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Social Media 101
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Social Media 101


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Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social MediaImmersion Program 101Presented by:Jailani MahmoodIT Apps. & Social Media Consultant
  • 2. www.Jailani.infoContentSocial Media, Web 2.0 to Web3.0 Preparation, Study of Trend, Planning Social Media Tools & Case Studies Best Practices and Approach to Social Media
  • 3. www.Jailani.infoTypes of Media Newspaper Print Magazine Traditional Television Broadcast Media Radio Web-based New Mobile- based
  • 4. The Social Media Revolution 2012
  • 5. What isSocial Media?
  • 6. about the relationships…“New marketing is about therelationships, not the medium.”– Ben Grossman, founder ofBiGMarK
  • 7. about sociology and psychology …“Social Media is about sociology andpsychology more than technology.” –Brain Solis Principal of FutureWorks
  • 8. and about marketing …“Social media isn‟t the end-all-be-all, but itoffers marketers unparalleled opportunityto participate in relevant ways. It alsoprovides a launchpad for other marketingtactics. Social media is not an island. It‟sa high-power engine on the largermarketing ship.” – Matt Dickman,
  • 9. communication ……“A social structure in whichtechnology puts power incommunities not institutions.” ― Forrester
  • 10. Evolution of Web 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0The mostly read only The wildly read-write The portable personalweb! web! web!Focused on companies Focused on communities Focused on the individualHome pages Blogs Life streamOwning content Sharing content Consolidating dynamic contentWeb forms Web applications Widgets, drag & drop mashupsDirectories Tagging User behaviorAdvertising Word of mouth Advertainment
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. what we do everyday …“Social networks aren‟t about Web sites.They‟re about experiences.” – MikeDiLorenzo, NHL social media marketingdirector
  • 14. what we feel everyday …“Whether something brings them joy orpain, when people share and engage incommunities, they form bonds andrelationships with others whoacknowledge their situation.” – LianaEvans, from post on Search EngineWatch
  • 15.
  • 16. Benefits• It can help build reputation and give your organization and business great exposure.• It provides cost-effective free advertising (low cost).• It helps you to connect with key people in the industry.• It helps you to discover what the public likes through feedback.• Your business gains new traffic and increased sales.• It can assist in getting public opinions when launching new products and services.
  • 17. Risks• Time-Consuming• Risk of negative comments• Fraud• News travel quickly• Takes on persona of author• A lack of short term ROI• Slightly impersonal
  • 18. Social Mediacan be used todrive culturalchange andenhanceproductivityand socialconnectivity.
  • 19. “Social media offers new opportunities toactivate Brand Enthusiasm.” – StacyDeBroff, founder and CEO of MomCentral
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22. start with a social media policy…“Don‟t say anything online that youwouldn‟t want plastered on a billboardwith your face on it.” – Erin Bury, Sproutercommunity manager
  • 23. “have a crisis management strategy “…“A marketing person should always askone key question when beginning todevelop a social media strategy: howmuch chaos can this organizationhandle?” – Gary Stein, vice president ofstrategy for Ammo Marketing
  • 24. have the best product …“Don‟t fix the marketing first, fix yourproduct. Once you‟ve got a good productto talk about, the marketing‟s going to flowfrom that.” – Scott Monty, Ford social-media chief
  • 25. innovation as part of culture …“Innovation needs to be part of yourculture. Consumers are transformingfaster than we are, and if we don‟t catchup, we‟re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer, CEOof Deep Focus
  • 26. Preparation• Do Your Research – Social Media Trend & Statistics• Choosing the RIGHT Social Media Tools• Social Media Integration Tools• Social Media Analytics Tools• Planning
  • 27. Alexa.comAlexa is the leading provider offree, global web metrics. SearchAlexa to discover the mostsuccessful sites on the web bykeyword, category, or country.Use the analytics for competitiveanalysis, benchmarking, marketresearch, or businessdevelopment.
  • 28. is one of thebiggest social media statisticsportals in the world, covering awide range of social mediastatistics i.e. Facebook, Twitter,Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  • 29. SocialMention.comSocial Mention is a social mediasearch and analysis platform thataggregates user generated contentinto a single stream ofinformation. It allows you to trackand measure what people aresaying about you, your company,a new product, or any topic acrossthe web’s social media landscapein real-time. Social Mentionmonitors over one hundred socialmedia sites.
