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Group technology ebrar berfin-cansu

  3. 3. WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY? Technology: The dictionary meaning of "knowledge, systematic procedures to be implemented in the industry say" the technology in a broad sense, the research, development, production, marketing, sales and after-sales service, covering the industrial process, to achieve an effective and efficient manner is all the knowledge and skills that can be used. Technological innovation, the "innovation in production processes, new products and new forms of corporate organization is defined as".
  4. 4. In developed countries, product competition, the competition has evolved into scientific and technological competence. In the classic sense of the factors that determine the competitiveness of the abundance of natural resources, raw materials, cheap labor, while the basic factors of production today has become the determining factors of production advanced and feature-packed. Advanced production factors, skilled labor force, R & D infrastructure of a modern communication network and IT (information) technology involves the use of active, featured the factors of production, concentrated in specific areas of knowledge and skills with the power of knowledge and experience includes work with. WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY?
  5. 5. WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY? On the other hand, especially electronics, energy, information technology, aerospace, bioengineering, organic chemical industries, such as the "science and technology- based" is a combination of their defense industry sectors, the highest rate of value-added, and hence contributions to social welfare, which is the highest branches of industry emerge as.
  6. 6. The Importance Of Technology
  7. 7. The Importance of Technology Produce the most significant element of the technology industrialization. Technology can produce, you can use the information when designing the product competitive advantage in trade, defense systems as well as provide deterrence. According to a thing which is superior to someone else read it to anyone not grant sanayile memizş and Turkey's development through technology transfer, defense systems as well as deterrence is not likely to sa lamamız. So the goal should be to produce ownğ technology. Industrialization and the national economy that produces its own technology, can provide the highest contribution to the country's engineering strength and national technology, can prevent the brain drain.
  8. 8. Scientific knowledge, taking advantage of technology to develop a new product in short, to provide support and services to produce the necessary knowledge, skills and methods that define it as a whole. According to this situation can be divided into four stages on the original production needed to.  or improve access to scientific knowledge  design a product benefiting from knowledge (the ability to design or technology)  techniques designed to determine a product's production (production technology)  Production Materials and equipment necessary to develop a product that you can find a variety of sources. For this reason, it is important to have the ability to design. If you have the ability to design everything you can. The independence that comes later. The Importance of Technology
  9. 9. The Importance of Technology Technology to determine the level of development of countries and the international race, the author provides a large commercial supremacy. Üretemeyenler technology capable also of producing nations of the world as divided into two parts, and the technology can not produce internationally classified as less developed nations.
  10. 10. The Importance of Technology In developed countries, product competition, the competition has evolved into scientific and technological competence. In the classic sense of the factors that determine the competitiveness of the abundance of natural resources, raw materials, cheap labor, while the basic factors of production today has become the determining factors of production advanced and feature-packed. Advanced production factors, skilled labor force, R & D infrastructure of a modern communication network and IT (information) technology involves the use of active, featured the factors of production, concentrated in specific areas of knowledge and skills with the power of knowledge and experience includes work with.
  11. 11. The Importance of Technology On the other hand, especially electronics, energy, information technology, aerospace, bioengineering, organic chemical industries, such as the "science and technology-based" is a combination of their defense industry sectors, the highest rate of value-added, and hence contributions to social welfare, which is the highest branches of industry emerge as. Advanced and Emerging Economies Scientific Research, Technology and Development Studies and the Relationship Between Production Technologies
  12. 12. The Importance of Technology Therefore, nowadays, the countries, particularly in those areas of science and technology, infrastructure, and they have the product using this infrastructure, industrial processes, and hence ability to transform social welfare, both economically, politically as well as of strategic importance for national assets that must be protected carefully evaluated. Nowadays, scientific and technological knowledge that they have integrated processes with the countries in the process of converting the integration of individual and social welfare, understanding and application of the difference between failed states, is one of the important tools used in the definition of developed and developing countries.
  13. 13. The Importance of Technology In terms of scientific research, these countries have the scientific and academic institutions, as well as scientists in terms of the level of cooperation and participation in scientific studies, may be in close relations with the developed countries. Relationships and knowledge gained through these studies, however, due to the technology and products developed mechanisms that transform these countries are rarely acquainted with new technologies, the development phase of these technologies stage of production and product technologies, mostly after the transformation of these technologies, "technology transfer" is only possible with. However, the technology in this way owned, the development of new technologies that will allow derivative "R & D / design technology," but rather a certain product- specific "production technology" should be evaluated.
