Sms based patient monitering


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Micro controller based sensors to integrate respiration,heartbeat and temp of a patient and send the same data to a gsm modem

Sms based patient monitering

  1. 1. SMS BASED PATIENT MONITORINGGroup members-1.Niraj kumari-08110150282.Padmaja Dash-08110150293.Karisma Pattnaik-08110150324.Mitali Mohapatra-0811015040
  2. 2. IntroductIon• In case of B io-m ed ical patient m onitoring system , the various physical param eter of patient d escribes the health cond ition of patient.• The continuous patient m onitoring can be achieved by checking the param eters such as:-• RESPIRATIO N RATE• H EART BEAT• BO D Y TEM PERATU RE 2
  3. 3. requIrement of Bme In patIent monItorIng• C onvential process• Ad vancem ent in technology and its application in M ed ical field• Requirem ent of continuous m onitoring 3
  4. 4. refInement In the project• The GSM technique• Ad vantages of Includ ing “SM S facility” 4
  5. 5. general Idea aBout varIous parameters Respiration H eart beat Bod y tem perature 5
  6. 6. sms Based patIent monItorIngRespiration SensorTemperature SensorHeart beat SensorAmplifierPulse shaperADCRS-232 modemCell phone 6
  8. 8. mechanIsm of respIratIon cIrcuIt 8
  9. 9. mechanIsm of heartBeat sensor cIrcuIt 9
  10. 10. mechanIsm of temperature sensor 10
  11. 11. mIcrocontroller 11
  12. 12. the lcd dIsplay• L iquid crystal d isplays (L C D s) have m aterials which com bine the properties of both liquid s and crystals. Rather than having a m elting point, they have a tem perature range within which the m olecules are alm ost as m obile as they would be in a liquid , but are grouped together in an ord ered form sim ilar to a crystal.• C onstruction:-An L C D consists of two glass panels, with the liquid crystal m aterial sand witched in between them . 12
  13. 13. crystalonIcs dIsplay C rystalonics d ot – m atrix (alphanum eric) liquid crystal d isplays are available in TN , STN types, with or without backlight. The use of C -M O S L C D controller and d river IC s result in low power consum ption. These m od ules can be interfaced with a 4-bit or 8-bit m icro processor / icro controller. M• The built-in controller IC has the following features:• C orrespond to high speed M PU interface (2M H z)• 80 x 8 bit d isplay RAM (80 C haracters m ax)• 9,920 bit character generator RO M for a total of 240 character fonts. 208 character fonts (5 x 8 d ots) 32 character fonts (5 x 1 0 d ots)• 64 x 8 bit character generator RAM 8 character generator RAM 8 character fonts (5 x 8 d ots) 4 characters fonts (5 x 1 0 d ots)• Program m able d uty cycles• Wid e range of instruction functions d isplay clear, cursor hom e, d isplay on/ off, cursor on/ d isplay character blink, cursor shift, d isplay shift. off,• Autom atic reset circuit, that initializes the controller / d river IC s after power on. 13
  14. 14. the serIal port communIcatIon cIrcuIt 14
  15. 15. mIcrocontroller code 15
  16. 16. gsm modemA GSM modem is a specializedtype of m od em which accepts aSIM card , and operates over asubscription to a m obileoperator, just like a m obilephone. From the m obile operatorperspective, a GSM m od emlooks just like a m obile phone.When a GSM m od em isconnected to a com puter, thisallows the com puter to use theGSM m od em to com m unicateover the m obile network. Whilethese GSM m od em s are m ostfrequently used to provid em obile internet connectivity,m any of them can also be usedfor send ing and receiving SM Sand M M S m essages. 16
  17. 17. gsm networkThe structure of a GSM network:-The network is structured into anum ber of d iscrete sections:•The Base Station Subsystem (the basestations and their controllers).•TheN etwork and Switching Subsystem (the part of the network m ostsim ilar to a fixed network). This issom etim es also just called the corenetwork.•The GPRS C ore N etwork (theoptional part which allows packet based Internet connections).•The O perations support system (O SS)for m aintenance of the network. 17
  18. 18. advantages• Ad vanced technology• Elim inates the presence of d octor all the tim e• Accurate m easurem ent d ue to application of m icrocontroller. 18
  19. 19. dIsadvantages• N eed s external continuous power supply.• Som etim es affected by external factor e.g.-noise.• D ata com m unication is totally d epend ent on cellular network cond ition. 19
  20. 20. conclusIon 20
  21. 21. references• A tlas of Heart Disease and Stroke,” WHO, September 2004.• D. Bottazzi, A . C ortaid, and R. Montanari,” G SM modem in patient monitoring”• “ C ontext-aware middleware solutions for anytime and anywhere emergency ass ,”  IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 82–90, 2006.• Y. B. C hoi, J. S. Krause, H. Seo, K . E . C apitan, and K . C hung,  • “ Telemedicine in the USA : standardization through information management a ,”  IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 41–48, 2006. 21
  22. 22. THANKYOU 22