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  • 1. Alguazas physical environment Selene Puche Olmedo
  • 2. Physical Environment
    • Alguazas is in the Vega Media of the river Segura, to 14 km from the capital. Alguazas is characterized by a large plain without mountains, the river widens and extends the plains along the valley. This area is clay and connects the basin on the west of river Mula by west.
  • 3. Climatology
    • Alguazas has a dry climate where it rains especially during the months of April and October.
    • Summer is characterized by drought and the driest month is July.
    • It also stressed by irregularity few years it rains heavily and sparsely .
  • 4. Murcia climograms
  • 5. Vegetation
    • The strong heat and low precipitation are arid vegetation. The present vegetation is not very weather if not more or less degraded. Here vegetation is characterized as thyme etc ... and is used as a fiber. Some rivers have trees like poplars ... but just left.
  • 6. Vegetation Photo
  • 7. Economic Activity
    • The most important feature of the economy is agriculture-industry-services. The predominant industry directly in field work. The average plain region with the fewest number of pitches. It is so extreme that the agricultural minifundism state that is very different from agriculture.
  • 8. Population
    • According to the last census in Alguazas there is a population of 6933 in habitants. The evolution of the population of Alguazas not been great, but if you look from the twentieth century if been high. Alguazas rate is above average 12'por. The growing immigrant population, primarily active in low-skilled tasks
  • 9. Graphic population
  • 10. Studies
    • Alguazas has an illiteracy rate of 5.12%. IES Alguazas village pays great attention to students from other cultures. There is also a new reality and demands of education, first steps to prevent racism ... and the other give him a chance to all those in need.
  • 11. Graphic of studies at Alguazas