  14. 14. The Importance of Technology Defense industry is an industry-based science and technology in developing countries is emerging as an opportunity to eliminate this negative situation. Defense systems procurement processes, as well as meeting the needs of both the defense and the acquisition of critical technologies used to develop the country's technology infrastructure, successfully implemented by developed countries method of integration of science-technology-production processes. Defense spending allocated large resources in our country, and scientific research, new technology, new product development, production and integration processes, as well as the establishment of mechanisms that can be converted to the social welfare work for the defense industry as the primary platform will determine the most appropriate approach
  15. 15. Advances In Science And Technology
  16. 16. Advances in Science and Technology 20th century, the golden age of science and technology in the development of a chance in human life has an essential comfort. Science has never show stability. Expands the boundaries of science, the fact that the world is not as large as previously thought arises. Today, science advancing at the speed of ola anca hasğ become one of the sine qua non of human life. Facilitating all areas of our lives as a result of science has succeeded in emerging technologies.
  17. 17. Advances in Science and Technology From the date of emergence of science and technology with the world in which they live yetinmemi lerdirş people. Space had wondered, in order to unravel the secrets of a mysterious trip to outer space, they entered into a working system. Liquid-fuel engines have been used as a means of transport planes with people, distances are no longer appears to be distant. As a result, people desire to go into space increased thoroughly.
  18. 18. Advances in Science and Technology If we define the space, sun, planets, moons, stars, galaxy, covering a myriad of space. Each of these celestial bodies are found within the world of unlimited space is the surface of the dust particles. Philosophers of the space age, starting with the first identification of a large number of scientists engaged in the effort. For example, Galileo has been work on celestial science. The observations made through a telescope, even the scientists concluded that they can not access the current line of research initiated. In Kepler, planets on orbits have studied the elliptical movement has succeeded in identifying.
  19. 19. Advances in Science and Technology Today, however, attempt to reach space leads to conflict between nations in the world, is the cause of a fast race. "The first trip to the moon NASA launched plans. Another John F. Speaking at a special session of Congress on May 25, 1961 Kennedy's "man in the next 10 years to go to the moon and return to earth will do it," he further accelerated these efforts during the Cold War with the Soviet Union competed in the American space program space for spending set them apart from big budgets. Month for a long time continued to work for the tool to be sent into space. During these studies, one of the test flights of three NASA astronauts lost. "
  20. 20. Advances in Science and Technology Finally, 16 July 1969, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, Jr.. and Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut's three-month journey to go down in history appeared. Apollo 11, entered the moon's orbit on July 19. Eagle (EAGLE) 's module successfully landed on the moon surface, and Armstrong made history as the first man to set foot on the moon. Armstrong then Edwin Aldrin landed on the surface. Months of the soil samples, some of the scientific experiments and the American flag in the world by successfully completing tasks astronauts returned two months thorn " Following the completion of the first month, the debate began the journey. At the end of these discussions, which focused on the issue of whether there is life in outer space. To maintain an environment of human life, the atmosphere, radiation and gravity must be present. The atmosphere is very important,
  21. 21. Turkey Technology Development Terms And Facilities
  22. 22. Turkey Technology Development Terms and Facilities When it comes to science and technology, in Turkey, in the other countries in the system (or other OECD countries, South Korea, Taiwan and other newly industrialized countries), followed by a very different attitude to be seen. In considering the conditions and possibilities of technology development in Turkey, before you wish to define this difference.,
  23. 23. Collected At Several Points In The Observed Differences
  24. 24. Collected at several points in the observed differences Turkey, science and technology, and in this context the ability to upgrade to dominate today's generic technologies, the base of these technologies 'innovation' in order to gain the ability, unlike in other countries in the system, not to hurry and left behind a great deal from them. What the community nor the political parties in the plane of the floors, get the impression that concern over the possible delayed. Political cadres from time to time, the need for emphasis on science and technology vurgulamalarına, but this can only remain at the level of the six empty political rhetoric, and indeed most of the time, the premium shall not constitute a conviction must be political, science and technology issues, the political agenda in its entirety reduced
  25. 25. Collected at several points in the observed differences Technology Breakthrough Project Working Committee Report (February 24, 1995) with a concrete floor in place and the project developed and VII. Constituted one of the main axes of the Five- Year Plan. But the project, plan or document pages have to take the political commitment to implement the strong evidence that there is yet to emerge. R & D activity in all countries included in the system, the state, the most supported, most of the state subsidy provided field. But, going to watch matches abroad Turkish teams, including measures to encourage uygulayagelmi in almost every field imaginable,ş Turkey last year, but June 1, 1995, compared to the other ülkelerdekiyle application to initiate a large scale R & D support. This is, however, the regulatory provisions of the Uruguay Round Final Act and EU legislation, government subsidies, has been raised within the framework of the approach, the internal dynamic, for example, is not a result of pressure from the industrial sector ...
