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  1. 1. shubashitaaniAn offering to Mrs. Maragatham my Guru padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  2. 2. -ati rUpAd hRutA sItA ati garvAd rAvaNo hataHati dAnAd baliH baddhaH ati sarvatra varjayet- samayochitapadyamAlikAToo much beauty is what lead to the kidnapping of Sita. Ravana gotkilled because of too much pride. Bali’s progress was curtailed becauseof too much charity. One should refrain from ‘too much’ of anything.- Samyochitapadyamalika padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  3. 3. -ekaishvarye sthitopi pranata bahuphale yaH svayam kRutti vAsAH kAntA samishra dehaH api aviShaya manasAM yaH paraH tatyatInAmAShTAbhiH kRutsnam jagadapi tanubhiH bhibhrato na abhimAnaH sanmArga lokanAya vyapanayatu sa vastaamasIm vRuttimIshaH- mAlavikAgnimitraLet Lord Shiva lead our mind towards the right path of salvation bydestroying the darkness with in. He is capable of bestowing anyamount of wealth on any one who comes begging. But he himselfdresses in animal hide. He is sharing half his body with his wife. Yethe is not interested in worldly pleasures; thereby he is the bestamong all saints (mendicants). He is protecting the entire worldwith eight of his forces. Yet he is not proud of the same.- Malavikagnimitra padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  4. 4. -sA rasanA te nayane tAmeva karau sa evakRutakRutyaHyA ye yau yo bhargaM vadatIkShetesadArcataH smarati- shivAnandalaharIIt is not a tongue unless it utters the God’snames always. It is not an eye unless it seesGod in everything. It is not a hand until it isfolded while worshiping God. One can claimhe has done some work only when heremembers God always. padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  5. 5. One who is as white as a garland of kundaflowers and waterdrops, who has worn whiteapparel, whose hand is placed on the stem ofthe vINA, who is sitting on a white lotus, andwho is always worshipped by Gods such asBrahma, Achyuta (Vishnu) and Shankara, thatSarasvati, who completely steals (ones)lethargy may bless me ||. padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  6. 6. As all the water fallen from the skies goes to the sea, similarly salutations to any God finally reach Keshava.padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  7. 7. Laxmiresides at the tip of the hand, sarasvati in themiddle, Govinda at the root. Hence oneshould take "darshan" of ones hand in themorning. padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  8. 8. | || Thecrow is black, and the cuckoo is black. What isthe difference between the two ? It is whenspring arrives that the crow is identified as thecrow, and the cuckoo, the cuckoo. padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  9. 9. speed isthe ornament of the horse, the intoxicatedstate is the ornament of the elephant.Cleverness is the ornament of a woman, andindustriousness is the ornament of a man. padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  10. 10. There are five signs of a fool : Vanity, wicked conversation, anger, stubborn arguments, and a lack of respect for other peoples opinions.padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  11. 11. Eight qualities adorn a man : Intellect, good character, self control. knowledge, valor, not talking too much, being charitable as per his (financial) strength and gratitude.padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  12. 12. May the elephant faced one (Ganapati) whose mother is umA devi. whose father is sha.nkara and who gives knowledge to everybody, bless us.padmaja.s.n victoryinsights
  13. 13. padmaja.s.n victoryinsights