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Link Building Through Blogger Outreach


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  • [twitter]I will be live tweeting from my #SearchLondon talk tonight about link building & blogger outreach[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Question to ask yourself when link building – Who gives a shit about your content? #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use curated lists to find link targets, more info here #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Multi Links plugin for Firefox - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use Blogdash for blogger link prospecting – #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Join Blogger Linkup for blogger link prospecting – #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use advanced search operators for link prospecting - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Scrape Similar for Chrome - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Hidden gem of @SEOmoz - #SearchLondon [/twitter]
  • [twitter]Find link prospects on Twitter using Followerwonk - [/twitter]
  • [twitter]UseTopsy Expert finder to find influencers - #SearchLondon [/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use AuthorCrawler by @tomanthonyseo for link prospecting - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Install Tout Chrome extension - – lets you find email addresses on a page #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use SEO Tools for Excel to help filtering & sorting link targets - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use Boomerang for Gmail to help with outreach - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use BuzzStream to help with keeping outreach organised on scale – #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Use Engagio to help organise social conversations - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]UseRapportive to help with link building outreach - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Tips for link building outreach - #SearchLondon[/twitter]
  • Transcript

    • 1. Link Building through Blogger Outreach Search London Meetup, 29th May 2012 Paddy Moogan, SEO Consultant @paddymoogan
    • 2. PADDY MOOGANI’ll be live tweeting from @paddymoogan #SearchLondon Slides available afterwards
    • 3. PADDY MOOGAN The Goal: Help you go back to the office tomorrow and build more links
    • 4. PADDY MOOGANIT’S NOT THIS EASY A combination of these elements will add up to good quality links
    • 5. PADDY MOOGANBut it can be made easier Planning Processes Tools Outsourcing By using these things, you make your life as a link builder MUCH easier
    • 6. PADDY MOOGANBut it can be made easier We’re going to talk about these ones Planning Processes Tools Outsourcing By using these things, you make your life as a link builder MUCH easier
    • 7. PADDY MOOGANContent based link building process Find the Find the Do Follow Link Angle Outreach Up Targets This process can be used for any content based link building
    • 8. PADDY MOOGAN Who gives a shit about your content? Find at least five people who do!
    • 9. PADDY MOOGAN Don’t find out here that no one cares about your content Find the Find the Do Follow Link Angle Outreach Up Targets Don’t put all the hard work into creating content only to find out no one is interested
    • 10. PADDY MOOGAN 10 ways to find link targets
    • 11. PADDY MOOGANLists – easy pickings More on the process here –
    • 12. PADDY MOOGANMulti Links Firefox / Linkclump for Chrome Link: and
    • 13. PADDY MOOGAN More info: - $20 a month for Pro membership
    • 14. PADDY MOOGAN More info:
    • 15. PADDY MOOGANAdvanced Search Queries More help here - search-operators
    • 16. PADDY MOOGANUse Scrape Similar for Chrome Right click on result and scrape all results with one click Link:
    • 17. PADDY MOOGANSEOmoz Competitive Link Finder Tool here -
    • 18. PADDY MOOGANFinding People on Twitter Tool here - - there is a paid version that gives you additional details about the users such as their websites
    • 19. PADDY MOOGAN More info:
    • 20. PADDY MOOGAN More info:
    • 21. PADDY MOOGAN Filtering and sorting link targets
    • 22. PADDY MOOGANIs it a good site to get a link from? Find contact details FIRST!Pro Tip – check header and footer Ideally this should be done before any content is created
    • 23. PADDY MOOGAN Flags up here if there is an email on page More info:
    • 24. PADDY MOOGANUse your instincts• Does it feel like a nice site?• Has it been updated recently?• Do they link out to external sites?• What is the Domain Authority? Develop your instincts and over time, you will be able to do this very quickly
    • 25. PADDY MOOGANRecord in a spreadsheet• Their name• Email• Website URL• Something specific about them This matters a lot! Make sure you include something specific – you will need it later
    • 26. PADDY MOOGANWrite something specific about them This forms your opening email line and makes you look real This then becomes part of your email and makes you look real
    • 27. PADDY MOOGANGrab the PageRank & Domain Authority More info: and data-excel-seomoz-api/
    • 28. PADDY MOOGANThen filter and prioritise them• Take out low DA and PageRank scores• Order highest to lowest• Highlight stand out sitesAllocate your time to each accordingly Put more time into the high level targets as they can seed your content with more people
    • 29. PADDY MOOGAN 4 tools to help with outreach
    • 30. PADDY MOOGAN More info:
    • 31. PADDY MOOGAN More info:
    • 32. PADDY MOOGAN More info:
    • 33. PADDY MOOGAN More info:
    • 34. PADDY MOOGAN Enter email and more details appear on the right More info:
    • 35. PADDY MOOGANOutreach email tips• Be Personal – use their name• Good Subject Line• Mention something Specific (remember your spreadsheet?)• Explain why they should care and link• Use your location if relevant More info: email
    • 36. PADDY MOOGAN Explain why the should care and link (why they give a shit) Don’t get to the point of sending emails and not knowing what to say here
    • 37. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Follow up
    • 38. PADDY MOOGAN Always follow up at least once Most people are busy, its too easy to miss your first email
    • 39. PADDY MOOGANThey can help you in the future• Don’t get pushy• Get feedback on what would have been good for them ++ for future content• Create what they want and go back to them next time Use their feedback to shape future link building and content, then go back to them
    • 40. PADDY MOOGAN Find the Find the Do Follow Link Angle Outreach Up Targets
    • 41. PADDY MOOGAN Finding bad links
    • 42. PADDY MOOGANStep 1 – Gather all your backlinks Use these tools to gather all of your backlinks and dedupe them
    • 43. PADDY MOOGANStep 2 – Gather metrics by page & domain Use SEO tools for Excel for the PageRank & read this post about how to do get DA in Excel -
    • 44. PADDY MOOGANStep 3 – Visualise the low quality links Use these tools to gather all of your backlinks and dedupe them
    • 45. PADDY MOOGANStep 4 – Prioritise low quality sitewides Sitewide links Learn to love pivot tables: chart-in-excel/
    • 46. PADDY MOOGANStep 5 – Prioritise unnatural anchor text Natural links do NOT contain commercial keywords
    • 47. Thank You Any Questions? @paddymooganpaddy.moogan@distilled.netPADDY MOOGAN