  26. 26. Collected at several points in the observed differences In the system compared to other countries, in Turkey, in its national 'innovation' system remains far behind in establishing, for the formation of this system, some of the universities and institutions such as the effort shown by TUBITAK and outside TTGV the issue at the national level, taken as a whole, and indeed For many environmental issues that need to be close to the concept itself is a known fact that even the newest.
  27. 27. Collected at several points in the observed differences All the other countries in the system of national 'innovation' which is an integral part of systems and, moreover, themselves, carry the information society of the future, the national information networks, prepare master plans-within the framework of action plans in these countries began to set up, the actual ownership of the business at the beginning of this breakthrough governments, political leaders assumed the political parties in Turkey, such a master plan on the need for a national infrastructure and the related, yet do not have any clear idea (BTSTP May 1995, TUBITAK, June 1995). On the ability of science and technology development in Turkey, also a lot of evidence to confirm that the approach can be found in the non-responsive. The share of GDP allocated to R & D expenditure, R & D expenditures in the private sector share of total industrial organizations, such as the number of scientists per 1000 active population data prove this situation.
  28. 28. Collected at several points in the observed differences But, without entering numerical data, here on the basis of the evidence indicated, between Turkey and other countries located in the same economic system, the basic difference in approach to the issue of science and technology can be put forward: the difference is the ability to upgrade the country and the world of science and technology to capture technology the idea of Turkey, especially in the industrial segment of the society has not become directly related to the idea of layers at the dü ümlenmektedir owned enough. It is asğ such that the plane of the idea of political parties and political power-that it is not possible to find the owner.
  29. 29. The Role of Technology in Education
  30. 30. The Role of Technology in Education If the technology is detected with the shape of the one presented above, the technology holds a very important place in human life can easily understand. For this reason, do not use or not to use the technology topic in human life, and the location will be a lot of how the technology. This is an important issue on the work of many people and organizations have been valuable.
  31. 31. The Role of Technology in Education 1-Herbert Simon, the inner world of technology with people outside their artificial environment (nature) sees this as an interface.
  32. 32. The Role of Technology in Education 2-Carnegie Commission's conclusion on this issue as follows: "Technology in education involved in the process, the objective of education should not be made.
  33. 33. The Role of Technology in Education 3-Discussing a lot of technological developments affecting education publications, articles are available. Among them was striking down those.
  34. 34. Applications Of Technology In Education
  35. 35. Applications of Technology in Education Examining the promise of useful applications, and these applications at various levels, thoughts, and comments will also be moving towards pessimism optimism slipped. 1- In 1972, the status of educational technologies Engler says: "the best that can be said about the current teaching methods they are older technology. Books, chalk, teacher tools and methods, such as basic education, has been used for a very long time. Today, better prepared teachers, books, more better well-designed, typed, and used crayons, but the meanings of these tools, functions, and for the student to have remained unchanged for over a century.
