremy had been!Harlequin Presents – # 199
  34. 34. Gift for a Lion, AISBN: 037310195XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: July 1977Book Description:“Stay away from Saracina!”.To the willful Joanna, used to having her own way, the words were achallenge!Unfortunately the warning was real: her reception on the mysteriousMediterranean island was far from welcoming. She found herself helda prisoner in Leo Vargas magnificent palazzo, her every movewatched. Escape was impossible. And yet, did she really want to leavethe devastating Lion of Saracina? The villagers had suggested shedmake a fine gift for him!Harlequin Presents – # 195Strange AdventureISBN: 037310191XPublisher: Harlequin PresentsPublish Date: June 1977Book Description:Lacey couldnt understand her mixed feelings. She should be glad thatTroy wasnt behaving as her lover. Bad enough that in a few short daysshe would have to accept him as her husband."Does it disturb you when I remind you what our relationship will be?"Troys eyes assessed her coolly. "Perhaps I do it because I hope oneday to get a reaction. I want to prove there really is a woman beneaththat polite schoolgirl exterior!"Harlequin Presents – # 191Garden of Dreams, TheISBN: 0373019432Publisher: Harlequin RomancePublish Date: January 1976Book Description:Lissa wasnt quite sure whether she wanted to marry the attractiveFrenchman, Paul de Gue. So she gladly accepted his invitation to visitthe family chateau and meet his relatives.Unfortunately this also involved meeting the austere Comte Raoul deGue. He made it clear the he did not want Lissa marring into thefamily!
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