  • 30. HowSociable.comFree monitoring tool formeasuring your brands orkeywords using 32 socialnetworking sites. HowSociableprovides a simple way for you tobegin measuring your brand’svisibility on the social web.
  • 31. BackLinkCheck.comBacklinks are links or pointers to your website placed on other websites. Backlinks connect websites to each other in the same way different pages of your website are connected by the links in the navigation menu. Here the only difference is that the backlinks point to another website.
  • 32. Bring all your online communicationstogether
  • 33.
  • 34. www.Jailani.infoIntegration of the Social Media ToolsTwitter Facebook YouTube Blog Short Video Post Long Status Post Forum Discuss
  • 35.
  • 36. Hootsuite.comHootsuite is a social media dashboard tomanage and measure your social networks.
  • 37. Seesmic.comSeesmic is a social media dashboard that connectsyou wherever you are. Keep up with all of yourpersonal and professional networks, anywhere,anytime.
  • 38. NetVibes.comNetvibes is the all-in-one dashboard intelligenceplatform for real-time social media monitoring, socialanalytics, brand sentiment, reputation management,etc.
  • 39. TweetDeck.comTweetDeck is an app that brings moreflexibility and insight to power users.
  • 40. SendSocialMedia.comSend Social Media is a social media dashboard forengaging with customers, measuring results andmonitoring your brand across multiple social mediachannels all at once
  • 41. www.Jailani.infoPlanning Process Setting Indentifying Establish Estimating Quantifiable your Target Goals Costs Objectives Markets
  • 42. Case Studies
  • 43. Mr. Barack Obama • Twitter – Barack Obama <!/barackobama > (Dated: 29 July 2011)
  • 44. Whopper Sacrifice Facebook Application• Facebook Application – Whopper Sacrifice < >
  • 45. X-Men-3, “Last Stand”• MySpace – X-men 3 The Last Stand < > (Dated: 21 July 2011)
  • 46. Privacy - The Kissing CoupleCBC – The Kissing Couple < > (29 July 2011)
  • 47. www.Jailani.infoInvolvement – ThinkFamily YouTube Channel – ThinkFamily < > (29 July 2011)
  • 48.
  • 49. be professional yet informal …“You can be professional while also„keeping it real‟ with your customers. Byinteracting with customers in a less formalway, you‟ll build a strong humanconnection that helps build brand loyalty.”David Hauser, co-founder
  • 50. no hard selling …“Engage rather than sell … Work as a co-creator, not a marketer.” – Tom H. C.Anderson, market researcher
  • 51. listen, don’t just hear…“Search is about figuring out what peopleare looking for when they enter keywordsinto their favorite search engine. Socialmedia is what people are actually sayingto each other; they‟re telling us whatthey‟re looking for. We, as marketers,should be able to fit it all together prettynicely.” – Norm Elrod
  • 52. add value, all the time…“Ask yourself this questionCONSTANTLY: where can I add the mostvalue to what matters most to me and thepeople who care about me?” – ChrisBrogan, author of “Trust Agents”
  • 53. Be careful of what you updates!
  • 54.
  • 55. Monitor, engage, and transparent …“Monitor, engage, and be transparent;these have always been the keys tosuccess in the digital space.” – DallasLawrence, Levick StrategicCommunications
  • 56. Analytic Tools• Facebook Insights • TwentyFeet• Google Analytics • StepRep• Twitter Web • Social Flow Analytics• Twitter Counter• Send Social Media• YouTube Analytics Insight
  • 57. Analytic Tools
  • 58. Analytic Tools
  • 59. have great content…“In the end, the winner is content. Goodcontent, sharable content, and consumer-driven content will allow us all to have abroader spectrum of information and, forthe marketer, an easier way to connectwith their base.” – Aaron Kahlow,chairman and founder of the OnlineMarketing Summit
  • 60. get mobile …“Mobile is no longer about what you cando on your cell phone. Mobile is all aboutdoing more, all of the time.” – Mitch Joel,president of Twist Image
  • 61.
  • 62. Mobile Twitter App WebPage Blog YOURFacebook YouTube ORGANIZATION
  • 63.
  • 64. “Social Media is about the people! Notabout your business. Provide for thepeople and the people will provide foryou.” – Matt Goulart
  • 65. “Our head of social media is thecustomer.” – McDonald’s
  • 66. “Social media is just a buzzword until youcome up with a plan.” – Unknown
  • 67.