  36. 36. Applications of Technology in Education 2- U.S. Agency for International Developpement Clifford H. Block, the British Government conducted large-scale trial of distance education interpreted as follows: "The television, radio and the effective use of communication tools such as email, the BBC's production capabilities, teaching education technology group tasked to design a perfect success, and unlike a normal university course / subject content of the British Open University of 65,000 students (British Open University) is one of Britain's largest universities and universities of the world. graduates due to the well- educated and intellectually rigorous enough English to get the degree that faculty have an important place in the socio-cultural life of means "
  37. 37. Applications of Technology in Education Block with respect to the change in technology and reads as follows: "in a few years there will be some real technological advances to make comments on the library's entire job is really an attractive fit into a disk, via the internet and satellite technology training centers all over the world, without having to go out from your home that you want to looking to achieve, and the chances of having any kind of information out of them digitized to talk about them really attractive, but I also like other people working in this field, such fundamental changes will happen, but I believe in a gradual and evolutionary process. educational institutions, students, teachers and administrators, these new methods of learning, individual, social and economic lives, they will need time to adapt to be able
  38. 38. Between Technological Change And Cultural And Social Change In The Cause-Effect Relationship
  39. 39. Between Technological Change and Cultural and Social Change in the cause-effect relationship Every newly-invented technology and the spread of this technology, society, culture, guided by the result of the wide variety of vehicles begin to experience changes. Communication from the 90s, and the power of the internet, information systems, new technological çalkalanmalara dragged us to progress. Cultural, technical and explanation of the relationship between society and raises an important question.
  40. 40. Technological Advancements Create Cultures, Change Them?
  41. 41. Technological advancements create cultures, change them? According to the French theorist Pierre Levy, technical and cultural never not exist separately from each other. Technology alone has no meaning, but it exists in a culture finds the true meaning of time. Technological advances often proceeds in proportion to the developments of societies. The immediate effect of new technologies on societies and cultures, attracting the attention of many researchers
  42. 42. How Technology Affect Young People?
  43. 43. How Technology Affect Young People? Technology is not just young people, affecting all layers of the society. This is a positive or negative (more negative) affected by the technology, the technology is not quite true accusation producing companies falling. Technology is a great boon for the people that make life easier. In the hands of the people who use it for the purposes of the right dosage missing. Similar topics that I always have an example of when it comes to the agenda. I mean, our use of technology, we have the technology's use! There are a lot of companies that produce products and services.
  44. 44. How Technology Affect Young People? The last 30 years all over the world, including the United States and Europe hundreds of research in this area was, and still is done. Some research results achieved remarkable. For example; In 1994, the United States and Finland, research, workers are exposed to electromagnetic fields Alzheimer's disease is very common in men than in normal people, 4.9 times and 3.4 times more often seen in women revealed. Another study carried out in 1998 in the radio operators, workers in industrial hardware, data processing device, mechanics, telephone line workers, mechanics of film workers working in power plants and substations with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease with a number of other neurological disorders, such as seen in more appeared.
  45. 45. How Technology Affect Young People? In 1979, an epidemiological made in the USA (medicine, hstalıkların distribution of human populations and the factors that led to this distribution, a branch of investigating) research, energy transmission lines of 40 m. 'Children who live closer than the normal two to three times more than the children revealed that he got cancer.
  46. 46. How Technology Affect Young People? In 1988 and again in 1991 in the United States, in 1992 and 1993 in Sweden and Mexico in the Danish ara tırmalarsa cancers in children living nearş transmission lines, and in particular the relationship between leukemia revealed.
  47. 47. How Technology Affect Young People? Covered employees in Canada, two in France and one in 1994, the electricity company. This statistical study carried out on a total of 4000 223,000 people were suffering from cancer. This is 2-3 times more than IPH leukemia survivors while under the influence of high electromagnetic fields, a brain tumor was seen 10 times more. Despite all of these findings between electromagnetic fields and leukemia, has never been proven beyond reasonable doubt that after the process was.
  48. 48. How Technology Affect Young People? Last year, the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which lasted six years and cost $ 60 million resulted in research. Institute, the research results in the form of a report presented in June the U.S. Congress. According to the report "Electromagnetic fields can not be said to be completely safe. People should avoid as much as possible their impact. But electromagnetic fields from power lines, for the people of cancer increases the risk of getting a disease or other evidence is weak. Research in this area will continue."
  49. 49. How Technology Affect Young People? Technology areas are quite spacious. Education, defense industries, the technology used in all areas of social and economic life has become an indispensible. Advantages and disadvantages of technology, technology utilization varies according to our situation.
  50. 50. *End*
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